Aquarium design - 20 photo samples

Design the aquarium

When designing the interior of your apartment, the design of the aquarium plays an important role. Since in a removable room, as a rule, it can rarely be found. The aquarium with live fish has become a symbol of stability and reliability. Thus, he favorably emphasizes the status of owners who have already decided on a permanent place for living. After all, to transport decorative fish from place to place hardly anyone will. In addition, the content of the aquarium requires certain costs, which not everyone can decide. Therefore, further consider the features of aquarium design in a modern house.

In addition, many types of aquarium fish require special treatment. To somehow compensate them for their natural habitat, it is necessary to take care of the standing filling. Artificial materials will look cheap and unattractive. Thanks to the worldwide network, you can find enough information about each of the fish. Some people need frequent water changes, others do not even need it, because they clean it up themselves. The choice of plants should also be approached with utmost responsibility. But the main issue for owners is the issue of aquarium design.

Its aesthetic characteristics should meet the taste preferences of home owners.

Aquarium - an integral element of decor

There is a huge number of options for how you can organize the design of the aquarium with your own hands. The network also has many examples of design developments that were created by professionals. Regularly held even competitions for the best sample of aquascaping. The first place is often given to those children whose work really requires skill and patience. To design the aquarium has allowed it to become an integral element of the decor, you should be ready for a time-consuming process.

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Stylistics of design

Since the design styles are innumerable, we will single out only the basic ones. These examples are most popular among users:

Pseudomore. Characterized by the fact that when creating a qualitative imitation of the seabed is created. For this, all the elements that can be found in the vicinity of the same coral reef (corals themselves, unusual shells, characteristic sand) are used. Freshwater space can be decorated with ceramics, primer of light type, pirate accessories. When the design of the tank is ready, it is populated with fish with a bright color. Such can boast decorative cichlids;

Aquarium with seabed

Forced herbalist. The original approach to design was the style with the spoken name. The accent in this aquarium is done exclusively on plants. Small fishes either are far in the background (a striking example is the family of haracin), or none at all. Sometimes they are replaced with shrimps. But the composition of the green inhabitants of the underwater world should cause the hosts delight. To maintain them in proper condition, CO2 and various additives are used. Additionally, the installation is decorated with decorative snags and stones;

Koryag - an ornament for an aquariumSmall desktop option

Unbroken herbalist. The difference between this type of design and the previous one is that there is a large number of fish (from haracine to carp fish). In this case, plants, snags and stones can be no less. This style is designed to simulate a natural habitat for aquarium fish. Registration in this style can be found in most beginners aquascapers;

Unbuttoned herbalist - type of aquarium design

The plot aquarium. The most curious stylistics, because it assumes unlimited creativity of the owner. The designer can advise him to choose a specific theme, which is realistic to implement. It can be a trivial sunken ship, or maybe a large metropolis under water. Also there are exotic options with football fields or railways. Only the imagination dictates to the owners the filling of accessories in such an aquarium;

The plot aquarium

Aquarium "Vanguard". Implies the violent combination of colors or accent on any one picturesque color. The latter should attract the attention of all the guests without exception. You can use all kinds of forms to attract more attention. To fish feel in such an environment naturally, the owners must competently approach the adjustment of the biological balance;


Biotope aquarium. The approach to the organization of this type of water world is somewhat similar to the story style. The only difference is that the natural environment of a particular biotope must be imitated here. This can be the nature of the clayey Ganges, the green Amazon, Lake Baikal, etc. All elements in such an aquarium are selected to suit the chosen terrain: the appropriate soil, plants growing there, aquatic inhabitants. It will be beneficial to emphasize the conceptual taste of the owners of the house;

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Biotope aquarium

Aquarium with show fish. The design of the aquarium should be sharpened for a large fish, which requires space and volume. Decorations play a secondary role, since the main emphasis is on the shape of the fish itself. It can be a knife fish, araban, etc;

Aquariumс шоу-рыбой

Industrial aquarium. If the owners are different for their practicality, then at the expense of design, you can abandon the use of scenery and sand. Because the latter have the property of getting dirty. Instead, you can organize a competent aeration with the supply of water;

Industrial Aquarium

Marine aquarium using live corals "Reef". The beauty of these underwater structures is due to the colorfulness of the coloring of marine polyps. It is important to remember that they do not tolerate dirty water. To ensure that corals do not die, a good biobalance should be established. This will adequately simulate the depths of the ocean and the beauty of the coral reef. The content of such a tank will give the interior a respectable look.

