Kitchen design 16 sq m + 60 photo examples of the interior

Modern kitchen design 16 sq m

The kitchen can definitely be called the "heart of the house", where the family together with their friends is going to have a meal or drink tea. This is a place where not only cook and eat food, but also communicate, is the social center of the apartment. That's why the design of the kitchen 16 square. m need to think carefully so that the interior was pleasant to contemplate and comfortable to be in it. At the same time, it is important to choose a practical and maximum convenient layout of the kitchen, so that each object is in its place, in the zone of accessibility from the work area. At the organization the form of a room, an arrangement of a window and communications, height of walls and width of pass is considered.

Linear layout in the kitchen 16 sq. M.

Another minus - there is a risk of a feeling of emptiness and not fullness of a large room, one part of which will be oversaturated. In this case, it is best to do a linear version, combined with a living room, or sell it in a studio apartment, when one of the walls is missing. The combination of the two spaces looks fresh, fashionable and organic. The linear arrangement is perfect for classical and modern styles.

TV on the wall in the interior of the kitchen Pink color in the interior of the kitchen  Kitchen in a classic style  Yellow curtains and chairs in the dark interior of the kitchen  Chocolate furniture in the kitchen  Original table in the kitchen

L-shaped layout

For the 16-meter square, leading experts advise the organization of the interior in the form of the letter G, when two adjacent walls are used, and there is also room to put the table. This type fits perfectly into a rectangular or square room. It is important to use the angle rationally, for example, to install a corner washer in it, and under it a storage system for accessories, a waste compartment. On one side of the sink there will be a hob, separated from it by a working surface. On the other hand, you can put a high refrigerator, oven.

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The L-shaped method creates the right working triangle, allows to expand the space for preparing dishes, and also facilitates the comfortable placement of household appliances, cabinets, various units. Furniture can be placed in the distance of interior walls, or use a surface with a window opening.

L-shaped layout кухни с белой мебелью

Important. In the latter case, it is important to mount the sink near the window, it looks original and brings aesthetic pleasure when washing dishes, because you can simultaneously enjoy the scenery.

The combination of gray and light furniture in the kitchen Kitchen with chic furniture  Suspended chandeliers in the dining area  Lemon furniture in the kitchen  Violet-white kitchen interior  Kitchen with modern design

Parallel Layout

Two-row type implies placing the functional area and aggregates along two parallel walls. Suitable if there is an elongated, elongated or narrow geometry. For a square, you need to look for other options. On one side, a sink, hob and surface for cutting vegetables are mounted. Opposite these points are installed an oven, a home bar and so on.

Please note that the passage between objects should be within a distance of 1.2 - 1.5 m, otherwise it will be cramped, and the cabinet doors and drawers will be difficult to open. If you make too wide a passage, the owner will not be comfortable to carry out household processes. There may be a question as to how best to attach dining furniture. The table will be difficult to fit into a number of devices, you can consider options with window arrangement.

Kitchen design 16 sq. M with parallel layout

Council. If you use the area of ​​the balcony, combining it with the kitchen space, you will have a free space, which perfectly fits the dining area.

The parallel placement method visually narrows the room, there is a lack of space and airiness in it. To avoid this, it is recommended to use light colors in the design, for example, white, milky or light cold palettes. The texture of the material is appropriate glossy, visually adding places.

Backlit lockers in the kitchen work area Kitchen design with a Russian oven  Table-island in the kitchen with parallel breading  Wood in the interior of the kitchen  Kitchen design with chess floor  Rectangular kitchen with dining area

U-shaped layout

This method is most popular for 16-meter kitchens among owners who started repair work. The meaning of it is to use three adjacent walls, one of which has a window. Suitable for those who like to cook a lot, because it will be possible to make a lot of functional cutting areas and storage systems of accessories from above. Optimal for square or rectangular shape of the room. It is appropriate for both classic and modern with high-tech.

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The output should not be forced with superfluous heavy objects, otherwise a too cluttered composition will be created. Between the n-shaped sidewalls, the headset should be left at least 1.2 m wide. To smooth out the corners, you can install floor cupboards with semicircular doors. The dining area will look gorgeous in the middle of the kit, but provided a fairly spacious atmosphere.

Kitchen design 16 sq. M with a w-shaped layout White furniture in the white interior of the kitchen  Kitchen interior with white walls and black floor  Dark and light furniture in the kitchen  Picture by the window on the kitchen wall  Furniture of different colors in the interior of the kitchen


The peninsula adds functionality and convenience. It is a set of roomy modules on top of which the table top is located, usually its size is 90 cm in width and 120-180 cm in length. It can also be fitted with a sink, hob. The end of the module is adjacent to the wall or is a continuation of the headset. The option is good for lovers of cooking, but can not replace a full table for celebrations.

