Stall for the iron horse - colorful garage design from the

Motorcycles in the creative garage

In today's exclusive story, we will introduce you to the magnificent and amazing stylistic performance of the garage for the storage of motorcycles, which was designed and implemented by the staff of the Thomas Feld General Contractors architectural agency in the American suburb of Forest Hills in Dallas.

Homeowners Rita Hendricks and Dennis Reed (Rita Hendricks and Dennis Reed) wanted to organize a small annex for motorcycles on the site in front of their new cottage.

For three months, the owners, together with employees of the Thomas Feld General Contractors Bureau, reconstructed the dilapidated garage box into an excellent workshop.

In a room with a total area of ​​38 square meters they organized a new concrete foundation, and the walls were erected with the help of strong wood.

In the photo above you can see the owner's motorcycles: KTM 690 Enduro R, BMW F800GS and KTM 450 EXC-R.

The appearance of the barn before the restructuring

When the couple moved to their new unusual house, built in the 50s of last century, the barn was in poor condition. Instead of moving or mounting, they decided to restore the design. Currently, in front of the building is a garage for two cars.

Interior of the barn before rebuilding

The original damaged concrete floor was removed by experts and filled with a new solid foundation.

Repair work in the barn

The engineers fortified the partitions, which had been damaged earlier by termites, and insulated the shed with a layer of insulation.

Repair of the shed facade

The facade walls of the building are lined with wooden panels, which gave its appearance freshness and incredible charm.

The appearance of the renovated garage

Masters painted the structure in a snow-white shade, which perfectly complemented the exterior of the main building.

Dining area at the garage

Window decor engineers engineers faced with false panels, which formed the illusion of a large opening. On a modest terrace in front of the building on the concrete platform was the garden furniture.

Old boards from the barn

To decorate the inner room, the owners used old boards that had been removed from the previous barn, which gave the exterior appearance of the workshop even greater charm and creativity.

Old boards on the wall of the barn

With the help of a gun for hammering nails, engineers attached them to a plywood backing in a casual and original manner.

Old boards on the wall of the garage

The worn appearance of these boards gave the shed's furniture an incredible atmosphere of the 50s of the last century, corresponding to the mood and character of the owners. They were painted in rich colors, which are in perfect harmony with the color of the motorcycle body.

Interior Garage Finishing

The walls in the garage were decorated with striped panels purchased at Store Display Fixtures.

Workshop in the garage

The working surface was equipped with a massive table with a vintage exterior appearance and an organized storage system for tools. Nearby is a metal sink, used by the owner to clean the inventory.

Exerciser in the garage

In the corner was a small hanger for storing clothes and uniforms. Next to it there are simple round clocks and a delightful colorful work of art, creating a cozy and warm atmosphere in the salon.

Motorcycles in the garage

The floor surface was covered with plastic modular panels with a rich coloring in yellow, black and gray tone.

Interior of the creative garage

For comfortable work the masters were equipped with a high practical table with a wooden surface and a strong metal base, a comfortable mobile chair and a powerful office lamp.

All the partitions in the workshop were hung with various tools, objects and pictures, helmets and other elements that create an informal and cozy atmosphere.

Wall decor in the garage

The dazzling system of illumination in the room is represented by delightful fluorescent lamps that were installed around the perimeter of the room and on the ceiling, which filled the space with magnificent radiance, creating wonderful conditions for the work and repair of transport.

Motorcycles in the garage

Registration of the garage box from the workshop of Rita Hendricks Interior Designs in Dallas is a colorful creative project.

It features a superb location in the backyard of the mansion, a striking interior design with unusual accents, remarkable lighting and an incredibly functional layout that attracts close attention and public interest.