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The design of the kitchen can be considered fully completed only when all its elements are completed. The main component, which determines the style of the entire room, is a kitchen set. And here it is very important to pay attention to its visible parts.


It is necessary that the design of the countertop for the kitchen is in harmony with the design of the apron and the front of the headset.

The worktop is selected based on the planned style of the room and the color of the kitchen set, floor covering, walls. On the photo of kitchen countertops you can see in this very variety of existing models today.


Today, the furniture salons offer a huge selection of kitchen countertops from a wide variety of materials. Each species has its advantages and disadvantages. Consider in more detail all types and try to figure out which counter top is best for the kitchen.

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Table of contents of the article:

  • Varieties of kitchen countertops
  • Worktops made of particle board
  • Worktops made of stone
  • Kitchen countertops made of natural stone
  • Kitchen countertops of artificial stone
  • Kitchen countertops made of wood
  • 55 photo countertops for kitchen

Varieties of kitchen countertops

Any table top, except for a beautiful appearance, must meet the necessary requirements for their quality. It is on it that the main load associated with cooking is laid. Therefore, the table top should be resistant to mechanical damage, sharp temperature changes and high humidity.


Worktops made of particle board

Currently, the most popular table tops for the kitchen from chipboard. This is due to their low cost, as the material for making such worktops are wood sawdust.


The thickness of the worktops from wood chipboard varies in the range from 28 to 38 millimeters. Of course, the size of the countertop for the kitchen depends on the dimensions of the room itself. It is worth noting that it is preferable to choose a tabletop of a greater thickness, because it can withstand more serious loads.

countertops-made of artificial stone

Currently, the worktops made from chipboard are produced with laminated surfaces, which makes it possible to choose exactly the model whose pattern will fully satisfy your needs. It can imitate stone, wood and other materials.


The downside of this type of countertops is the inability to update their coverage.


Worktops made of stone

Stone countertops differ from others in a more solid appearance. To make the kitchen space look original and luxurious, you just need a kitchen countertop made of stone.


In turn, stone countertops are produced in two varieties: from natural and artificial stone.


Kitchen countertops made of natural stone

Such countertops are one of the most expensive, because to extract and process natural stone requires a lot of effort and money. However, high costs compensate for the high level of strength and long period of operation of the product.


They are made of granite, marble and onyx. All natural stones have a unique pattern, so each stone countertop will look unique.


Kitchen countertops of artificial stone

Today, more often manufacturers use artificial stone to make kitchen countertops. It has much less cost than natural material, which does not affect its quality characteristics.


Artificial countertops for the kitchen can be made in any color solution, because the artificial stone has no limitations in the color scheme.

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Another unconditional advantage of artificial countertops is the possibility of their renovation by polishing the scratched surface and resistance to mechanical stress.

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Modern clean design trendy kitchen with black wooden elements

Table tops made of artificial stone perfectly suited for kitchens, decorated in absolutely any style: from classical to modern interior.

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Kitchen countertops made of wood

If the design of your kitchen is designed in a rustic style, then the table top should be chosen wooden. It will give the interior the necessary comfort, and the atmosphere in the kitchen will become warmer and home.

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To the disadvantages of table tops made of wood, one can attribute their susceptibility to mechanical influences, instability to temperature changes and high humidity.

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The color of the floor covering influences the choice of the color scheme of the kitchen counter top. It is desirable that they are in harmony with each other, which will give the kitchen design a unique style.

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