We choose a dining table for a small kitchen - the

Dining table in the kitchen

A small kitchen is a problem often faced by residents of apartment buildings. For example, you recently moved, and the dining table from your former home can not fit in a new room. This means that you have to go for a purchase. If you think that any option is suitable, then this is not so. A few tips on how to make the right choice:

1. Measure the area where you plan to place the table. Write down the dimensions in order to buy the product in the store with the necessary dimensions.

Small dining table in the kitchen

2. Think about how many people this item of furniture should be designed for: two, perhaps you can do with a small bar counter, and a family with children will need a more spacious copy.

Dining table from the bar in the kitchen Dining table from the bar in the kitchen Dining table from the bar in the kitchen Dining table for four in the kitchen

3. Remember that square models occupy a smaller area. They can be moved close to the wall, if one of the parties is not involved, or, conversely, with a greater number of diners put in the middle of the kitchen. Round - cozy and attractive, they are convenient to sit, but space is wasted uneconomically.

Dining table square in the kitchen Dining table square in the kitchen

4. There are convenient folding structures that allow you to increase the surface of the countertop.

Dining table with folding mechanism in the kitchen

5. Furniture with a single foot makes the room less cluttered.

Dining table on one leg in the kitchen

6. It is worth trying to replace the chairs with stylish stools, which can be pushed under the table when they are not used. This will free up additional space.

Dining table with stools in the kitchen