The art of design of small apartments: stunning projects for

Dark accents in the design of a small apartment

Design of small apartments: how to properly organize space

The result of any enterprise always depends on the degree of skill of the people participating in it. This statement can be applied to any activity, and to the design of small apartments including.

If we talk about the architecture and design of the premises, some experts argue that it is much more difficult to re-equip the ready-made housing than to build a new one. Especially if it is small in size. A true master is able to offer a huge number of ideas, how to visually increase a modest space. The feeling of space, as a rule, depends not on the dimensions of the building itself, but on carefully thought-out details of its interior. And thanks to this article, the guests of our site today will be convinced of this personally.

Front door in retro style Brick wall in the interior of the dining room Interior of a bright bedroom with dark accents Bright lighting in the bathroom Interior of a small living room with dark accents

It is very difficult for non-professionals to build a small apartment, often consisting of only one room. Necessary for a comfortable life zone - bedroom, living room, kitchen and workplace - it is very difficult to locate yourself without the intervention of a specialist in interior design. But the main thing in this business is to be able to pick up the necessary items without clogging the already tight space with unnecessary trash.

Each designer has his own secrets, how to create comfort and comfort in a small apartment, maximally using every centimeter of its area, selecting the right color scheme and universal furniture. Let's get acquainted with some of them.

Bright accents in the design of a small apartment Design of a small apartment in light colors

Basic ways to visually increase the space

All their attention when decorating the interior of a small dwelling specialists turn to the use of the optimal color scale and texture of the finishing materials. To expand the living space it is better to choose warm pastel shades, with a choice which will help determine the professional table of colors Pantone. If you decide to cover the walls with wallpaper, they should be monophonic or contain a pale, unobtrusive pattern, as large ornaments, bright color spots and dark color can visually "absorb" most of any room. When selecting a pattern of wallpaper, it is better to give preference to vertical lines and patterns, which visually increase the height of the ceilings.

Pastel colors in the design of a small apartment Chocolate accents in the design of a small apartment

By the way, the ceilings are better to color a tone lighter than the walls, while using glossy and mirror textures and an illumination system consisting of flat ceiling fixtures. It is this way of finishing that can maximize the internal space of any room.

Modern furniture stores offer a large number of special sets of furniture designed for close housing. However, some owners of such apartments order furniture individually according to their own sketches and sizes, as this makes it possible to give the house a unique and unique atmosphere. In any case, headsets of standard sizes in such apartments it is better not to put, since they will occupy too much space. Very convenient option are kits-transformers, such as a folding sofa and folding table.

Bright accents in the design of a small apartment Gray tones in the design of a small apartment

Significant space savings are provided by the built-in cabinet furniture with a large number of shelves and drawers. One of the most successful developments of modern designers can be considered light-colored radii cabinets, which are ideal for increasing the volume of the room. Household appliances should also not take up too much space, so the best solution is to purchase embedded options.

Curtains and curtains are better to sew from light, light fabrics, creating a feeling of airiness. Especially cautious should be taken to too many small souvenirs that are capable, on the one hand, to decorate the interior, and on the other - to create the illusion of excessive clutter.

Light colors in the design of a small apartment

To work on the design of small housing, you can attract all family members by combining their ideas to create a comfortable and unique home. Using all the above tips, you can transform your apartment with your own hands, without seeking help from professional designers. The main thing is the rational use of the entire living space and the desire to prove oneself.

Turquoise accents in the design of a small apartment

How to increase the living room

There are various ways to increase the space of each particular room. If we talk about the living room, then one option is to demolish the wall that separates it from the kitchen. Of course, provided that this does not pose a danger to the residents.

Red accents in the design of a small apartment

If there is a balcony, you can increase the area of ​​the living room and at his expense.

Design of a small apartment in light colors

Another solution is the minimalist-

Green accents in the design of a small apartment

... or lack of dark color shades.

Design of a small apartment in light colors

Applying all of the above in the layout of your apartment, you certainly can surprise guests with their comfortable, bright and unique home.