Functional interior of the studio apartment água verde:

Living room in white

Employees of the company, led by the famous Brazilian architect Leandro Garcia, developed a project for a private studio apartment called Água Verde. The customer of the design was a former ballerina who bought these modest apartments with an area of ​​only 30 square meters. meters in Curitiba.

Book shelving in the living room Glass coffee table in the living room

The performers were tasked with expanding the boundaries of the public zone, so that the guests of the apartment feel comfortable and free to move around it.

For obvious reasons, designers had to calculate three times the placement of each element of the interior in an attempt to achieve the optimal result.

Large bookcase Doorway in the rack Transparent dining table Transparent dining table

Living room and dining room share a single space. Avoid the inconveniences associated with this help the original Camelo table from Ovo.

A feature of the Camelo design is the availability of height-adjustable legs, which allow it to be used as a dining or coffee table, depending on the situation.

Dining table in the living room Dining room in the living room Dining table in the living room Dining room in the living room

In the kitchen environment is only the working surface and several cabinets, located in the niche of the wall opposite the bedroom. On the right is the door leading to the bathroom and laundry. The apron over the kitchen countertop is a darkened mirror that creates the illusion of an extra volume.

Small kitchen in the living room Compact kitchen set Shelves for dishes in the mezzanine Crockery on shelves in mezzanine

Also visually increase the size of the apartment helps striped carpet and compact furniture - a sofa without armrests, shallow bookshelves and elegant chairs from the dining room.

Folding dining table in the living room Lattice chair at the dining table Lattice chair at the dining table Dining table and chairs

The door to the bedroom is equipped with a sliding mechanism. In the open position, it disappears behind the back wall of a high rack, which occupies almost the entire perimeter of the room. In addition to the bed, the almost Spartan bedroom suite includes an ultramodern floor lamp and a low stool serving as a night table.

Bedroom in white color Torcher is in bed in the bedroom Bedside table on three legs A book on a cushioned chair and a torch Torscher in bed Bathroom in white color

The interior in general seems very cozy and welcoming. This impression is due to the use of a contrasting color palette with bright accents.

Photos: Fran Parente.