Types of modern arches from plasterboard

When using drywall, there are no restrictions in the form and configuration of the structures. This allows the master to decorate the room to his own taste, give vent to his imagination, bring elegance and individual style to the interior.

Arches of plasterboard are of several types: classical, "portals", "half-arches", "modern".


Arches "classic" are usually used in framing openings, where the installation of the door leaf is not provided for design reasons (for example, in the middle of the corridor). The diameter of the upper arch corresponds to the width of the opening, and after the finish, there are no visible places for the transition from flat areas to rounding. Recently, archs of this type are not very popular for two reasons:

  • in recent years, the "classic" a little fed up, people are looking for new options for decorating the interior;
  • classical arches cover the light more than others, especially when decorating wide openings, for example, between a loggia and a room. Masters of the site remont-dmb.ru recommend in this case to install the arch of a different configuration.

Design of arches in classical style


Арки «модерн» отличаются от классических тем, что их диаметр изгиба гораздо больше ширины проема. В таких арках четко заметны места переходов от прямой линии к закруглению. «Modern» пользуется популярностью, поскольку практически не занижает высоту проема, перекрывает намного меньше света, чем классические варианты, и имеют необычный вид, вписываясь в любой стиль квартиры или дома.

Arches in Art Nouveau style


Большой популярностью пользуются полуарки, позволяющие добиться прекрасного визуального эффекта. Рекомендуем ознакомиться с пошаговым руководством по созданию арок из гипсокартона на сайте http://remont-dmb.ru/arki-iz-gipsokartona. Semi-polar пропускают много света, придавая жилому помещению изысканный гармоничный вид.

If the owner of the house wishes to conditionally divide the room into functional areas, it is successfully done with the help of gypsum board half-arches, which also look great on the walls (as a fake), visually increasing the volume of the room.

Types of modern semi-arches from plasterboard

The portal

Completely rectilinear arches are called a portal. Due to the laconic form they perfectly fit into any style and do not get bored even after many years. Arch-portals from gypsum cardboard are the lightest, do not interfere with the movement and visually expand the opening. The straight edges of the portal are much easier to finish, allowing you to get the perfect result unlike the rounded arches, where sometimes there are small flaws.