Unbeatable functional zoning of a small apartment: podiums

Functional zoning: the interior of a stylish studio apartment

Today we will see how the functional zoning of the premises can make a very comfortable and quite spacious dwelling of a small apartment. Not to mention how stylish and unique it is. So, we present to the readers' court an elegant miniature dwelling for a young couple.

Ladder to the second level

Premises in this apartment is not so much: a tiny but very cozy living room, a bedroom on the second floor, a large comfortable and stylish kitchen-dining room and, naturally, a restroom - that's probably the entire list. However, the room wins its coziness and style.

Interior of stylish living room Interior of stylish living room

The unusual bedroom is designed as a suspended room above the living room. It is created in the style of minimalism. The closet, the bed and the air conditioner are what you need for a good night's sleep. The hall also contains only the most necessary things: a sofa, a coffee table, a TV set and shelves for books. Nothing superfluous - the interior is strict, but at the same time very cozy. 

Interior of a small bedroom Interior of a small bedroom Interior of a small bedroom

From the rest of the space, these two rooms can be separated by a screen, and the glass wall partially drowns sounds. The most lively place in this cozy nest is the kitchen-dining room. Its part at the window is the interior of a small cabinet.

Steps to the kitchen Interior of a small kitchen Interior of a small kitchen

Agree, it is incredibly convenient, engaged in important projects, prepare yourself a cup of fragrant coffee. In general, both natural materials and polymers were used in the design of the premises.

Interior of a small kitchen

The color spectrum is calm, combining the two opposites - white and black - in different shades. All this together is an elegant and modern style, ideal for lovers.

Interior design of a small studio