The most creative options for organizing personal space for

Can we imagine our life without four-legged pets? Someone addresses all of their adoration to a single dog or pussy, and to someone and a dozen smaller brothers in the house is not enough.

A creative place for a dog

Perhaps, many will agree that the best manifestation of love for a domestic animal is the care of its health, comfort and well-being. They need to be provided in full, but not at the expense of the convenience of other family members.

How most often the question of the organization of a sleeping place for the pet is solved? That's right, a shaggy (almost always) comrade is allowed to indulge in nude somewhere on the couch or, which is also not uncommon, right in the master's bed.

Needless to say, this variant conflicts with considerations of comfort, aesthetics and hygiene? It is unlikely that the charming doggie, who walks several times a day along the dusty courtyard, will take a shower before settling down for the night in a bed under a warm blanket. The situation worsens if the dog is notable for its size, and the apartment in which it lives is quite the opposite.

Next, we will talk about ways to arrange a comfortable bed for a cat or a dog, allowing you to keep harmony in the family, coziness in the house and money in your wallet.

Creative booth for a dog

Why not make an animal bed an original element of the interior? In the event that the production of a special house made of wood or chipboard is an impermissible luxury, you can try to make it yourself from improvised items and materials.

A little creative imagination, and cardboard boxes, plywood boxes and even old suitcases will find a new life in the form of a compact bed for a four-legged pet of the family.

Place for a dog from a suitcase Place for a cat from a suitcase Place for a dog from a suitcase Place for a cat from a suitcase The original cottage for a cat Place for a dog from a suitcase

If you decide to clean in a closet and get rid of some really unnecessary things, you can free a decent space, suitable for the size of an average or large dog. It is advisable to decorate the facade in the appropriate way by placing a panel with a cut in it instead of doors.

Booths for dogs in book shelving Place for the dog in the hallway A place for a dog in the kitchen Place for the dog in the kitchen

For a small "pocket" dog or cat, a bedside table is quite suitable, subject to appropriate modification. And the animal will enjoy the opportunity to dwell in the master bedroom on quite legitimate grounds.

A place for a dog in a bedside table Place for the dog in the bedside table A place for a dog in a bedside table Sofa with a place for a dog A place for a dog in a bedside table Bedside table with a place for a cat Place for the dog under the seat Place for the cat in the armchair A place for a dog near the bed

In the pet stores there is a wide range of soft houses for cats. Unfortunately, most of them are not only not distinguished by the sophistication of design, but it is also quite cumbersome.

You can play on the fondness of a fluffy mourning to home mountaineering, releasing a place for it in a bookcase or hanging a separate shelf on the wall. There is no doubt that the cat will appreciate such a manifestation of creative thinking.

Shelves for cats on the wall Labyrinth for a cat from wall shelves Wall shelves for cats Shelves for cats Shelves for cats в книжном стеллаже Aviary for a cat on a windowsill Pet cage on the balcony

Perhaps even greater problems are the organization and maintenance in the clean place of the feeding of the animal. They are most easily solved by placing bowls with food in a drawer or niche in a kitchen cupboard or island.

Thus, it is possible to avoid constant overturning of drinkers running around the apartment by children, and in case of arrival of guests - instantly hide the "feeder" away from prying eyes.

Feeding trough in the drawer Bowls with food for the pet in the drawer Food for a dog in a drawer Feeding trough in the drawer Wall feeder for the pet

Armed with our advice, you can not only arrange a housewarming party for your fluffy housewife, but also decorate the interior with an original and touching element. Created with caring hands, it will store the warmth of your soul and proudly show your uniqueness.