Zoning the room into the bedroom and the living room: the

Zoning the room into the bedroom and the living room

The format of the studio apartment has acquired such a crazy popularity that tens of thousands of design projects are created for it. The idea of ​​combining several separate zones in one room first occurred to the American architect with German roots - Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. In his famous house-parallelepiped, which became a unique art object, he simply dared to wall, and with them and the generally accepted framework. The structure consists of only one room with huge panoramic windows. On the basis of the new concept, a universal solution arose for small apartments that have less space than they would like. They simply arrange the combined zones within the same premises.

  • Pros and cons of a single space
  • Zoning methods
    • Use of multifunctional furniture
    • Finishing materials: as a means of zoning
    • Walls
    • Ceiling and light - selection of zones
    • Curtains
    • Cabinet or rack as a delimiter
    • Partitions - change the perception of space
    • Sliding doors
    • Podium
  • Advantages of a room with high ceilings
  • Color separation is easy or difficult?
  • A bed or a sofa?
  • Loggia
  • Arrangement of furniture: how to avoid mistakes
  • Recommendations for the organization of space
  • Conclusion

Pros and cons of a single space

The main advantages of uniting a bedroom and a hall in one room are:

  • Space saving. As a result of repair and rearrangement, you will receive a universal room. Perhaps the owners simply nowhere else to fit the functional minimum of the apartment, or with the advent of the child's family has to be sophisticated, so that the baby had a separate children's.

Zoning of a bedroom and a drawing room Partition in the room  Modern interior  Shebbi-chic in the interior of the apartment  Creative decor  Oriental style in the interior

  • Budget of the project. The idea of ​​splitting space into several mini-rooms with the help of walls has long been considered obsolete and not very effective. In addition, the construction of a full partition will affect the thickness of the purse, and zoning of the premises will not only make a neat interior, but will also be much cheaper.
  • The ability to maintain good lighting. The area that will be further from the window, of course partially lose its daylight, but access to it will not be completely blocked.

Scandinavian Bedroom Interior Purple shades in the interior  Zoning with curtains  Doors-compartments  Glass partition  Backlight in the bedroom

Of the minuses of a single space, note:

  • Ability to emphasize the shortcomings of the room. Here it is more about rooms of complex shapes. It is they who, through ignorance, the novice designer can draw in the wrong way, hiding the dignity and flaunting what should be veiled in the first place.
  • Excessive congestion of space. The problem arises, if you want to fit in the room a lot, but no compromises. In this case, the zoned room will be a labyrinth of Minotaur from bedside tables, cupboards, coffee tables, somewhere in the wilds of which the bed will be hidden. Agree, this interior is very unsightly.
  • Illiterate division of sites. The room must be properly zoned. You can not get too carried away by the light, airy decor, which in its abundance will not lift the room to a state of weightlessness, but rather, will land and load it.
  • Absence of noise insulation. Unfortunately, if you share a room is not a deaf wall, then the echoes of fun in the hall will prevent those who try to fall asleep in the bedroom.

Sliding partition in the room Spacious bedroom-living room  Bed behind the curtain  Rack in the bedroom-living room  Warm tones in the interior  Openwork baffle

In general, the combined facilities have more advantages than disadvantages, otherwise they would not have been so popular.

Zoning methods

Divide the room in several ways, even a moderate combination is allowed:

  • Covering walls, floor and ceiling. Separate the two different "world" in the apartment can be with the help of cladding. The more contrasting its texture, the more noticeable will be the border.
  • Light. Usually this method is combined with a podium on the floor or a ledge on the ceiling, in which point lights are built.
  • Furniture. In its role can act sofas, shelves, cabinets, beds, tables and bar counters (actual in the kitchen).
  • The color scale. Such a separator is considered conditional, as an illusion is created, which at the subconscious level presses on the perception of a person. This practice is used for small rooms (less than seventeen square meters), where actual options load space.
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The location of the bed in a small apartment Zoning the room  Classic interior  Glass sliding doors  Curtain in the bedroom  Bed on the podium

  • Curtains и двери. Оба типа перегородок легко отодвигаются, поэтому позволяют по желанию полностью открывать или закрывать проем между зонами.
  • Mobile and static partitions. In the first case, screens are used, which, if necessary, are folded, thereby re-integrating the spaces. Static partitions can be made of glass, plasterboard, bamboo, decorative brick or stone.

