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Обложка книги «Living in a Nutshell» от Emmy Award

In today's article, we will introduce you to the tremendous literary work "Living in a Nutshell" by the author Emmy Award, which tells about the life of a married couple in a tiny unusual house. It was released and presented to the world community on March 27, 2012.

A small home does not always mean using minimalist stylistics. In such a room can easily combine a rich color palette, an interesting pattern and unusual objects of a furniture set. 

After two years of life in the tiny New York apartments Emmy Award (Emmy Award) has made some tips and recommendations for other people facing a similar problem.

The owner's apartment had an unusual stylistic execution, which attracted a close look and interest of the public. In the guest cabin decoration of walls was sustained in green colors, the bathroom had a chocolate striped decor, and the kitchen was distinguished by amazing panoramic window openings from floor to ceiling.

His inspiration for the development of amazing creative projects the author took in the streets of New York. When she was walking around the town, she was curious to see bright and colorful shop windows of boutiques and household shops, as well as various signs.

Unusual ideas and ideas for the decoration of the apartments, she also found in foreign design magazines.

The hostess designed the original design of the hall with the use of simple industrial clamps, which she used as hooks for clothes.

These elements with the C-shaped form were fixed on a bright yellow wooden shelf, which perfectly restored its external appearance. They are great for hanging out coats and bags, as well as other items of vestments.

In addition, this is an excellent solution for tenants, since it does not require the use of potentially dangerous nails or glues.

Shelves with hooks for clothes

Corner for an animal in interior design was decorated in a bright and expressive style. The landlady accented him with an unusual plaque, sustained in a saturated orange tinted palette that attracted not only the gaze of the cat, but also the attention of family members.

Corner for an animal

For the decor of the salon, the master applied a rich color scheme with green accents that filled the space with a special charm and aesthetic appeal.

Two window openings mistress decorated with air curtains, which she performed independently with the use of light fabric, several bright ribbons and braid.

Pay attention to how the curtains in the decoration of the apartment look original and interesting, they perfectly transform its interior and at the same time do not clutter up a modest space.

Curtains with green pattern

Stairs to the second floor of the house specialist turned into a creative wine cabinet. For this purpose she used snow-white shelves arranged horizontally to achieve a creative zigzag pattern. They are perfectly placed bottles of wine and champagne.

The combination of bright colors in the atmosphere not only refreshes the furniture, but also brings incredible charm and expressiveness to the atmosphere.

Shelves for wine storage

To decorate the guest cabin, the hostess sewed the original pillows, choosing for their upholstery an interesting fabric with floral ornament and silhouettes of birds.

These accessories not only filled the living space with brightness and creativity, but also added an incredible personality to the decoration.

Print with birds on pillows

Visually increase the accommodation of the apartments the original stripes in wall decoration. The author presented in her book the following tips for the implementation of this decision:

  1. As a base coat, it is better to use a lighter color. Let it dry completely, then apply the paint strip to mark the stripes. 
  2. Apply another layer of white hue along the seams of the tape. 
  3. Wait until it is completely dry, then paint the strips in a dark color and remove the paint tape.
Горизонтальные полоски в wall decoration

If you want to hide some unsightly piece of furniture, for example, a sink or fridge, use draining drapes for this.

Curtain with ribbon

We have brought to your attention the main decor ideas and recommendations for the arrangement of modest apartments, which the author of the Emmy Award demonstrated to the public in her book "Life in a Nutshell".