The design of the combined kitchen-living room is 18 square

Design kitchen-living room 18 sq m

The area is 18 square meters. meters is enough to equip a comfortable, multifunctional kitchen. In the design, you can realize any ideas: an unusual layout, an unusual combination of shades, non-standard decor. But what to do if in this room you need to fit another, no less important zone - the living room. Combining the dining room with the living room is quite common. To equip such an interior is not difficult, if you stick to some design tricks. In this article, we will tell you how to design a kitchen-living room of 18 square meters. m ideal.

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There are not so many shortcomings. The main disadvantage of unification is the need for constant maintenance of order. Drops of grease, dirt, crumbs will easily penetrate into the living room. Cleaning will have to be done almost daily. Another disadvantage is the presence of an unpleasant odor.

Important nuances of redevelopment

Thinking global changes in the layout, do not need to rush. First you need to get an official permit from the local authorities.

The layout of the studio apartment

Obtaining permission to redevelop is a must. If there is no consent, the owner of the property will be forced to pay a fine.

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In most cases, small re-planning is permitted. But there are exceptions. Inside the apartment can not be eliminated load-bearing walls. The consequences of such a decision will be deplorable - the whole house may collapse, people may suffer. Wet rooms can not be moved either.

Most importantly - you can not connect the living room with the dining room, where a gas oven is installed. If the above bans do not apply to your home in person, you can safely collect papers, get consent, start dismantling. To demolish walls should professionals who have the proper experience, special equipment.

Modern design of the apartment

How to design a project

After the end of the dismantling work, another step is to be taken: the creation of a design project. For his independent development, you will need a regular piece of paper, a pencil, a ruler. On the sheet you need to transfer the graphic plan of the formed room, to designate the dimensions.

Next, you need to decide on each trifle:

  • choose the right style;
  • choose high-quality, safe building materials;
  • to determine the necessary amount of furniture and equipment;
  • designate the location of the functional zones on the plan;
  • if there is a balcony, consider combining it with the room
  • Identify with decorative elements.
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Room 18 square meters. m. Vintage interior  Corner sofa in the kitchen  Bright furniture in the apartment  Kitchen-living room with a loggia  Simple interior

On the graphical plan, you need to schematically designate the location of communications, draw the main pieces of furniture and appliances (refrigerator, oven).

The design project is a kind of action plan. The best solution is to order a project from a professional designer. It will be easier to repair it.

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Stylistic directions

The kitchen-living room eighteen squares can be decorated in almost any style. In the table we will consider the most popular directions, their characteristics, features.

ProvenceSuitable for lovers of rural life, nature, romantics. It is a popular French direction, characterized by freshness, lightness. The interior uses lightweight textiles, natural materials. Preference is given to putty, cotton, wood, brick. The apron is tiled. Furniture is chosen "aged". You can buy wicker chairs. The color range is fairly light: pink, sand, beige, yellow. The dining table is decorated with fresh wildflowers.
High techHigh-tech style. It is characterized by functionality, practicality, space. The color range is light. The decoration uses wood, metal, glass. Particular attention is paid to the selection of equipment.
EnglishIt combines rigor, refinement, stiffness. The British direction is characterized by decor through photographs, various paintings. For finishing the floor choose materials of dark color: parquet, laminate. The walls are often made of one-color, the furniture is bought with symmetrical lines.

Zoning spaces

Zoning methods

Choosing the right style, you need to select the zone in the room. Usually in the kitchen-living room do three:

  1. Working;
  2. Canteen;
  3. Resting-place.

For each part will be provided its own set of items, decor, equipment. It is better to place the working zone closer to the window. So it will be more convenient to cook food.

Design project of kitchen-living room

As an additional surface, a window sill is used. It is combined with a kitchen set. This practical technique helps to save valuable space. The dining room should be placed at the reception of food. It can be distinguished by unusual wallpaper on the kitchen theme. The resting place should be the main one, occupying the most place. Its center should be a solid sofa. Nearby you can place a fireplace, TV, coffee table. How do you split all these parts? Consider a brief overview of the simplest methods of zoning.

Cozy interior Country in the interior  Designer repair  Spacious kitchen-living room  Orange kitchen set  Wooden furniture in the kitchen

Arrangement of furniture

In the separation of one part of the room from the other, furniture plays a major role. For separation use: a bar rack, shelving, sofa, table. The choice of the subject depends on your own desires, style direction. The bar is a great way for a small family. It is usually installed in bachelor apartments. The rack looks stylish, does not take up much space.

A wide sofa in the kitchen-living room

Shelving is a good way to divide the room, to organize an intimate zone. In the shelves you can store books, cups, various decorative elements. The rack, deployed to the kitchen space, is used to store beautiful dishes, glasses, other utensils.

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Monochrome room design

The easiest way to use the border as a sofa or table. These are the central elements of design. They unobtrusively identify functional areas, will not clutter up space.

