The best design solutions for small houses

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Long ago passed the time when they thought about architecture and functionality separately. Over the past two decades, interior design has experienced a revolution, now there is a steady desire to take a worthy place next to form and ergonomics.

Ecological houses are becoming more popular every day. Last year, the best Solar Decathlon 2014 in the US was presented, and this year we will go to Europe to learn about the new events of 2015.

Folding sofa bed in living room

We will start with a practical and sensible place of decor, which was created by CLEI for the two teams taking part in the event.

Working closely with the University di Roma Tre from Italy and the Mexican team from UNAM, CLEI, thanks to its experience, created a universal and multifunctional design by arranging eco houses for both participants.

The Italians cared about the taste of Rome on 60 squares, while the Mexicans were concerned about the problem of "clean" life in urban conditions.

Folding sofa in the unfolded form Dining area in the living room Dining area in the living room Built-in bed in the closet Built-in bed in unfolded form

Ulisse Dining System from RhOME combines designer dining table with a pull-out double bed that disappears in the wall when not in use.

The worktop slides down automatically as it leaves the bed, ensuring that switching between them occurs in a short time.

Penelope Sofa and Poppi 120 - development from CASA. Sofa - this is also an attractive design, which is able in a few seconds to turn from sleeping equipment into a living room.

CLEI plays an important role in the formation of smart (smart) furniture, environmentally friendly homes and ensures that aesthetics are not sacrificed for efficiency.

Foldable dining table under the bed Folding bed in unfolded form Interior of a small studio apartment Racks for plants in the kitchen Appearance of the cottage