The most delightful constructive solutions for the compact

Four chairs in one

The theme of original design ideas for the house is inexhaustible. But it is surprising that the most popular and attractive finds are those that allow you to save space. Below you can see the amazing inventions. At the same time, they not only free space, but also make the interior of the room unforgettable.

1 The storehouse of all kinds of things under the stairs. Drawers under the stairs 2 Bright chairs and a table easily fit into the special grooves of the rack. Table and chairs in the rack Bright table and chairs 3 Under the steps of the stairs is to place drawers for shoes. Drawing-drawers-steps 4 Round dining table and chairs-chairs, which can be hidden under it. Compact dining set Folded Dining Set 5 Extravagant sofa, quickly turning into a bunk bed, perfect for a children's room or a student room. Soft orange sofa Transformable sofa Bunk bed 6 The ergonomic barbecue boiler is easy to open and close. Safe to use, and most importantly, does not take up any space on the lawn. Foldable barbecue in open condition Foldable barbecue in closed condition 7 In a funny armchair you can put a bunch of books. Armchair with a niche Books under the armchair 8 Another interesting idea for the library - a staircase-rack. Steps from books Staircase from bookshelves 9 Folding table with shelves is a miniature but comfortable work area. Folding working table 10 Narrowly oval construction made of folded armchairs and a small table gives the location a futuristic character. Folded in a cone of armchairs and a small table Armchairs and table 11 Modular furniture for schoolchildren and students loosely moves apart, assembles and moves to any corner of the room. Modular furniture Three berths 12 Folding a set of knives will not take up much space in the kitchen. Set of knives 13 The pendant table turns into a picture on the wall, which perfectly complements the interior. Folding table-picture 14 Window blinds are convenient to use as a clothes hanger for drying clothes. Towel rail on the window Folding towel rail Towel hanger 15 What creative design idea: a work of fine art stores works of jewelry art. Organizer for decoration behind the painting 16 That's really a great example of furniture-transformer. Buying a sofa, you simultaneously get a tea table and stools. Soft sofa Dining table and pouffes 17 Joining a dining table with a billiard table is a favorite of many "two in one". Dinner table Billiards in the dining table 18 The staircase-wonder with drawers and opening booths will cause real delight from the hosts and guests. The main thing is to remember what and where lies. Stairs with shelves and drawers 19 Ironing board and mirror - very functional and natural combination. Ironing board-mirror 20 A good find for those who like active lifestyle - a door and a tennis table. Table for table tennis Door-table for table tennis 21 The closet-bed is a long-known design. However, combined with a comfortable sofa, it acquires a new useful property. Murphy bed Folding bed 22 Four chairs in one - and all guests will find themselves a comfortable place. Four chairs in one Chairs of different sizes 23 The cat's toilet inside the coffee table is simple and aesthetic. Cat toilet inside the coffee table Cat toilet inside the coffee table 24 The young mother will be charmed by the opening changing table with shelves for all necessary hygiene products. Folding changing table Folding changing table 25 If there is a chest of drawers with a drawer for bowls, then one can not worry about the cleanliness and placement of the dog's dining room. Chest of drawers with drawers for bowls 26 The cottage is well used as a stand for indoor plants. Koshkin house-stand for indoor plants 27 Place the ironing mat on any suitable surface. This will free you from having to acquire forever bulky bulky boards. Ironing mat 28 The combined model of popular frameless furniture looks youthful and practical. Folding chair-mattress 29 The unique stand for shoes impresses with its unusual and minimalism. Stand for footwear 30 Folding dining area in the rustic style looks great in the kitchen of the cottage. Folding dining area in a rustic style 31 Stairs with shelves - another version of the endless design fantasies with this element of the interior. Stairs with shelves

Creativity decorators and architects will never cease to amaze and delight. Even in very small spaces, where, it would seem, there is already nothing to think of, the real master of his business realizes something enchanting, but very compact.