Zoning can also be symbolically marked with decorative objects or columns. In the role of the first can act two identical vases, which are symmetrically installed on both sides of the conditional pass. Columns are not recommended to build in small rooms with a shortage of ap. meters. Separate the two rooms and a fireplace. It is difficult to classify as furniture, so in the list of ways it stands apart. By the type of arrangement for these purposes only central fireplaces that are built into the column are suitable.

Plasterboard partition Rack for zoning the living room  Spacious apartment  Living room combined with bedroom  Partition in the bedroom of wood  Zoning the bedroom in the apartment

Unusually look forged partitions, which are elegantly applied to the canvas of an interior painting.

Use of multifunctional furniture

Furniture for zoning use two types:

  • Ordinary. It will inevitably face the other side of the room.
  • Multifunctional. Organically complements the design of both "rooms".

Functional zones Country Style  White Textile  Black and white interior  Wooden shelving  Bright interior of the bedroom

In any living room there must be a place for rest. In his role is more often a sofa, less often - a chair. The furniture market presents original models of the first, which have a common back, and on either side of it there are two independent seats. Thus, you can solve the problem of placing a large number of visitors and add a couple of beds. Also popular are modules that include a folding bed and a closet or an open storage system. Optimal option for small rooms. In the daytime the module is compactly assembled, and the owners have a space that allows them to quietly do household chores. If two people spend the night in the bedroom, and one still has a hobby or occupation in the late hours, then they install a multi-functional closet, which is partially converted into a small workplace.

Plasterboard partition в спальне

Finishing materials: as a means of zoning

In this case, it is necessary to choose materials that are different in texture and even topography, which nevertheless work well with each other. For example, a bedroom is finished with wood veneer, and in the living room walls are painted or plastered. Plates of PVC look good in combination with foil wallpaper. Also, the wood panels with different texture and shades will harmoniously enter the interior pattern. For zoning, you can do painting half the room, leaving another under the wallpaper. In this case, it is not necessary to choose similar shades, but to play the game of contrasts.

Doors-compartments для зонирования спальни-гостиной


Conditionally you can divide the room using wallpaper. The optimum option will be gluing the walls in the bedroom and the hall with materials of different shades, but with complex patterns. At the junction make a wide strip, which wedged the third type of wallpaper with a special texture. Preference is given to photo wallpapers, as they will perform the role of spectacular raisins against the background of more practical adjacent walls. Small rooms allow the use of small patterns. Large prints will play a cruel joke with the perception of space, "biting off" a large meter piece from it.

Spacious bedroom-living room

Ceiling and light - selection of zones

A multi-level ceiling is often made of plasterboard. The material is low in cost and is capable of repeating the most bizarre contours. "Steps" on the ceiling often resonate with the podium on the floor of a similar shape. In order to emphasize this obvious advantage of the room, spotlights are built into the frame of the structure. They will help not only to add luxury to the premises, but also to fill the lack of natural light in the area that separates from the window.

Corner Room


Textiles are considered to be the most economical solutions to the problem of zoning space. Ideal option for inexpensive repair. The cornice is installed either along one line connecting the opposite walls, or is guided along the contour of the bed, which must be protected from outside views. In the afternoon the curtains compactly move apart, completely erasing the old boundaries. Recommend to select textiles in the tone of the decoration of the walls and window curtains. If a child sleeps in the bedroom, and someone from adults likes to work at night, then the fabric is chosen tight, so that it does not miss the light and does not interfere with sensitive rest.

