How to convert a small home office into a stylish space with

A small home cabinet from Alicia Weaver

In this article, we will introduce our readers to the professional designer Alicia Weaver, who recently completed the project, which consisted in arranging a tiny home office. Let's see what happened to her.

Shelf for books and photos

This room is located on the first floor of a magnificent house, next to the nursery. So parents can control their children without being distracted from work. The room is very narrow, but long.

At the entrance, a built-in locker with a large number of shelves, on which family photos are placed, rises into the eyes. The back part is painted in black, creating a strong contrast for the rest of the decor elements. Since the doorway has been eliminated, the pictures are visible even from the hallway.

The huge windows let in natural light, filling the room with a warm and cozy atmosphere. Built-in cabinets on the right side accommodate some computer devices (printer and scanner), as well as important documents.

Interior of a small home cabinet

Graphic patterns on the wallpaper, an amazing lampshade and a picturesque chair create a stunning contrast with monochrome dark gray furniture. The white ceiling makes the room open and airy.

A delightful work area is connected to the interior of the house with the help of a green carpet, which leads to this room.

Wooden staircase in the hallway

By right, we can say that Alicia Weaver has created a dynamic space, amazing with its originality.