The designer from san francisco has created a magnificent

Interior of a small living room in New York City

A slight negligence in design can be a key feature of the interior

The client asked the designer Jacqueline Palmer to help turn the interior of the small living room, located in his house in New York, to a place where he can entertain and spend time with his friends on weekends, where he can fully rest after work. Palmer decided to play with the textures and added an open brick wall, graffiti, a brown leather sofa, and a dark blue carpet.

First look at the living room

Brickwork in the interior of a small living room

Brick wall - a rough, but very stylish element

Area: Harlem, Manhattan  Dimensions: 3.6 x 4.5 meters Year of construction: 1910

The most spectacular element is a sofa made of light leather. He adds brutality to the interior and creates a sensual atmosphere. It's a brand new sofa from a popular manufacturer, but it looks like it's always been there. The color and texture underline the brick wall, and the warm tint causes the desire to settle on it and relax.

This room is the center of the house. It is the first thing that visitors see, the space connecting the kitchen and the hallway.

What events are happening here: romantic dinners, lunches, night cinema marathons, championships in video games and informal meetings with friends.

"I had only data about the size of the room, a few photos and a video, and that was enough to design," says Jacqueline.

The biggest challenge: create a design for a room that is on the opposite end of the country from San Francisco. "We developed the project using email and Google Slides. When all the materials have already been ordered and delivered, I flew to New York to arrange the items and pick up jewelry and accessories. "

Dining table in the interior of the small living room

A small round table will not attract too much attention, but it can not be called inconspicuous

Bar table in the interior of a small living room

If there is no bar cabinet, it will be replaced by a bar table

Game plan

"At first there was a sofa and a carpet, they asked for a color scheme, and then everything else fell into place," recalls Palmer.

"We ordered upholstery and basic interior items (tables and stuff) via the Internet, and then bought upholstered furniture, paintings and accessories in New York stores."

How to start

"We started with a clean sheet, getting rid of the existing furniture," - says the author of the project.

And it was such a campaign that became the guarantor of an excellent result. The conclusion is that the creation of a unique and attractive design requires courage and readiness for experiments.