Redevelopment of a two-room apartment: three optimal options

Red and black accents in the white living room

Modern typical buildings are not so bad, although they are often criticized by specialists. They usually have separate rooms, large kitchens, spacious corridors and separate balconies. They also often arrange storage rooms and other auxiliary rooms, which simplifies work on the correct location of storage areas.

The layout of a two-room apartment Facade of a panel house of a tower type

For a family with a child, this apartment was originally almost perfect. Only the bathroom in the process of reconstruction was merged with the bathroom, and two storerooms are combined into one. They also received more space at the expense of the corridor. In addition, this move made it possible to remove two extra doors from the corridor and release a useful place, for example, for cabinets or shelves.

In the kitchen, due to the displacement of the refrigerator in a corner and the use of a large dining set with a sofa, it turned out to be a comfortable place for guests. So the bedroom became a place for individual use, without mixing it with the living room. It has a wall for all kinds of things, and a working desk.

The layout of a two-room apartment для семьи с ребёнком

For a couple of middle-aged, whose children have already left their native nest, their own comfort comes to the forefront. Therefore, a small room turns into a bedroom, and a large room into the living room. It in turn unites with the kitchen, which allows you to better identify the dining and working areas, and if necessary, to take more guests.

Interior of a small bathroom thanks to the integration with the bathroom already includes not just a shower cubicle, but a luxurious angular capacity. But the storerooms are completely removed, they are replaced by a convenient built-in wardrobe.

The layout of a two-room apartment для пары средних лет

For an idle person, or a pair of lovers, active young people, there is nothing better than a studio. Therefore, in this version, all the partitions between the kitchen and the rooms are demolished. The space is divided into zones only visually, and it seems immaculately spacious.

Here you can play with colors, textures and volumes, creating a real masterpiece of design art. And the solution with a bathroom and auxiliary rooms is still topical.

The layout of the studio apartment

A little re-planning of such a housing, you can make it ideal for any particular customer. A family with a child, a mature couple or young people - each type of tenants have their own needs. And they can be satisfied without serious expenses.

Have you found your ideal layout for a typical two-piece in these three projects?