Wall color, decoration type

The color scale, building materials help in zoning. For the kitchen-living room, use the following helpful recommendations:

  • place of cooking, the living room should be designed in different colors. These rooms have different functions. The facade of the working part should be practical, resistant to washing. The walls can be decorated with tiles, ordinary paint. The paint can be light, the tile is better to choose with an interesting pattern. In the hall, you can paste wallpaper, apply decorative shpaklevku. Preference is given to light colors: lilac, pink, purple, pistachio, beige;
  • the tone of the walls of the different parts must be compatible. The compatibility can be checked using a special color chart;
  • if you want to make the space more complete, you can apply different shades of the same color.

Bright interior of studio apartment

Flooring, podium building

Different materials for finishing the floor, creating a multi-level foundation - excellent ways of dividing the space. On the podium it is customary to place a kitchen set. The podium can be small - about ten centimeters. This decision is typical of the modern style direction. The main disadvantage of the podium is trauma. To a multi-level sex will need to get used to.

Style модерн в интерьере

A safer method is the use of different finishing building materials. Guest decorate with parquet, laminate, carpet. Parquet from natural wood will suit classical style. He looks presentable, will serve for decades. In a high-tech room it is better to put carpet, laminate. They are distinguished by an affordable price, a wide choice of colors. The kitchen part is better to decorate with marble, floor tiles, linoleum. These types of coatings are easily laundered from any type of contamination.

Bar counter

Bar counter

Many underestimate such an item as a bar counter. It is a functional worktop of the way to solve several problems simultaneously. It saves a lot of square meters. Replacing a standard table, the stand allows you to leave more room in the room. Such an object is widely used as the boundary of two functional parts. It visually stands for the face, without overloading the small kitchen-living room.

Large kitchen, combined with the hall

When selecting a bar counter, consider:

  • height of the table top. It should be convenient for all members of your family. It is also important to choose comfortable bar stools. It is better with a back;
  • surface color. It should stand out against the backdrop of the color of the rest of the headset. The ideal solution is a black surface;
  • reliability of design. Its design should be strong, stable.

Proper organization of space

Sliding constructions

При желании сохранить интимность обстановки в гостевой, можно соорудить раздвижную перегородку. Перегородка устанавливается на специальные ролики. Ее можно закрывать, открывать в любое время. Sliding constructions изготавливаются на заказ. Они стоят относительно недорого. Конструкция заменит обычную стену, сделает интерьер намного интереснее.

In the manufacture of a sliding structure, different materials can be used: glass, wood, fabric. Glass partitions fit modern design trends. They miss natural light, look airy. On the glass, you can draw a pattern ornaments with different techniques. The disadvantages of glass are its relative fragility, high price, propensity to rapid pollution. Wooden, fabric partitions are more difficult to damage. They will serve for years.

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Bright kitchen-living room design

Multilevel ceiling, lighting

Visually, it is possible to delimit the sites with ordinary light, installing a multilevel ceiling. Designer ceiling will make the interior unusual, more convenient to use.

The backlight can be turned on pointwise. Stretched multilevel ceiling has many advantages:

  1. Reliable protection against flooding, leaking roof. The film will protect the new repair from water. Most importantly - do not try to release water yourself. You can damage the film.
  2. Wide range of colors. The ceiling can be monophonic, with an unusual effect, ornaments. You can make it two-colored. Variants of the model mass.
  3. Possibility of installing spotlights. The installation of light is quite simple. You can install lamps of different intensity.
  4. Quick installation. Professionals install similar designs in one day.

Classic room framing

Location of the kitchen set, equipping with appliances

Kitchen-living room should be comfortable. Therefore, it is important to properly locate the equipment, kitchen set. There are several options for accommodation:

  • linear. The simplest arrangement. Suitable for owners of narrow rooms. All items are placed along one wall. In the center there is enough space for a full-fledged dining table. The sofa is placed in a free place, a little sideways;
  • angular. An excellent variant of planning with the wrong form of the room. The headset is installed in the corner near the window opening. You can use the window sill. At the other end of the kitchen-living room they organize a resting place, in the middle - they set up a table, chairs;
  • n-shaped. This method is used in rooms of rectangular shape. Furniture can be put in the letter P. In the middle you can put a rack, a dining table. At the other end, put a comfortable sofa, TV, coffee table;
  • island. This is the original way of layout. However, for him, the area may not be enough. In this case, it is worth turning to professional designers. They will create the right project, adjusted to the specifics of a particular apartment.

Minimalism in decoration

Decorative finishing touches

The interior of the kitchen-living room will not be complete without decorative elements, various trifles, final touches. You can start decorating from the workplace. For this it is enough to buy beautiful kitchen utensils, potholders, towels, unusual jars for spices.

Textiles should be high-quality, easy to absorb moisture. Jars for spices can be put on a small shelf, near the work surface.

Kitchen-living room in a private house Bright lighting  Zoning kitchen-living room  Light furniture in the house  Original interior  Style хай-тек

A beautiful still-life decorates a place for eating. There you can put bright pads on chairs, table the original tablecloth. All elements must be consistent in a similar color scheme. Near the sofa you can put a statue, a design with living plants.

Apparently, to create an attractive interior of the room is simple enough, knowing certain design tricks. Competent zoning, a thoughtful approach to choosing furniture, bright decor will create a cozy, ergonomic kitchen-living room, even a small area.