Cafe in the loft style

Interior cafe in loft style

Loft style originates in the 40s of the last century. The homeland of this style direction is the USA. It was during this period that the land in the central part of the major cities became very expensive. This forced the owners of industrial production to transfer their businesses outside the city. Huge areas of warehouses and shops were released. Such premises combined a relatively low rent with good functional characteristics. Over time, they were chosen for workshops, exhibition spaces and housing people of creative professions - artists, designers, sculptors, architects. Then came the fashion for loft housing, it became fashionable, exclusive and elite. The interior of the cafe in loft style ("loft"), restaurants, decorated for creative workshops, became very popular.

The room must necessarily be large and high, although it is possible to equip the loft in limited areas. The windows are large and bright. The virtue of style is that it assumes maximum use of artificial lighting. If there are several small windows in the room, it is desirable to combine them into one large structure. The use of plastic double-glazed windows is acceptable, but wooden or metal frames with a large number of segments will look much more organic. Curtains are unlikely to fit into the industrial interior. It is better to replace them with curtains made of material that transmits light, or by conventional blinds. It is desirable to use luminaires. High ceilings allow you to divide the space vertically into several levels connected by metal staircases.

The main characteristics of the loft - freedom, simplicity, and exposed parade is not a luxury, but simple. It is an antipode of bombast, chic and excessive luxury.

Black floor in the interior

This is a fresh and bold style, the development of projects opens up opportunities that are inaccessible to other kinds of design. It turns out that in the rough furniture, unplastered walls and bare communications there is a kind of beauty. Here is a description of the main elements of the interior.

Ceiling с куполом  Slate boards on the wall  Lamps over tables  Living wall in the interior  Yellow sofas along the black wall

Color gamut of style

Color solutions emphasize urban interior elements and urban scale. This is the dominance of brick, gray, blue, metal. One of the walls of a cafe or restaurant can be accentuated using other decoration materials. It can be a mosaic tile or ordinary unplastered concrete. One of the favorite solutions for the design of a cozy cafe in the loft style is the use of natural brickwork, as if laid out with your own hands, or its realistic imitation.

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Interior cafe in loft style в кирпичном цвете Red chandeliers in the interior  Bar counter with brick tiles  Drawing on the wall  Hoods over tables  Concrete columns in the interior


The style of the loft, despite its outward disorder, is considered luxurious and bourgeois. In fact, if it is sensible and competent to approach the matter, one can get an inexpensive attractive interior of the institution, which fully corresponds to the style canons.

Finish кафе в стиле лофт в светлых тонах Brick walls in the interior  Photos on the wall  Pots with flowers above the door  Arch in the interior  Original lamp on the wall


So, bare concrete or natural brickwork of the accent wall is a classic of the genre. However, not everyone likes this extreme. You can do the same in another way: decorate the walls with a snow-white or shade of ivory water-based paint. Using one of the walls as an accent allows to simultaneously solve two opposite tasks: emphasize the unity of the room and zonate space. By the way, it is not necessary to use natural masonry or roughly plastered concrete. It is possible to use wallpaper with imitation of such decoration.

Griffin wallpaper and tile for brick on the walls of a cafe in the loft style Lots of lamps in the interior  Wooden ceiling in a cafe  The deer on the wall  Inscriptions in the interior  Lamps on the ceiling


The best option is to make the floor plank or use a laminate. Beautifully look unpainted boards with natural wood texture, covered with a clear varnish. Somewhat less often, ceramic tile, natural or artificial stone is used as a floor covering. Concrete fits well with the concept of style, but it will be problematic to clean the rough surface of contaminants. Therefore, it is better to refuse such an idea. But the flooring floor will have to come in handy. The skirting boards are wooden or painted wood.

Floor из паркета в кафе в стиле лофт


The simplest version, which makes the room even lighter and more voluminous, is the coloring of the ceiling in white. This is especially true for a room with low ceilings. Good looking rough wooden partition walls or pipes fixed to the ceiling. Attic atmosphere is transmitted more strongly. Between the farms it is possible to hang lamps on chains. There is an even more radical option: leave the ceiling and not at all trimmed.

Concrete ceiling in cafe in loft style


Tables in a cafe or bar can be used different: underlined-elegant or, conversely, rough, with a touch of brutality and uncouthness. But, in any case, they should be functional, versatile, comfortable and practical.

Furniture в кафе в стиле лофт

In the coffee, dining area and at the bar use furniture such as sofas, armchairs, padded stools and chairs (ordinary or bar). Design - the most different. This makes it possible to make a non-standard, unique and very attractive room. Sturdy screw stools, roughly assembled bench-benches, home-cozy armchairs and bar chairs on elegant metal legs perfectly adjoin each other. These diverse objects combine what they allow to create maximum comfort for visitors. This makes the cafe-loft so attractive.

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Pipes under the ceiling

Floorки и стеллажи в интерьере отличает строгая геометрия и грубоватость линий, максимальное использование природных материалов, отсутствие декора и натуральная цветовая гамма. Основа из металлопрофиля и поверхности из массивного дерева создают в совокупности впечатление прочности, надежности. Использовать для изготовления мебели старые доски совсем не обязательно. Искусственное состаривание помогает добиться нужного эффекта. Все предметы, размещенные на стеллажах, как бы выставлены напоказ. Максимальная открытость присутствует и здесь.