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Sliding Screen

Some prefer not to textiles, but to original variants of beads, long threads or bamboo "sticks".

Cabinet or rack as a delimiter

Cabinets share space only in large rooms, in which there is a place to turn around. If the dimensions of the room on the middle border, it is desirable that the facade of furniture was made in light colors, or had glass panels. To the shared room does not look loaded, use racks. To achieve the effect of lightness and airiness, preference is given to storage systems of open and combined type.

Shelf for books

Closed options fall under the taboo. There are no restrictions on the design of this piece of furniture. They can be made of untreated wood that emphasizes the identity of the "eco-stylish" environment or painted white and have the shape of a "snake" for original interiors. The variants with places for storage of different geometrical forms are actual. To create a feeling of "soaring" shelves, choose built-in models, where metal pins from the floor and up to the ceiling act as supports. They seem to be sewn on the cross wooden boards, which serve as a "permanent home" for books and trivia.

Bedroom in the attic

Partitions - change the perception of space

Partitions are divided into two types:

  • Mobile. If necessary, cleaned.
  • Static. In any situation, "they stand on their own".

Shiny screens were the brightest representatives of the group of mobile partitions. They are made of bamboo panels or a wooden frame with textile stretched on it. On a fabric put drawings which select according to the style decision of an interior. Static can be made of plastic, plasterboard, wood, glass, decoacryl, lacquer, lacquer, metal or fabric stretched on the frame, as in screens. Gently and freshly looking septa, repeating a neat pattern openwork. Although they come from Eastern styles, they quickly acquired the status of a universal element. Models of metal, over which the smith worked, emphasize the elegance of the interior. Wooden partitions fit almost all styles, and plastic is cheap.

Cabinet for room zoning

Sliding doors

Sliding doors имеют неоспоримое преимущество: они встраиваются и дотягиваются до самого потолка, чего не встретить в ситуациях со шкафами. Ассортимент этой продукции позволяет выбрать не только материал изготовления, но и оригинальный дизайн полотен. Рамы обычно выполняют из ДСП, ПВХ или бруса (более дорогие варианты). Полотна или фасады создаются из пластика, нескольких видов сверхпрочного стекла и ламинированных древесных плит. Встречаются варианты с комбинациями материалов, узорами и рисунками на поверхности дверей. Раздвижные модели могут иметь стандартную форму «в линию», угловую или полукруглую. Последний тип встречается редко и чаще выполняется на заказ. Будет гармонировать такая модель с кроватью аналогичной формы.

Space saving


Podium в интерьере может выполнять не только декоративную функцию, а сочетать в себе еще и «полезности» в виде дополнительных мест для хранения, спрятанных за ступеньками. Возвышение располагают либо на границе двух пространств, либо непосредственно перед кроватью, чтобы выделить ее на фоне прочих интерьерных объектов. Изготовить подиум можно самостоятельно.

Modern small apartment

The work is divided into three stages:

  • Design and selection of materials.
  • Creation of a skeleton and its skin.
  • Decorative finish.

It is necessary to take into account the large weight load that the podium will have to withstand, therefore the skeleton should be made of metal. The original addition will be decorative lamps located in a row.

Bedroom furniture

Advantages of a room with high ceilings

Owners of rooms with high ceilings are incredibly lucky, since they generally can refuse zoning. The room is decorated with a mezzanine type construction, on which there is a sleeping place. It is located apart from the living room, and allows you to allocate an additional area for it. A stylish element of the interior is the staircase, which will now be turned all the gaze. It can be made of wood, metal, tempered glass. In more modern versions, the railing is completely abandoned and built in each step directly into the wall.

Spacious room in a private house

Color separation is easy or difficult?

The color palette should be in harmony with the forms and lines of decoration. At registration it is possible to save a traditional allocation of an accent wall above a head of a bed.

