Visual increase of the room

Any room can be reconstructed in such a way that it will appear much higher and more spacious. Typically, designers use for this purpose several well-known techniques such as choosing the right color palette, the right choice and location of furniture and decor, the use of mirror surfaces.

Spacious room in bright colors

Let's get acquainted with them in more detail.

1. Appeal to pastel tones

Everyone who went to school and went to drawing lessons knows perfectly well that warm pastel colors are used to create a cozy atmosphere, and also have the ability to reflect the sun's rays, thereby creating the effect of room volume.

Living room in pastel colors

2. Snow-white walls

The same quality has the usual white color, so in small apartments, it is found especially often. Moreover, it is very easy to combine it with almost any other tone, creating an original and airy decor.

Black accents in a white room

3. Ceiling covering

It should not be dark, because in this case your ceiling will visually drop by a few centimeters. An excellent choice will be the gentle light shades of finishing materials or the glossy surface of the white stretch fabric, which can fill the living room with plenty of air and light.

Living room with a light ceiling

4. Light source

Large beautiful chandeliers, selected for general stylistics and hung high under the ceiling, always attract special attention. Especially if they consist of a large number of glass or crystal parts that shine when the lamps are turned on.

Big chandelier by the window

5. Floor lamps

If the decor of your apartment does not provide for the purchase of a chandelier, you will be well suited for high floor fixtures that create a special home mood. Their characteristic feature can be called the ability to visually draw the walls up.

Floor lamp in the interior of the living room

6. Long Curtains

It is desirable that they are attached almost to the ceiling and dropped to the floor. Also much depends on the light, air texture, which is not capable of weighting the finish.

Long curtains in the living room

7. The minimalist style

In this case, we are talking only about the most necessary and loved by you furniture, which decorates, rather than cluttering the area. Extra items and details will create a sense of confusion, slovenliness and crumpling.

Living room in minimalist style

8. Furniture - transformer

This is just a find for owners of small residential areas, as it fits perfectly into any interior, occupies a minimum of space and at the same time is highly functional.

Transformable dressing room

9. Sofas and armchairs on legs

They look light, as if hovering over the floor, creating an atmosphere of elegance and spaciousness. Particularly effective look headsets with a base of light natural wood.

Furniture on the legs in the living room

10. Abundance of glass

It can be tables, shelves, partitions, which bring into the atmosphere a note of fragility, transparency, infinity and freshness. In addition, it is very stylish.

Glass coffee table in the living room

11. Storage systems

They can be placed under the window sills or inside the upholstered furniture, then there will be no need to purchase additional cabinets and racks.

Console table in the living room

12. Circles

A coffee table with a round tabletop will not visually divide the room into several parts and thus make it already, unlike the square or rectangular.

Round coffee table in the living room

13. Indoor plants

It is best to choose tall palms or other house plants with long stems and leaves that will delight the eye.

The plant in the living room with a fireplace

14. Decoration of walls

Any small shelf above the sofa or bed for storing small souvenirs will unload the rest of the horizontal surfaces and give the room a finished and cozy appearance.

A beautiful shelf over the sofa in the living room

15. Shelvings

Much easier and sleeker look accurate shelving or horizontal and vertical shelves, fixed in different places than heavy enclosed cabinet furniture.

Floating shelves in the living room

16. Mirror surfaces

They can decorate cabinets and walls, creating a kind of continuation of the room as a result of the numerous reflections of the surrounding situation.

Large mirror in the living room

17. Large objects of fine arts

As a rule, they become the brightest accent around which the rest of the space is formed, becoming wider and more voluminous.

The big picture in the living room

18. Photo collage

Usually such decoration is only on one of the walls, placing family photographs, drawings and posters in close proximity to each other so that a single composition can be created that can give the living room an individuality and uniqueness, and at the same time make it wider.

Gallery of photos on the wall in the living room