From the minuses of the peninsular method - binding to communications, or extending, lifting the level of the floor covering. This will increase the cost of the budget for repairs. Installing the hood above the peninsula is complicated, because it will be necessary to extend the duct, mount it under the suspended ceiling design.

Design kitchens 16 sq m with peninsula Provencal cuisine  Apron with cacti in the interior of the kitchen  Stone and white furniture in the interior of the kitchen  Kitchen with white furniture and a dark table top  Kitchen design 16 sq. M with a w-shaped layout


The island in this version stands apart from the rest of the furniture. Inside the module there are lockers, shelves, a dishwasher, an oven, a wine bar. From the top you can make a table top, a cutting surface. If you install a stove, a powerful extract is made from above, which will protect against the spread of odors throughout the apartment. Depending on the needs, the parameters of the island are selected.

Kitchen design 16 sq. M with table-island

The stand-alone arrangement of the module, as a rule, is combined with an ε-shaped or rectilinear type, when there remains a sufficient amount of area, and one of the walls is empty. Access to it is provided from all sides, which distinguishes it from the peninsula. It is important to think over the lighting for the module, except for natural lighting. This will help low-hanging original chandelier with adjustable length.

The color and material of the island should be combined with the rest of the interior, echoing the hue and texture of the headset and other objects. The composition must be consistent in a single style solution.

Paintings in the interior of the kitchen Original decor in the interior of the kitchen  Gray furniture in the kitchen  Suspended chandeliers above the table-island  Kitchen design with a brick wall  Parquet in the kitchen

Kitchen-living room

Owners of the studios were lucky with the opportunity to implement original projects. Combining the kitchen with the living room allows you to watch TV while cooking or watch the small children. The process of laying on the table is also simplified. Zoning in this case can be carried out by a comfortable sofa, an extended back from the dining room, a stylish bar counter, an island with a working area.

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Paintings with lights on the wall above the couch

To choose an interior for a beautiful and stylish kitchen-living room of 16 sq. M is not difficult, the main thing is to adhere to these councils of specialists:

  • Give preference to built-in household appliances, and for storage systems choose sliding opening systems.
  • Think about the compactness of the items, you can buy a hob top that closes with a lid, on top of which a free cutting area appears. Also, there are pull-out boards that are used as needed.
  • The problem of strong aromas from dishes and a plentiful pair is solved by a good hood with a large capacity.
  • As a table, you can improve the window sill by extending it in the form of a countertop, or make a folding closing system.

Keep in mind that in the kitchen-living room of 16 m2 you will have to put more effort into cleaning, keep the cleanliness constantly, as the space will be well viewed from all sides and look untidy.

Shelves with lighting in the living room wall Original clock on the wall  Bright interior kitchen-living room 16 sq m  Shelves with books on the TV in the living room  Tile under the mosaic in the interior of the kitchen  The original lighting of the ceiling and bar counter

Dinner Zone

Particular attention deserves the design of the dining room, because eating and drinking coffee in the morning is twice as pleasant in a beautiful atmosphere. Be guided by the following principles:

  1. Choose a convenient location, according to the chosen method, to provide an easy approach to furniture.
  2. The size of the table, the sofa and the number of chairs are calculated depending on the number of family members and how often all come together.
  3. A set of furniture must be combined in tone and material, creating a single composite solution.
  4. Select the dining module can be a bright accent on the wall, on the whole surface, or partially, as well as lighting equipment.
  5. In the case of a lack of quadrature, the dining room is made in another room, taken out on the balcony, the countertop is made instead of the sill, the bar counter.

Kitchen with dining area TV and pictures on the wall in the dining area  Stylish furniture in the kitchen  Wall for brick in the interior  Dark kitchen with yellow accents  Beautiful ceiling with lighting in the kitchen

Bar counter

The interior with a bar counter looks impressive and attractive, such an element will become a real highlight in the room. At this counter you can arrange snacks, drink coffee, arrange a get-together with a company of friends. But a full table, beyond which the whole family is going to, will not replace.

Light kitchen interior 16 sq. M with a bar counter Wood in the interior of the kitchen  Vase with a dry flower on the floor  Interesting color design of kitchen furniture  Original lamps above the bar Black and white furniture in the interior of the kitchen

The variations of the object are many, as are the materials for fabrication. The attribute can be adjacent to the wall, differ in the number of racks, consoles, levels. In the studio, this option perfectly zoned space, often as a continuation of the island. Accessories for the rack are holders for dishes and other accessories, decorative lighting, shelves for wine.