Professional advice on the rational use and design of

What can be done with an extra room without specific functions, which is not large enough to be a full-fledged bedroom?

Small cozy living room

Compact reception room

Often this room acts as a children's or home office. Sometimes it simply stores unnecessary things. Professional designers have their own opinion on the use and design of such premises.

Play with mirrors

Mirror opposite the window in the dining room

The reflection of the window in the mirror creates a magical effect

This is a classic trick that can become just an invaluable assistant in the visual expansion of space. It creates the illusion that the walls of the room move apart and change their position. By placing a mirror in front of the window, you can even enhance this effect.

Determine its purpose

Mirror over the couch in the living room

It will be great if you manage to make the room cozy, avoiding clutter

In many cases, the difficulty in decorating such a room is that even the owners do not know what it is for. Get rid of this uncertainty. Designers offer to complement the interior of the guest bedroom with a couch. Then the room can be used as a home office in the daytime, and it will still look stylish.

The couch should also be decorated with bright pillows and a coverlet with a fashionable print.

Approach the choice of colors

Large windows in the guest room

Wide windows will allow you to feel yourself sitting on the veranda, and not in the office

After you decide on the appointment of the room, start to think about its color scheme. First of all, decide if you need darker colors for an intimate atmosphere or a bright decor for a cheerful and carefree mood.

If enough natural light penetrates into the room, paint its walls white to make it look even bigger. To enhance the effect, use furniture with transparent or discontinuous - mesh or latticed - details.

If the windows are small or not at all, and in the room itself it is very dark, the white walls will not make it lighter. In this case, gray decor is more appropriate.

All to the maximum

Colorful wallpaper in the guest room

Bunk beds - the best helpers in saving space

Deficiency of the area is an occasion to give vent to fantasy. Come out of the usual frames with colored wallpaper: glue them all the room and pick up the curtains in a tone. Additional rooms are often turned into nurseries. In this case, it would be prudent to put a bunk bed or loft bed in the room to ensure that the inhabitants of the space can move freely.

Bright accents in the interior of the living room

Bright accents in the form of flowers or pillows make the interior unique

Focus on visual perception. The fireplace takes up a lot of space, however it has the ability to focus on yourself, thereby making the room special. Moreover, the mirror above it increases the room by half. And if a lot of light comes from the windows, it's best to leave them without curtains.

The top also can work

Sleeper under the ceiling

Look up in search of comfort

Designers are advised to make maximum use of vertical space. Mezzanines, loft beds and other constructions of this series allow using the room as a bedroom and an office simultaneously.

Built-in wardrobes

Mirror cabinet in the guest bedroom

The classic combination of black and white, too, may look unusual

If there is an opportunity to equip a niche in the wall, you need to use it and install a built-in wardrobe. Then the room is guaranteed to have more space. And if the doors of the cabinet are mirrored, there will be an illusion of even greater space. The carpet in black and white stripes will also contribute to the visual expansion of the room.

Soften the corners

Round table in the guest room

In a small room, bulky furniture is inappropriate

In a room with many corners, a round table will look good. It will fit neatly into the space and help create a more harmonious design.

Appropriate dimensions

Wooden walls in the guest room

Wooden walls in themselves look cozy, you just need to emphasize this

To squeeze out of the space maximum, it is worth using the right furniture and not clutter the room with unnecessary things. If the usual double bed does not fit in it, choose a more compact version.

In the air

Hooks for clothes on the wall in the guest

Monochrome palette can also look gentle and fresh

If there is no room for the cabinet, screw beautiful hooks to the wall so that you can hang a couple of things on them. Prefer the bed on the legs, so that you can place a suitcase or special box for storing clothes and bed linen under it.

Think deeper

Open shelves in the wall of the guest room

Today, open brickwork is considered not a flaw in design, but its highlight

If there is no possibility to hang standard shelves, then why not arrange niches in the walls? After all, this way, and space will be saved, and design will acquire character. However, this approach is not applicable to all walls, so without specialist consultation you can not do.

Observe the rule of two walls

Colorful home cabinet design

Do not be afraid to dilute the white background with bright or wooden details

Home office improvement is the perfect solution for an extra room. To the space does not seem tight, you should fully use the two walls, and the remaining two must be kept free. In an elongated room, the built-in type desk works perfectly at one of the two short walls. 

Let the wall be special

Accent wall in the bedroom

Non-standard wallpaper accentuate the creative nature of the owner

Such a drawing of the wallpaper inevitably catches the eye, and the observer automatically looks at one wall, not the interior as a whole. Thus, the perception of space changes.

Add depths

Pictures above the head of the bed in the guest room

If the interior seems too simple, add color to it

Do not necessarily repaint the walls of the room: a bright picture or panel can come to the rescue. An interesting combination of drawings will play its part. In this case, it forms the horizontal stripes of blinds, a blanket cage and an abstract graphic of the canvas.

Use functional furniture

Bed with extra bed for guests

In compact spaces - the smaller the furniture, the better

You should focus not only on the dimensions of furniture, but also on its functionality. For example, the head of this bed is equipped with a hinged lid, which can be used as a writing or night table.

The most important thing is to find the right application for an extra room, and then its design will become, as they say, a matter of technique, especially if you can take into account all the recommendations of experts. Use the space of the room as efficiently as possible, but do not fill it with more furniture and other things.