The size is not important - the creative design of the

Today we will introduce you to the idea of ​​decorating a children's room, the area of ​​which is only 9 square meters.

Blue accents in the design of the nursery

To accommodate all the necessary interior items of the children's room in it, the architect Irina Krasheninnikova decided to further reduce the existing space by installing a special niche, which is both a wardrobe and a sleeping area.

And in this case, the bed is placed in the upper tier and for the safety of the child surrounded by a small side.

Bunk bed in the nursery

This unexpected solution allowed, without cluttering the premises, to provide a children's desk for classes and work on the computer, and also leave enough free space for games, allowing the small owner to calmly lay out toys and collect designers.

Outdoor shelving in nursery Cloakroom under the bed

Taking care of the health of the child, the bed was equipped with a quality orthopedic mattress, as well as a comfortable ladder, which, like the rest of the furniture, was made using unique design sketches.

On the wall next to the pillow, experts carefully provided for the small shelves, performing the function of the bedside table.

Sleeper in the second level

The small size of the room and thoughtful original interior create a feeling of a comfortable and cozy nest, designed to provide the beloved child with all the conditions for a fun pastime, restful sleep and productive study.

By the way, in the work area there is a big armchair for parents or a tutor, which helps the child with classes, as well as a simple floor lamp in the style of minimalism.

Creative chandelier in the nursery

Designers thoroughly worked on comfortable book shelves, occupying most of one of the walls from floor to ceiling and covered with universal decorative material of "cream".

Outdoor shelving in nursery

To store albums, exercise books and other educational supplies on the wall near the window, drywall shelves were created that replaced the traditional drawers of the writing desk and also served as a disguise for the central heating riser. A bulky battery covered with a light grating screen of white color.

Decorative items in the nursery

The highlight of the interior can be called two capacious curbstones in the form of cylinders, designed for storing toys and various household trivia.

And one of them at the expense of a light tone visually merges with the cream walls, and the other plays the role of a bright contrast spot, animating the situation.

Mirror on the wall in the nursery

And the most important decoration of the child was a unique designer chandelier, a lot of small details and the complexity of their interlacing resembling a nest of a fairy bird.

Combined with wooden sprigs, copper plates, glass beads and felt threads, as a result, form a chaotic construction with a diameter of about one meter, which can cause delight and create an atmosphere of celebration and animation.

Surprisingly, such a complex luminaire, however, is very easy to maintain, as it is easily removed and washed. In addition, he successfully copes with his main task for the optimal lighting of housing.

Creative chandelier in the nursery

To create the illusion of space allow such relevant details as a table top made of transparent plexiglass, which seems to dissolve in the air.

In addition, a well-designed lighting system consisting of several levels played a significant role. Here are used sconces, a lamp and a floor lamp illuminating a small area, and ceilings on the ceiling, designed for visual expansion of walls due to a competently created game of light.

Floor lamp on the floor in the nursery The layout of a small children's room