Tips for the rational planning of a small apartment: get rid

The layout of a small apartment

The quality of housing affects not only its area. If you intelligently think over the interior, you can make rooms of even a small size comfortable and roomy. We will try to prove this theory. And of course, we will be glad to hear your opinions and suggestions on this burning issue.

Japanese interior

If you are striving for space, and closeness is your main enemy, choose the decor of the functionality. In a small room will be inappropriate bronze candelabra, luxurious carpets and velvet draperies.

Find inspiration in the traditional Japanese interior. First of all, get rid of unnecessary things - and they will always be, it is only good to think. Nothing incidental in a small apartment should not be.

Living room in Japanese style

Beauty in sight

If you really can not allocate space for the dressing room, fence off the corner with the drapery and put things there necessary, but not beautiful enough, leaving only objects that please the eye.

Do not overload the space with large objects - but one major thing that distracts attention, yet must be present.

Decorative elements in the interior

Change functions

As a rule, under the living room is given the largest area. In a modest apartment it is worth doing just the opposite - for a living room to take away a small area, and on a large one to combine a bedroom with a dressing room or a small home office.

Cloakroom, by the way, although somewhat reduces the useful area, allows us to reign over the order. In it, you can place everything that used to be in several cabinets, or even just anywhere.

Functional dressing room

Storage rooms

The "golden treasure" of a modest home are storage rooms, closets and other auxiliary variations - do not try to get rid of them in an effort to open space, otherwise everything will turn into a pantry.

Cabinet cabinet, used, as a rule, only by 50%, it is advisable to replace it with a shallow one (this is exactly what is used on a 100%) chest.

Storage in the pantry

Volumes and angles

The volume should be used not only horizontally, but also vertically, creating additional levels. For example, if you can not put cabinets in a narrow hallway, then it is quite realistic to arrange shelves at the top like the mezzanine.

They can accommodate books and other things that are rarely used. If height allows, arrange mezzanines in any acceptable places.

Study the corners carefully. Empty places are an inexcusable omission. There are several options: corner furniture, a mini-pantry, a triangular cache behind a diagonally positioned sofa or chest of drawers. The diagonal layout optically expands the volume.

Use of corners in the living room

We transform the window sill, construct the podium

A very convenient and useful thing will make it possible to build a window sill - if you make some effort, it will become a full-fledged workplace in the living room, go smoothly to the dining table-peninsula in the kitchen, become the upper part of the locker and even the podium.

The podium, by the way, even arranged without the use of a window sill, will be an excellent find - under it you can, if you want to push the bed or use the interior space for a convenient option for you.

Rest area on the windowsill

Additional nuances

Visually expand the space will help a homogeneous floor covering, the identical color of the walls in the neighboring rooms, the use of mirrors. Lighter than the walls, the ceiling, visually increase the height.

The crucial role is played by lighting - it must be local. Combining several functions of mobile and transformable furniture will be in a small apartment at the right time.

Winning a useful area helps the rejection of certain items. For example, if you do not use the oven, it will be enough to cook the hob, if you do not like or do not want to luxuriate in the bath - replace it with a shower. A bulky bed can be replaced with a futon mattress.

Interior of a small hallway Small and narrow entrance hall Narrow Corridor Stylish, functional kitchen Interior of a small kitchen Compact kitchen set Partition in the interior of the studio apartment Sleeper in the living room Closet in the hallway Wooden partition in the interior Interior of a bright living room Drawers under the bed Workstation in the bedroom Large wardrobe in the bedroom Shelves under the bed Baskets for storage under the bed

Love your apartment and turn it into a cozy and beautiful abode.