We choose posters for the interior +75 examples

Posters for interior

Beautiful, unusual and simple to design any room in the house you can, using posters for the interior. Small illustrations with bright colors, in monochrome performance will help to improve the decoration and emphasize the chosen style. Fashionable will be in the spacious halls, home offices and bedrooms, portraits of the family. But the teenager's stylish room is perfectly complemented with photos of actors, sportsmen, pictures with motivational phrases. It is right to place such illustrations, to create a harmonious composition from them, following simple rules will help. They will point out the peculiarities of combining different images in one style, the variants of their placement on the wall, the lighting rules. And using a simple instruction, a beautiful illustration or an application for decorating a house can be done by yourself.

Rules for placing a poster

Create a stylish interior design with unusual images, it's quite simple, using the following rules and recommendations:

  • Compliance with the plot.

For several images that pursue the same theme, you need to arrange the individual elements in the correct order. This rule is also observed when composing a complete picture of small parts.

Posters in the living room

  • A similar color scheme.

For different in the subject of images, a similar coloring is a guarantee of their appropriate use together.

Flowers on the table by the couch  Loft style interior  Gray walls in the living room  Posters with numbers on a brick wall  Table between the sofas

  • Following one style.

For rooms in the style of Provence, illustrations with floral motifs are suitable, for Scandinavian - black and white images. For Art Nouveau - drawings with metal and glossy surfaces, and for loft - retro images, pictures in sepia.

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Flower in the corner of the living room

  • High-quality lighting.

Images can be highlighted with a ribbon of LEDs, spot top or bottom. When placing the canvas in a niche, you should mount the illuminators along the entire perimeter of the recess.

Glass wall in the interior  Wooden chairs and table in the kitchen  White furniture in the living room  A table from a stump next to an armchair  The poster over the sofa

  • Competent location.

There must be free space between the different illustrations. Small and large images can be combined, creating fashionable collages.

Room palm in the dining room

Poster design options

Using illustrations of different sizes, you can completely close the "empty" wall in any room. This option of decoration will allow you to quickly and easily transform the room, to conduct its stylization. In the nursery you can use a sign with the name of the baby, which will be located above the crib. A pair of vertical canvases depicting animals, fairy-tale creatures can complement it. Unconventionally draw a loose wall in the living room will help to combine vertical illustrations. They can be from 2 to 5 pieces. Same size images, hung at the same height, will look restrained. But the elements with different height of the arrangement will help visually raise the ceiling. To divide the wall conditionally into 2 parts will help the arrangement of a pair of horizontal illustrations one above another.

Interior in a minimalist style with a poster Lamps on bedside tables near the bed  A vase on a pile of books on the couch  Chest and lamp along the wall  Flowerpot by the couch  Living room with a parallel composition

Family photos

Photos with children, parents, pictures of couples in black and white colors are ideal for decorating a bedroom. They are recommended to be located opposite the bed or above its headboard. An unusual way of using such illustrations will be the location in the niche. To highlight the decor, it is recommended to install a bright neon illumination all around the perimeter. Photo family is perfect for decorating the hall in the parents' house.

Family photos на стене в интерьере

Mom and Dad will be pleased during tea drinking to look at the smiling faces of their children. Such images can emphasize the special cosiness of the home atmosphere. To properly style the apartment, choose a high-resolution shot and print it on A3-A2 sheet. Protect the image from dust will help its placement in a thin frame under the glass.

Composition with pictures of the child

When using a color photo, you need to estimate in advance how well it will fit into the general view of the room. Otherwise, the selected image may violate the stylistics.

Green armchair in the interior Armchairs in the chest  Pink frame on a blue wall  Decorative plaster in the interior  Photos of children over the sofa  TV on the wall opposite the bed

Vintage posters

Retro illustrations in sepia are perfect for decorating rooms in stylistics of the 50's, 70's. They can depict ancient clippings from newspapers, interesting articles. Perfectly suitable for styling images with photo actresses, singers of that time. For country and chalet directions, illustrations with old cars, airplanes, motorcycles will be appropriate. To complement the French, English style of antiquity should give preference to images of old greeting cards, pictures with floral motifs. Fans of female beauty necessarily like pin-up images of girls. For teenage rooms, you can choose to remake under retro illustrations of superheroes, cartoon characters or heroes from popular video games.

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Vintage posters в интерьере Living-dining room in Scandinavian style  Posters with towers above the couch  Wallpaper in the form of newspapers in the interior  Yellow sofa in the gray living room  Posters in the nursery

Works of contemporary artists

An excellent solution for a spacious room with good daylight and artificial lighting will be the decoration of the walls with modern paintings. Bright landscapes help to emphasize the elegance of the dining room. Gorgeous abstraction will be appropriate in rooms with a light finish and a minimal amount of decor (or its complete absence). Popular among the owners of large houses and images, consisting of several identical illustrations, made in different colors. Painting is perfect for styling the classical direction. Such posters can be hung in the home office, in the kitchen. They will become a harmonious complement of the French, English direction. They can be hung in a wide corridor or decorated with an entrance hall.