Marine aquarium using live corals

Key elements of the arrangement

Any painting consists of a canvas, a brush and paints. The original combination of the latter can give the most unpredictable results. The situation is similar in aquascaping. Experts identify a number of key elements:

  1.  Background. If the tank is located near the wall of the room, then it is logical to use its surface to organize the decorative background. For this, color films or photo sets are placed between the wall and the glass wall. However, no one prevents the owner from making a decorative background himself. You can use different panels, branches, unusual leaves. It will be great if you can place moss in a narrow space.

Decorative aquarium background

  1. Stones. Practical design of the aquarium allows you to perform two functions at once. Since large specimens can serve not only as an ornament of water space, but also as a safe hiding place for pregnant fish. Granite, basalt and other rocks are used. There are some restrictions on the use of sandstone (limestone), as for them soft water is not suitable. When settling, it is necessary first to cover the bottom with plastic sheets, and then install stone structures. Only after this you can fill the bottom with the selected soil. This is a precaution against damage to glass surfaces and the fragile position of the stone structure. When installing the latter, you can adhere to the principle of the golden section, when the design occupies one or two thirds of the space. Small stones are located in the corners.

Decoration of the aquarium with stones

  1. Priming. If you plan to use bottom filters, these technical elements should be installed prior to backfilling. It should also be carefully prepared for planting. The nutrient substrate will significantly strengthen the surface of the soil, the thickness of which is about 5 cm. To create a high relief, the help of special devices will be needed. And in order to ensure uneven placement of the soil, you should take advantage of additional decor elements.
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Decoration of the aquarium with soil

The roots of the plants keep the soil well. Without them, it becomes flat with time.

  1. Koryagi. Perform approximately the same role as large stones. They are used for reliable shelter of ornamental fish. If the owner is engaged in the arrangement independently, then found snags should be pre-processed. To do this, boiling in salt water for an hour. After that, it is necessary to thoroughly wash the wood in order to get rid of the salt residues. After that, the buoyancy of the driftwood should decrease. Otherwise, it will be difficult to place it in an aquarium. Some users attach the load to the wood material. It will be interesting to look moss or another plant on its surface.

Rectangular Aquarium

  1. The Grottoes. To create grottoes it is convenient to use old pottery. Suitable flower pots and decorative vases. They are broken to make it easier to place in the sand.

Grottoes for the aquarium with their own hands

  1. Shells. In addition to the above corals, most designers recommend using different shells. An additional advantage of their operation is the increase in water hardness due to the liberation of calcium carbonate.

Making the aquarium shells

  1. Plants. An organic aquarium is difficult to imagine without living plants. Their ability to harmoniously adjust the balance is highly appreciated by professionals. To soften the power of stone structures and give naturalness to the artificially created space, high or floating plants are used. Low-growth, on the contrary, can enhance the effect of hardness of rock. Approach to planting plants should be weighed and patient. Immediately put a representative of the flora in the water should not be. We need to gradually prepare it for a new environment, periodically sprinkling the sprayer with aquarium water. Then the reservoir is subsequently filled with liquid.
Interior dining room with aquariumCorner aquarium, like a partition in the room

Designing your own design involves creating a harmonious composition of the above elements. It is recommended to immediately follow the advice of experts, so you do not have to re-do it later. The beautiful design of the home aquarium creates an indelible impression on the guests at home.


During the arrangement of the aquarium owners have the right to choose the style of its design. Beautiful design is easy to create with your own hands, following the practical advice of professionals. It is important to familiarize yourself in advance with the conditions of keeping certain fish to properly prepare the space for life in an artificial pond.