Stunning ideas for arranging minimal spaces according to

Leather furniture in the living room

Consider the main sections of the book "Small Spaces", authored by Azby Brown, who, during her writing, lived in Japan, where every square meter is valued. The specialist argues that the limitations imposed by a lack of space can be largely overcome by a reasonable design. Let's see this.

Think discreetly

Many people assume that the minimalist design is very simple and meager. However, its primary direction is the absence of confusion and the presence of structures for storing things.

Another common method in the East has special areas for sitting on the floor. However, such elegant benches look great in the Greek apartment, which is shown below.

Seats on the floor

Take a look at the magic solution of setting the table. If necessary, it easily rises, legs can be folded into the opening below it. Sometimes this area heats up to not freeze in winter.

Extendable table from the floor

Level of change

The formation of several steps in the floor will give the opportunity to zonate space without the use of partitions. The wall-rack works fine in a minimalist style, and in the raised floor there are departments for different things.

Interior of an apartment with a podium

Open verandas, of course, will only strengthen the interior of a small room. In addition, with their help you will become closer to nature.

Bedroom with access to the open veranda

Practical furniture

In a limited kitchen, try putting chairs and a table in a folded manner. You will see how the room will become more spacious.

Folding chairs and table in unfolded form

Look at how much space immediately appeared!

Folding chairs and folded table

Under the floor

We return to the apartment in Greece. In another part of the room, a built-in bookcase was built right on the floor. This is another delightful way to save square meters.

Built-in bookcase on the floor


The obvious storage area is under the stairs. There are many options for creating drawers and shelves, for an irreproachable match with the interior design.

Drawers under the stairs

Odd angles and dimensional zones

The effective area for saving is, of course, the kitchen. Just show your imagination as the owner of this property. It's amazing, is not it ?!

Drawer in the kitchen

Designers of kitchen designs go to much to facilitate your life.

Corner drawers in the kitchen

Rollers on furniture are a good thing. One element can be applied quite differently.

Kitchen island with a bedside table for books

Pull the locker out of the working island and you will have an extra seat at the table.

Pull-out drawer for books

Brave people buy even movable bookcases.

Book shelving on rollers

And why can you only move furniture to store things? Look how this sofa easily moves away from the wall.

Mobile sofa on rollers


Buying furniture products that are hidden when not in need of use is a competent decision. Basically, this refers to the bed, thanks to which in the daytime the bedroom turns into a home office or living room.

Hidden bed in the living room

Having installed a special panel, you can splitting spaces perfectly.

Bed-transformer in the living room

And such a bed generally appears out of nowhere!

Niche for extra bed


In small rooms it is worth using furniture, which will perform several functions at once. For example, this device serves as a sofa during the day, and at night it is used as a bed. Rollers allow you to move it to any place in the room.

Multifunctional device on rollers

Opening the lid, you get a beautiful bench.

Multifunctional furniture in the living room

How wonderful three different parts work!

Three-piece bench

In folded form - it's an unmatched coffee table. Lovely, is not it ?!

Coffee table on rollers

Simplicity of bathrooms

Size and efficiency are important in the bathrooms. Pay attention, as in this tiny room is ideally included a sink, toilet and shower. By combining the devices, you will free up the area to a greater extent.

Sink over the toilet in the bathroom

Children's rooms

This amusing space has a loft bed and a charming staircase with built-in storage drawers. Below is an extensive playing place and a wall for drawing.

Zoning in the children's playroom