Kitchen 6 square meters. m. - 75 photos of the best design

Small kitchens, where not only two have no place to turn around, but one hostess to cook uncomfortably, went to us in the homes of the "Soviet" planning. Micro-kitchen 2.5 × 2.3 meters is in more new homes, as is the habitual attribute of city life for our compatriots.


Interior designers have developed many options for equipping the kitchen of 6 square meters, where each centimeter of space is optimized. If you use the tips of experts, this room will look quite cozy.

Table of contents of the article:

  • Effective kitchen layout in Khrushchev
  • The choice of colors for a small kitchen is 6 sq.m.
  • Lighting
  • Photo of the kitchen 6 sq. M. m.

Effective kitchen layout in Khrushchev

In addition to the shortcomings, the small kitchen has one advantage - everything is at hand, especially if everything is properly planned. And if the limited space can not be expanded, we must use all its planes to the maximum.


When buying furniture it is important to remove all the measurements to know to the last centimeter the space along each wall, even above the window and the door. From the baseboard along the walls, where furniture will stand, it is better to refuse, but it is important to ensure tightness at the junction of walls and floor.


When buying kitchen furniture, it is important to take into account that somewhere else you need to put a refrigerator and household appliances. All the furnishings of the small kitchen are exhibited like "tetris" to the very top of the walls.


The best option is built-in furniture, where the master will help plan and fill every meter in the height of the kitchen. If 1 wall is occupied under the cabinet furniture, it is better to fill it as much as possible, and on the sideboards of pedestals and hanging cabinets make open shelves of rounded configuration - a photo of the kitchen of 6 sq.m.


In addition to the functional curtains, it is recommended to make additional doors between the blocks of cabinet furniture. It is practical - the laminated facade of the kitchen is conveniently cleaned from the crystallized fat coating, which is present as an air suspension during cooking. For additional doors it is convenient to hide:

  • a gas column;
  • bell (bell) hoods;
  • gas meter;
  • corrugation and pipes.


When choosing a hood, located over the gas stove in the open, it is better to give preference to oblique (diagonal) models. They save space - it is more convenient to bend over the stove, there is a feeling of "absence" of this kitchen accessory.

The tithes are very small

No less important question - where to place a small refrigerator in the kitchen? Sometimes the owners have to take it out to the hallway, to the glassed-in loggia or to the storeroom. This is not very convenient, you have to periodically go out during cooking to take and put food. It is advisable to confine yourself to a compact refrigerator model, which is easier to find a place in the kitchen interior of 6 sq.m. Ideally, a hanging cupboard or open shelves is placed above the refrigerator.


Filling in the corners should be paid close attention. This is also one of the methods of filling a limited space. Much more convenient, when the doors of the corner hinged cabinets are closed not into a corner, but to the diagonal door of the facade.


In this place it is convenient to hide the column and gas meter, food processor and rarely used products handling equipment.

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On a narrow "Khrushchev" kitchen will be appropriate folding furniture - stacked chairs and stools. They are stacked after eating and pushed under the table. Folding seats and countertops are also appropriate - after using them again add up.


If you can find a place in a small kitchen for a soft kitchen corner, it is better to buy a set with lockers. These are folding seats, behind which are hidden a capacious box, where it is convenient to store vegetables, pans or rarely used kitchen utensils.


Part of the hanging cabinets should be replaced by open shelves or lintels. They create the illusion of unoccupied space, especially if the shelves are made of thick glass. The same applies to the decoration of the window - the curtains must occupy a minimum of space and allow a maximum of light.


If the family is small, then without a dining table in the design of the kitchen 6 sq.m. you can do without. It will be successfully replaced with a countertop made of solid acrylic or artificial stone combined with a window sill. An excellent option - a modern bar, separating the kitchen from the adjacent room (the wall is missing). It's no secret that today many families in the kitchen are just cooking, and eating at the TV (at the computer) in the dining area of ​​another room.


Habits, time and ways of cooking in each family are their own. If you cook a little, using mostly semi-finished products and finished cutting, there is no sense in putting a full-fledged gas cooker on 4 burners with an oven. It is better to confine yourself to a more compact version or a high-quality electric stove and a microwave oven that take up little space.

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The choice of colors for a small kitchen is 6 sq.m.

Dark colors absorb space, bright - expand, especially cold scale. If the color of the walls hides the furniture, but the choice of shade is not fundamental, but it must match the facade (the doors of lockers and pedestals).


If you use built-in furniture, it is more economical in terms of finishing the walls - behind the cabinets, repairs are not done. The rest of the walls are painted with light paint or pasted with washable wallpaper of light colors:

  • crystal white;
  • lactic;
  • gentle beige;
  • sand;
  • blurred blue;
  • pale lilac;
  • light gray;
  • shade of green apple, etc.


When choosing a color combination, it is better not to use sharp contrasts that cut an already limited space. It is better, when in the kitchen you use 3-4 harmonizing shades, 1 of which is the main background.


Other additions are possible, for example, in the form of a picture on the dishes. The ceiling is better white or light blue, the floors - with imitation of light wood of an interesting texture.



For small kitchens 6 sq.m. Do not fit large lamps and hanging from the ceiling chandeliers with large shades. It is better to use compact ceiling lights or discard them altogether.

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It is possible to replace the general lighting with a local diode illumination from below on pendant cabinets, which is very convenient when processing products. On the ceiling, a few point light-emitting diodes are sufficient, and in the eating area it is better to install a wall with a flat ceiling.


Obviously, the problem of a small kitchen is solved, if you approach it thoughtfully. It is also important to get rid of all old trash, broken kitchen appliances and not used in the daily practice of kitchen utensils. The best examples of arrangement of a small kitchen in "Khrushchev" in our photos.


Photo of the kitchen 6 sq. M. m.






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