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It is for sure not known who was the first to zoned space with shades, but this method remains the most practical and popular. Usually colors are combined within one area of ​​the spectral circle, or contrasting tones. These combinations are used in the decoration of the walls, since it is they who set the "fashion" for the entire room. From the lining of the "box" are repelled when choosing a color solution for the decoration of the room and decor.

Zoning in a modern apartment Rest area in the bedroom  Art Nouveau style  Vintage wallpaper  Designer shelving  Bedroom in pink color

In the bedroom, screaming colors are not recommended to use, so for accents leave space in the living room or an additional element of zoning. Preference is given to neutral-pastel:

  • Gray;
  • Sand;
  • White;
  • Pink;
  • Blue;
  • Lilac.

In rooms of medium size, one wall is given under wallpaper with a thematic pattern, and in small rooms, small patterns are combined with a vertical or horizontal strip, depending on which guideline you need to visually stretch out the room.

Partition near the bed Extendable bed  Bedroom design in the living room  Modern interior  Country style in the interior  Zoning in a small apartment

A bed or a sofa?

In small rooms preference is given to folding sofas, forgetting about beds, as cumbersome details of the interior. And is it convenient to constantly collect and spread the bed every evening and morning? The bed can look neat and do not choke the room, if it is placed at the wall or in the corner in such a way that it does not interfere with the passage. Topical hinged options that do not have legs, they "soar" in the air and in no way make space heavier.

Creative Bedroom Design


On the loggia they usually arrange working classrooms, winter gardens and places for sports, and the bedrooms are rarely decorated. The fact is that not every "extension" has the right width to accommodate a full-fledged bed, and few people will want to sleep crouching. If there are enough precious centimeters, then the room can be entirely given for a tight but light bedroom.

Minimalism in the interior

Arrangement of furniture: how to avoid mistakes

The plan for the future placement of furniture is thought through even before the repair begins. In both rooms set a functional minimum, and only after that, if possible, choose items of "luxury", the urgent need for which there. This includes additional padded stools, racks, open shelves, a dressing room. If the room is small, then from the idea to make it complete better to refuse and take into consideration a number of rules:

  • Forget about simple furniture in favor of multi-function.
  • Use only open storage systems along the walls.
  • Use the extra "pretenochnoe" space above the bed.
  • Give up the TV stand and hang it on the wall.

Glass doors in the room Women's bedroom-living room  Norwegian style  Bright accents in the interior  Zoning of the modern living room  Glass partition in the bedroom

When dividing by furniture, use end-to-end racks, which on both sides have a neat appearance.

Partition in the room

Recommendations for the organization of space

In the combined bedroom-living rooms should take into account the following nuances:

  • The recreation area is located closer to the window, and the reception area at the door. First, the natural light is more necessary for the bedroom, in the living room, compensation by artificial sources will look more organic and not so painful to perceive. Secondly, it is much more difficult to organize a zone of tranquility near the door, which someone is always trying to open to visit the distant hall.
  • One of the two separated zones will dominate. Which will be a priority, depends on the wishes of the apartment owners. It is almost impossible to equip two equivalent platforms. In this case, the combination is made according to the principle of color contrast: one tone will necessarily prevail.
  • Unity of the interior. To emphasize the individuality of separated areas, they are made in different design variations within the same stylistic direction.

Studio apartment Shebbi-chic in the interior of the bedroom  Loft style  Designer repair  Bright walls in the room  Bedroom design in light colors

In small rooms advised to adhere to the principles of minimalism, loft, high-tech, Scandinavian or eco-style. Any of these directions will allow to economically and profitably design each square meter of the room.


The "housing issue" has been tormenting people for many years, and everything began long before the Bulgakov era. The problem of small housing is particularly acute, given its price inaccessibility. The family is getting bigger, the quadrature is not increasing, and there is no opportunity to buy a new apartment. What to do in this situation? Go to the development of new meters "on the other hand" in the same premises. The principle of "in crowdedness, and not in insult" in this case works only for the time being, until the time. Combined rooms - the best option for those who want to draw the maximum out of one room.