Amazing ideas for designing a compact kitchen that will make

Kitchen set with a pull-out table and chairs

Even modest cooking facilities need a practical and functional layout using a miniature furniture set, modern technology and innovative items. Today we will tell you about several unique solutions for arranging a kitchen with a small area.

Using open shelves as a showcase

Small kitchen with island

Project by Thibaut and Thewood

If your tiny kitchen is part of a guest cabin or dining area, consider installing a multi-functional island with built-in niches. This will not only transform the apartments, but will also allow placing the dishes in an aesthetically attractive way.

Use beautiful cutlery, accessories and cookbooks to give unusual furniture a nice appearance.

High storage cabinets

Closets with snaps above the dining area

Design by Roundhouse

A wonderful way to save square meters in a tiny room is to use racks to the ceiling. For modern furniture is ideal for closets with latches, which eliminates the need to fasten the door handle. In addition, the illusion of a seamless surface creates an optical impression of volume.

Multifunctional pantry cupboard

Multifunctional pantry cupboard

Layout by Holme Design

A well-planned storage area allows efficient use of space. Arrange in your kitchen utility room, install wicker baskets and organize a variety of shelves and niches to accommodate food and culinary supplies.

Integrate in the kitchen set built-in appliances

Built-in kitchen appliances in the kitchen

Scandinavian decor from Harvey Jones Kitchens

It will not only transform the interior design of this area, but also allow to optically enlarge the space.

For example, an oven and a microwave oven can be installed at the level of the top drawers, which will leave you more room to store utensils and utensils.

Use the industrial direction

Kitchen in white color

Design by deVOL Kitchens

The utilitarian style is ideal for decorating a compact room. For registration you can apply white metro tiles, industrial lamps and original products that combine beauty and practicality.

Minimize the area for food intake

Проект от Maxwell & Company Architects

Set a compact breakfast bar or use a cooking surface for cooking, as in the example in the previous photo. To save space, choose bar stools that can be easily hidden under the countertop.

Folding tables - this is another option for a small kitchen area.

Emphasize the nature of the dwelling with the help of color

Extruded kitchen with breakfast bar

Layout by Brian O'Tuama Architects

Bright accents are ideal for transforming a modest room. On a snow-white background, neon shades will stand out prominently, which will fill the atmosphere with a cheerful mood and creativity.

In addition, always observe the order and maintain cleanliness, so as not to clutter up this area with unnecessary things.

Use the maximum space vertically

Panoramic window in the kitchen

Abstraction by David Churchill - Architectural Photographer

Intelligent handles, built-in lighting, innovative appliances and modern faucets will perfectly transform the appearance of a small kitchen. A neutral shading palette can visually increase the area of ​​this zone.

We presented to your attention the unmatched solutions for the arrangement of a modest kitchen, which will make it possible to transform the space remarkably and fill it with functionality?

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