Blinds on windows Partitions in the interior  Pictures on the wall  The niche above the window  Suspended chandeliers in the interior  Hoods on the ceiling


Loft room - very light. Lighting is something you should not economize on. The choice of the lamp depends entirely on the taste preferences of the owner of the cafe. It can be a quaint pendant chandelier (good, the height of the room allows), spotlights with changing lighting directions or street lights. Create additional lighting can be using table lamps with fabric lampshades, decorated with forging. Instruments simulating vintage and antiquity look great alongside completely modern spotlights and LED ribbons. Wiring is fixed on walls and ceiling. Thus, the impression of a temporary construction appears. A cluster of dissimilar light bulbs is welcomed to highlight a specific area. Natural lighting is provided by large windows. For their clearance is quite enough blinds or symbolic transparent curtains. You can leave them and completely open.

Lighting в кафе в стиле лофт

Architectural Details

A characteristic feature of coffeehouses in the loft style is the industrial details. Absolutely everything is reminiscent of the "proletarian origin" of the premises: pipes, communications, stairs, perhaps - some devices characteristic of industrial production. A special architectural detail is the windows: large, well-lighted, devoid of classic curtains. At the same time, the elements of the abandoned shop are very good neighbors with modern technology, the old - with trendy.

Architecture cafe in the loft style Concrete walls in the interior  Lamp made of pipes on the wall  Posters in the interior  Bar counter in wood in a cafe  Columns made of bricks in the interior

About the bar

Bar counter - one of the characteristic elements of the interior, made in the loft style. This is a robust design, designed for long-term operation and capable of coping with significant loads. Most often, the rack has an all-metal base, providing functionality, durability and stability. With a metal frame, a wooden table top is well combined. The magnificent tandem of wood and metal symbolize the combination of modern and classical elements inherent in the loft style.

Bar counter in cafe in loft style

Accessories and decor

Аксессуары в лофте необычны, как, впрочем, и все интерьерные элементы. Нельзя сказать, что им не уделяется внимание. Вряд ли здесь найдется место картине с котиками или статуэткам. Городской дизайн как-то не располагает к этому. Все декоративные элементы выглядят так, как будто они наспех сработаны из подручных материалов. Это могут быть газетные или журнальные вырезки в рамках, фотографии, картинки-постеры с необычными колористическими решениями или просто рамы без картин. В качестве декора используют также дорожные знаки или роспись-граффити. Отличный вариант декора – рисунок, выполненный на стене углем. Нестандартными, но очень интересными аксессуарами такого помещения выглядят современные холодильники, музыкальные центры и даже стиралки. В качестве аксессуаров для декорирования помещения можно использовать такие элементы городской культуры, как велосипеды. Floorезный элемент интерьера с двумя уровнями – грубая деревянная или металлическая лестница, «как на заводе».

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Decor in the interior of a cafe in the loft style

Recommendations of designers on the design of a loft in a cafe

Ways to design rooms-loft for a cafe, pub or coffee shop can be different. However, there is a list of general recommendations-programs from design experts, which, of course, will be useful to you.

  • The layout of the room is open, with the allocation of zones with the help of light, color or textured contrasts.
  • Cold walls. It is desirable that it is concrete or brickwork. If plastering concrete, the plaster must be rough. It is possible to use panels with imitation of natural materials. Glass interior elements are welcome.
  • We must not forget that in the loft style, ventilation, cables, pipes are the necessary interior attributes. Therefore, they must always be in sight.
  • Furniture – нарочито массивная и грубоватая, с деревянными и металлическими элементами. Она может быть темной или светлой. Иногда при оформлении кафе-лофт вполне успешно используют и современную мебель. Архаичное и ультрамодное существуют по соседству вполне мирно и органично. Помимо привычных диванов и кресел, в интерьер лофт вписываются полки или стеллажи для размещения книг и аксессуаров.
  • The use of beautiful plants in the arrangement of the interior somewhat softens the masculinity and brutality of the loft. The use of upholstery made from high-quality expensive textiles makes the room more comfortable.
  • A good solution for a loft cafe is the equipment in the room of the present fireplace. The institution will not only be cozy, but also atmospheric.
  • Floorы в лофте – в основном, бетонные и деревянные. Допускается применение ламината и керамической плитки, стилизация под натуральный камень.

Cafe design in loft style Leather sofas by the window  Mirror on the wall at the entrance  Chandeliers on the chains in the interior  Mosaic on the walls  Partition of the laths in the interior


Cafe-loft - an excellent option for gatherings of representatives of creative beau monde or youth, who likes all the unusual and non-standard. This is the embodiment of modesty, harmony and minimalism. In addition, the loft gives the opportunity to unfold the fantasy in full force, to work out a thousand options for decoration. Basic details of the project can be supplemented with accessories and various elements that help to create an individual design. The specific form of design depends on the concept of the institution. The room can be decorated in a brutal-industrial way or with elements of bohemianism. Well, if the exterior of the room corresponds to the interior design.