Modern interior of a small apartment from daniele petteno

Modern interior of a small apartment in London

These apartments are located in the knowledge of the Edwardian era, built in the late 19th century in London. The interior of the house was renovated to create a home for a young family who wanted to live in a modern environment.

The color palette of the apartments, designed by Daniele Petteno Architecture Workshop, is predominantly monochrome, with splashes of other colors in the decor elements. Such bright points became a green coffee table, pillows, as well as books.

Storage systems in a modern interior of a small apartment

Since the rooms in the apartment are rather narrow, to save space, kitchen cabinets are placed along the walls so that they can also be placed on TV.

Kitchen corner and media zone in black Kitchen corner in black

And this photo shows a very interesting detail that you do not often see. Behind the sink is a glass partition, through which you can see the bedroom.

Window from kitchen to bedroom

This is not only a very interesting solution, but at the same time practical. This partition does not interfere with the natural light that reaches the middle of the room, penetrating through the windows from the other end of the apartment.

Plants in the interior of the kitchen

In the bedroom, the white surface of the cabinets contrasts sharply with the black furniture in the room, which serves as a living room and kitchen.

Bedroom interior in pastel colors

And this is the view from the bedroom to the kitchen, which in combination is the living room. And, yes, the screen can cover the glass partition so that visitors do not see the bedroom.

Bedroom with window to the living room

In the bedroom the bed is raised to conditionally divide the room into two parts. The writing desk is located downstairs.

Workstation in the bedroom

The usual furniture is reasonably placed around the perimeter of the apartments.

Narrow corridor in a small apartment

Bathroom is narrow but long. Shower is installed directly opposite the cupboard for the sink.

Narrow bathroom