Wardrobe in the bedroom: photo review, novelties, design

Cloakroom in the bedroom is extremely necessary, because this is the place where all the clothes in the house are. The dressing room is needed not only for women, but for men.

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Very good, when all the clothes will be in one place. However, the question arises, how to properly make a dressing room, so it was beautiful and comfortable?

The difference between a dressing room and a standard cupboard is very large. Of course, the closet is also needed for storing clothes. However, you can enter the dressing room, which is very convenient. Entering the dressing room, you can easily determine what to wear today.

Dressing in bedroom

Be sure to set yourself a wardrobe in the bedroom, and you will realize that it is very convenient. It is enough to look at the dressing room in the bedroom photo, and you immediately realize that this is exactly what you need for comfort.


Table of contents of the article:

  • How correctly to make a dressing room?
  • Wardrobe furniture
  • Interior
  • Photo examples of the dressing room in the bedroom

How correctly to make a dressing room?

By the way, in the dressing room you can store not only clothes, but also the means of caring for it, which is very convenient. You can equip a separate shelf for this. For bags, you can also make a shelf. This will be convenient, because you can quickly detect any object that you need.

Dressing in bedroom

You can use stickers so you can know which boxes contain the necessary things.


Now read more about how to make a dressing room. It is enough to look at the wardrobe in the bedroom photo design, to light up the idea, make yourself the same room.

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1) If you have an unnecessary pantry, it can be converted into a pantry.


2) If you live in a city apartment, then just fence a certain place under the dressing room.


3) You can make a dressing room right in the bedroom. This has many advantages. Still, it is in the bedroom that people undress and walk at a minimum of clothes. Thus, the dressing room in the bedroom does not hurt, but vice versa.

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4) If the bedroom has a dressing room, the bedroom will not become less cozy. On the contrary, it will become much more comfortable.

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5) But you do not need to touch the living room. In the living room must be enough space for all your guests.

Dressing Room_In_ Bedroom_2017

6) Another wardrobe in any case can not be done in the bedroom of the child. You definitely will not be happy if you constantly wake your child with noise and rustle. Let your child sleep peacefully.

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7) Wardrobe in the bedroom is only worth doing if the room you have is large. For a dressing room you need not less than 2 meters, otherwise it will not be very comfortable.


8) You can make a corner wardrobe in the bedroom, but there should not be a window.

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9) Very often the wardrobe is done right next to the bed.

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10) It is very important that there is a mirror in the dressing room. Trying on clothes, you need to see yourself, as without it. If there is no space under the mirror, then you can make the cabinet door mirror.


Wardrobe furniture

The dressing room is hidden from prying eyes, so you can equip it as you want. Make the most daring ideas for the interior of the bedroom with a dressing room in reality.

Dressing Room_In_ Bedroom_2017

Now there is a huge selection of all kinds of furniture.

Dressing Room_In_ Bedroom_2017

It is very important to think over the design of the bedroom with a dressing room, after that you can easily buy furniture.

Dressing Room_In_ Bedroom_2017

There are special furniture, which is made for wardrobes. There are three types of such furniture. Consider your finances and the size of the dressing room when choosing the type of furniture.

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If the room is large, then it is possible to place an ironing board on which it will be comfortable to iron clothes. In addition, you can acquire a large mirror and various accessories.

dressing room in the attic room


  • If you have a small bedroom, then you can select a small corner for the dressing room. You can save a lot of space.
  • For the cloakroom you can make walls from plasterboard.
  • For the room you can use the sliding door. This door will be very comfortable and fashionable.

Dressing Room_In_ Bedroom_2017

In fact, there are a lot of bedroom design options with a dressing room. On the Internet, you can find the most daring solutions. You can choose one of these ideas, or just fantasize and come up with your own version.

Dressing Room_In_ Bedroom_2017

Photo examples of the dressing room in the bedroom

Dressing Room_In_ Bedroom_2017

Dressing Room_In_ Bedroom_2017

Dressing Room_In_ Bedroom_2017

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Dressing Room_In_ Bedroom_2017


Dressing Room_In_ Bedroom_2017


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