A tiny house with a big soul

Interior of a tiny house in South Carolina

Stylish interior of a tiny house

Tiny houses are considered an ideal option for singles and couples. However, there are many examples of living in such homes families of four people, as well as couples with dogs.

Driftwood Homes from South Carolina has found an elegant solution for a tiny family home in which space is enough for the privacy of every tenant. Designers have created a dwelling with two bedrooms, one of which is on a spacious upper floor. A bedroom on the first floor is also used as an office.

A tiny house in the suburbs

Classics of suburbs

Built on a 7-meter trailer, Indigo has a rest area right in the middle of the trailer. A kitchen with a full-size four-burner gas cooker, a medium-sized refrigerator and a designer folding table is located near the wall, which is lined with reclaimed wood. Thus, the feeling of spaciousness of the room is created.

A tiny house: a kitchen

Such a kitchen envied and the owners of ordinary apartments

At the opposite wall there is a staircase leading to the upper floor. In its recesses, it is also possible to store various trifles.

Tiny house: stairs

Such a ladder does not take up much space and fits perfectly in the interior

A tiny house: a niche

Niches in the stairs can find any application

On the top floor a lot of space, however, will have to get used to the fact that you can not straighten up to full height here.

A tiny house: a children's room

Great option for a children's room

Downstairs, the corridor leads to the bathroom and the main bedroom, which is located directly under the top floor. In the bathroom you can find a tiled shower with a comfortable seat for sitting.

A tiny house: a corridor

In this house there was a place even for the corridor

Tiny house: bathroom

Modest design of the bathroom creates a cosiness

A tiny house: a bathroom

Only the necessary space

For the bedroom, it was also found a smart decision - to use the Murphy folding bed, which during the day can serve as a desktop.

A tiny house: a bedroom

It is not surprising that the bedroom is dominated by indigo

A tiny house: a wall from a granary board

The wall from the granary board creates an atmosphere of rural life in the room

A tiny house: a folding bed

So the bedroom looks during working hours

Indigo is conceived so that every member of the family has a place for solitude. One can imagine parents who comfortably live in this trailer with a teenage child. Tiny houses like this prove that they do not need to be tight or deprived of personal space. With a careful design, they may well be suitable for families who want to get out of the mortgage trap.

Do you think this option is a good alternative to a city apartment?