Modern house in chalet style (70 fabulous photos)

The ancient Alpine style has gained a fairly strong position on the Russian lands, which little resemble the mountain. However, the country house in the style of the chalet looks great and against the background of flat landscapes, despite the complete absence of the mountain landscape (Fig. 1).

Modern chalet-style house

A modern chalet-style house is an excellent option for a suburban real estate.

Elegant house

The elegant house is finished with natural stone.

House in a pine forest

Design project of a house in a pine forest.

In this article, read:

  • 1 A bit of history
  • 2 Characteristics of the style
  • 3 Interior and interior decoration
  • 4 Advantages of Alpine country houses
  • 5 Ways to lay the base of the house chalet
  • 6 Types of construction of the second floor and attics
  • 7 Photogallery of houses

A bit of history

The style of the chalet appeared in distant times in a village located on the southeast side of France among the Alpine mountains. In its original form, this building was a shepherd's hut, reliable, made from a massive timber in combination with a natural stone. Her vocation was to protect people and all livestock from inclement weather.

Gradually, these houses became less and less like the original poor buildings, acquiring a more well-groomed appearance and functionality. In them it was already possible not only to hide from the rain and wind, but also to live. Perfected by many centuries the Alpine style has reached even now.

House with attic

Mansard floor of the log house looks impressive. The idea of ​​combined construction is ideal when it comes to a country house.

Beautiful facade

One of the main decorative decorations of country houses are flowers.

Characteristic features of style

It is unlikely that wooden houses in the style of a chalet can be confused with some other style. Their main features are as follows:

  • a two-level sloping roof with a visor protruding a considerable distance from the perimeter of the house;
  • the top floor of the house is erected from the plastered and whitewashed beam in chalet style, decorated with beams, pilasters and other elements made of wood, and many surfaces are sometimes painted;
  • One-storey house is distinguished by a high ground floor, made, as in those distant times, from stone;
  • A large veranda that extends beyond the main building structure is often installed on columns;
  • The terrace or balcony is covered with overhangs of the roof, which reliably protect against any precipitation.

Houses in chalet style, as a rule, have a typical planning:

  • in the basement are rooms that perform the function of an entrance hall, living room, kitchen and other household needs;
  • on the second floor there is a bedroom, a children's room, a bathroom, a bathroom and a dressing room;
  • in the attic, as a rule, a guest room or a study is arranged.
Successful project at home

Successful project at home. According to the genre classics, wood and natural stone are used for construction.

The windows in these alpine houses were closed with shutters to protect them from wind, snow and rain. Today shutters are more of an element of decor.

In the homeland of the chalet style, wooden houses were erected, guided by the sides of the world. At the same time, the most attractive side - the main facade of the house has always looked to the east. Now, of course, very few people adhere to this concept, although there is something in it.

To internal design there are no special requirements, as well as to appearance. However, there are certain rules that house designs in this style should adhere to.

The main rule is the use of natural materials. Floor and ceiling coverings are made of wood, and the walls are treated with plaster and whiten, they can even be decorated with wooden elements.

Large country house

A large country mansion in the south of the Moscow region.

Interior and interior decoration

The interior of the house should resemble an old hut lost in the mountains. Therefore, very often used aged wood with small cracks or its imitation.

An integral part of the interior in a country house is a fireplace. It is not only a source of heat, but also creates comfort and coziness in the living room. It is not for nothing that the center is the heart of the house. Traditionally, the fireplace was made using wood, but in some regions it had its own differences.

Sometimes the fireplaces were built very impressive sizes, for example, 3x6 m. Thus, the hearth made it clear who was in charge of the house. Modern chalets allow fireplaces of different types and styles, but wood still remains at the peak of popularity.

Interior in the style of the Alpine chalet should create and maintain an atmosphere of warmth and home comfort. As once the huts of the shepherds served as protection from bad weather conditions, so the modern house or dacha should become for their owners a refuge from various stressful situations and other adversities.

Rustic chic mountain hut

The country chic in modern execution looks very elegant and pretentious.

In the interior design

In the design of the interior, the use of natural materials should also prevail.


A bedroom in the style of a chalet in a country house in Holland.

Advantages of alpine country houses

The houses of the chalets are not only attracted by their architectural features. Combined houses, among other things, have a number of advantages from a technical point of view. One of them is the use in building (as a building material) at the same time a stone and a wooden beam.

The ground floor is built of natural stone, which ensures the fire safety of the building, because in the basement are located all the most fire-hazardous rooms - living room with fireplace, boiler room, kitchen. The stone is also able to provide a decent foundation protection against moisture, which can be seen from below.

The wooden second floor is more comfortable for living. Designs made of wood can create an ideal microclimate.

Large canopies of the roof of the houses of the chalets are capable of providing excellent protection of the walls from various atmospheric phenomena.

Alpine country house

Alpine country house is universal. It is equally suitable for rest and for everyday life.

Modular modern house

Modular modern house. It looks very unusual.

Small house

A small chalet-style chalet in a recreation center in Switzerland.

Ways to lay the plinth of the house chalet

For the construction of the basement of the country house can be used as a brick, and blocks of porous ceramics, gas or foam concrete.

If the basement is built of brickwork, it is necessary to further insulate the exterior walls of the building.

Warming is carried out using the ventilated facade. As a decorative cladding, you can even use a brick. It is put in the thickness of half a brick or even in its quarter.

Large country house

Large country house. All window frames are made of plastic, imitating a tree.

House in the forest

The first floor of the house is built of aerated concrete, the second one is made of dark wood.

Types of construction of the second floor and attic

The choice of types of stone for the socle is quite large, as is the variety of materials and technologies for building the upper floors. We bring to your attention several of them, starting from the most economical ones and ending with those that will be more expensive:

  1. Frame houses - a technology that allows the construction of a warm energy-saving building. The structure should be strong enough and take into account the load weight of the attic and roof. Inside the walls must be laid insulation with the exact observance of technological processes, not allowing the emptiness and penetration of water vapor. Outside the frame house reliably protects from gusts of wind and drafts from the diffusion membrane.
  2. The second option - the construction of houses (bearing walls) from a bar of natural moisture, which is insulated by a ventilated facade:
  • Between the crate and the lumber the heater is laid;
  • then, leaving room for air exchange, the decorative lining is laid on the lath.
House and a small arbor

The house and a small gazebo harmoniously complement each other. The stylish exterior attracts looks and is remembered.

Flowers in front of the house

The best decoration of the house is flowers of different shades.

In this case, the exterior finish can be absolutely any. This technology allows you to erect a solid, high-quality, and most importantly, durable house.

  1. Another option, often used in the construction of alpine houses - when the second floor is made of rounded logs. Despite the fact that this option is not quite typical for the classical chalet, the houses are beautiful and have excellent technical characteristics.
  2. The most elite way to build a house from a bar in chalet style, and for all indicators (assembly technology, material quality, construction durability, rich and beautiful appearance), are houses made of laminated veneer lumber. Advantages of this kind of timber are quite obvious: having all the most worthy qualities of natural wood, it is deprived of its main weaknesses - cracking and shrinkage. Houses made of laminated veneer lumber are not only very warm and sound, but also look amazing.

Whichever of the options you choose, a chalet-style house will become a strong fortress for you and your family. A carefully thought-out thematic landscape design will help ensure that your country house chalet looks like a real palace.

Wooden house

A wooden house is an ideal place for unity with nature.

Small country house

A small country house is made in the best traditions of style.

Photogallery of houses