Overview of the best coffee houses in singapore

Not so long ago we wrote a review article about the best coffee houses in New York, today we want to tell about the best, in our opinion, coffee houses in Singapore. The city itself is quite colorful and in many ways different from others, its charm, culture and even the smell. However, coffee here is just as good as in New York!

The Perfect Cappuccino


The area of ​​Tanjong Pagar in Singapore is a peculiar corner of the city. As the "third wave of coffee" covered this small state, coffee shops began to appear everywhere in Singapore, which is really wonderful, because this means that the number of places where I can get my dose of caffeine has increased significantly. Drury Lane (no, not a street in London), for example, is one of these lovely little places, and even though it can be crowded and noisy on weekends, a good place at the table and a cup of fantastic tasty coffee will always provide you here nice lunch.

Coffee house Drury Lane

Piece of cake Trolley with a pack of coffee


Oriole Coffee Roasters is another great place in the Tanjong Pagar area. It is slightly different from ordinary coffee houses, and combines a mixture of styles and echoes of Singaporean culture. A special style is felt not only in the nostalgic façade, but also in the menu offering traditional snacks for these places, modern versions of traditional drinks and, most importantly, excellent coffee.


Two cocktails Interesting sign


The coffee shop Tolido's Espresso Nook is located far outside the Tanjong Pagar area - actually, already in the Kampong Glam area. This is my favorite cafe in this area, because even in spite of whole "flocks" of hipsters constantly spinning around such coffee houses, it's quite quiet on weekends, so you can always have a nice and pleasant lunch. The coffee that is served here can not be called outstanding, but good, delicious food at really reasonable prices really distinguishes this institution from others.

Pancakes with condensed milk

Pasta with cheese


Distracting briefly from the topic of food, it's worth noting that Singapore's Kampong Glam is a great place for street photography, where you can see biker cafes, halal bakeries and vintage Volkswagens. This is a small area with a provincial spirit that has changed a lot in the last couple of years. But fortunately, the influence of Malay culture remains strong here, even despite new trends in coffee culture.

Biker in Singapore

Volkswagen in Singapore Blurry Pictures


But the OTG.Coffee cafe is something special. Located in the residential part of the Serangun district, this small institution is named so for good reason. OTG stands for "Oh Thank God!" (Oh, thank God!) - and indeed, thank God that such a wonderful cafe exists. Here you will find more than other, more hipster establishments can offer you - the service in the cafe is aimed mainly at buying food and drinks for take-away, so there is very little space for sitting here. Nevertheless, it remains among the first items on my list of favorite cafes, because it's always nice to have lunch and seriously talk about something, and here it's always good food and even better drinks at incredibly affordable prices. In addition, the staff here is always very friendly, and willingly accepts constructive criticism - usually the staff of other cafes suffers from a lack of the last quality, as soon as the popularity of the institution begins to grow.


Cafe OTG.Coffee does not fit everyone, but it definitely suits me.