Works of contemporary artists в интерьере Double light in the living-dining room  Beams in the interior  Living room with concrete walls  Fireplace in the interior  Table from pallets in front of the sofa

Personal creativity

Those owners who know how to make sketches in pencils, crayons or paints, you can independently make a home decor. They can draw inspiration from popular contemporary authors or from classic artists. Those who wish to create a non-standard illustration with their own hands will approach the next master class. This is the easiest way to create a vivid picture with flowers that will decorate a bedroom or a room. For work it is recommended to use gouache, a wide brush, a sponge and cotton swabs. As a basis, it is better to use the A3 sheet for watercolor painting. The work is carried out according to the following scheme:

  1. On the sheet, draw the green stripes with a wide brush. Between the individual bands, leave a distance of 1-3 cm.
  2. Sponge the dipped in a light pink, lilac or other gouache and leave it on the green stripes, next to them small figured spots.
  3. Wadded sticks in the central parts of the flowers put the point-stamens.

Personal creativity на стене в интерьере Beasts  Children's drawings  Pictures on the wall by the door  Shelves above the bed  Chest of drawers


Of dried leaves and inflorescences, a decent stylized decor is obtained. But the quality of the materials used should be the highest. It is also recommended to choose only those works that are sold in the glazed frames. This will exclude the settling of dust on the surface of the herbarium. Having prepared everything you need, you can make this decor yourself. Use of such applications is allowed to decorate kitchens, canteens. For simpler care, the "herbarium" drawings are also suitable. They are appropriate to look in any neutral design, well complement the classics and will be an outstanding element of ultramodern stylistics.

Herbarium на стене в интерьере

When self-adhesive gluing of the herbarium to white paper, it is recommended to use a transparent thick glue. It will well fix the leaves, inflorescences and will not change their shade after drying.

A chair in the corner of the room  Mirror in the headboard  Leaves in the framework on the wall  The little sofa by the fireplace  Picture on a bookcase

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Stylishly complement the design of bedrooms, spacious offices will help create simple drawings. For example, it can be light strokes on the background of several black thick bands. Find in the decor stores can and fully prepared drawings for styling different directions. Plots of plans for the construction of world sights are very popular. Interestingly on one wall will look a complex of drawings with details of cars, motorcycles or airplanes. They can be combined with each other, used for zoning space. Such illustrations for teenage rooms, high-tech rooms are ideal. Finished images can look like small tablets with a mini-photo of the collected equipment. And they can represent a large illustration that occupies almost the entire wall. The latter are optimal for supplementing urban or industrial stylistics of premises.

Blueprints на стене в интерьере

How to choose the right fabric

When self-printing images or before buying ready-made illustrations, it is important to understand the main differences in the foundation. After all, paper and canvas can have different structure, density, wear resistance. The main types of canvas are:

  • plain paper;

Has an increased density, rough surface. Optimal for budget styling.

Posters on plain paper  The dark sofa in the white living room  Walls for a brick in the interior  Posters above the table  White table and chairs near the wall

  • paper with lamination;

A thin layer of film applied over the pattern will help to prevent damage due to moisture ingress. Easy to clean and can be used without a glazed frame.

Posters over the bed

  • artificial canvas;

Attracts increased wear resistance. This foundation is not afraid of moisture or sun. They persist for years.

Shelves on the wall in the living room  Linoleum on the floor  Pot with a flower on the window  Floor lamp at the armchair  Bright posters in a bright interior

  • natural canvas;

Has a higher price than an artificial one. Less resistant to external influences. In addition, harmful microorganisms can develop in its fibers.

African masks on chests

  • photo poster.

Printing is carried out on dense photo paper of large sizes. It retains its pristine appearance for a long time.

Red sofa in the interior  Photopain on the wall  Sofa near the wall  Poster with a jar in the interior  Floor Vases at the Sofa


Correctly supplement any stylistic direction with printed, illustrated illustrations is quite easy, knowing the nuances of their selection. Search for the best options you need, based on the style of the room and its area. For example, in spacious rooms, it will be appropriate to look and collages, and individual images of different sizes. In small rooms it is not advisable to pile up walls with a lot of such decor. The color prevailing in the illustration should also not contradict the main scale of the room. It must either complement it, or be as similar as possible. Independently owners can order printing of the image they like or create a bright decor using gouache and paper. It is important to remember that for highlighting illustrations, drawings and applications from the herbarium, they need to be illuminated. This move will help inexpensively and simply stylize any room at home.