Kitchen design in a modern style - 25 photo interior

Black and white kitchen in a modern style with low shelves for storing pasuda

Convenience, comfort of your culinary activities will create a kitchen in a modern style, it is suitable for arranging a house, cottage, apartment. The room does not have to be large or of any particular shape. Even the modern kitchen design of 16 m2 creates a comfortable and well-equipped space, functional for performing any culinary tasks, with practical placement of necessary items. Furniture will be equipped with high-tech built-in equipment, creating a comfortable process of cooking, washing dishes, storing food, cleaning water, there will be actual elements of decor, innovative items of kitchen utensils. This room will fill you with ideas for creating delicious dishes, delicacies, refined beverages, baked pastries. The kitchen is designed as a separate room, as well as combined with the living room.

You can choose more than one color, combined with each other: the color of the doors, countertops, shelves. Brightly expressed colors will give the room an additional color, avant-garde vision of the light range. It is possible to use glass: matte, transparent, colored mosaic, when decorating doors and shelves.

Shineлая и яркая кухня в загородном доме с барными стульями у стола


Natural light can be adjusted, given the design objectives: if you need a light spacious or, conversely, an intimate closed environment with dense curtains on the windows. Hinged cabinets, other structures should not block the flow of sunlight.

Modern kitchen design in light colors with a dining area Artificial light solves the problem of space, comfort. The presence of built-in lamps, fashionable luminescent devices will lighten the place of cooking, cooking on the stove, washing dishes, without unnecessary occurrence of shadows. Separate lighting is needed above the dining area, the skeleton, the bar counter.

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Modern spacious kitchen with a soft armchair


Материалы покрытия столешницы имеют: уникальное свойство лёгкого мытья, отсутствие вкраплений, способствующих накоплению грязи. Invoice тканей подбирается учитывая сочетание с кафелем, рисунком из кафельной плитки, шторами, жалюзи.

Corner modern kitchen in combination of wood and white Covering the dining area, the skeleton will become more refined when using more than one color, different materials, additional decor. The coating of the sink is protected from corrosion, adapted to prolonged exposure to water. Modern kitchen interior can be decorated with glass, frosted glass, mirrors, mosaic.

Kitchen white in modern style with built-in appliances


We all want to have many comfortable lockers, shelves, supports, so that all the necessary tools for the implementation of culinary ideas are at hand.

Large kitchen in a modern style with a dining table The design of furniture tends to the absence of empty, poorly accessible places. The practicality of modern tables, boxes gives the hostess easy access, the ability to make maximum use of all departments, containers, baskets. Thought of the purpose of using each shelf, the furthest corner.

Orange-white kitchen in glossy facadesFunctional department storing cutlery, pots, alcoholic drinks, convenient drying dishes over the sink, curtains of kitchen utensils, elegant wardrobe of tableware. All the equipment is built-in, available at any time of your culinary creativity: when cooking food "in a hurry", as well as a carefully thought-out festive dinner. Everything is convenient for realization of flight of culinary fantasy.

Modern kitchen design with an island-bar counter


The layout of the interior of the kitchen in a modern style begins with the location of the aqueduct. If there is no possibility of moving or choosing a place of arrival, draining the water, then the first thing we visually place is a sink. We take into account the possibilities of the hostess: the right-hander, the left-hander, the growth, the limitations on health. The place for cooking is designed with maximum convenience for future owners, given the national preferences in choosing food and delicacies.

Kitchen in a U shape with a ceiling hood

Например, здесь может стоять: казан для плова у семьи мусульман, приборы консервирования и пастеризации у дачников, приспособления для готовки русских блинов. Приверженцы здорового образа жизни не используют микроволновые печи, кто-то предпочитает готовить исключительно на огне. Convenience — это результат, который необходимо получить при структурировании интерьера для кулинарной деятельности.

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Narrow long kitchen with built-in appliances

The doors of the hanging cabinets will be opened in a convenient way with a minimum effort: to the right, to the left, upwards. Pull-out cabinets, swing doors of tables evolved, and became much more convenient, when nothing hinders under your feet, does not remain in open form.

Kitchen with black glossy facades and glass dining table

Kitchen areas

  1. Zone of cooking;
  2. Dinner Zone;
  3. Ostov;
  4. Stand bar.

Kitchen in a country house with an unusual modern island

Обеденная зона может размещаться в гостиной, объединённой с интерьером кухни. Если помещение совмещено с гостиной, оно должно сочетаться с мягкой мебелью, общим дизайном дома, квартиры. Сиденья стульев могут быть из ткани напоминающей фактуру диванов и кресел, или из других более плотных материалов. Structure раздвижного обеденного стола пригодится в случае приёма гостей, большой компании.

White cabinet with a black apron in the kitchen with a window The frame in the kitchen combined with the living room includes the functions of the dining area, bar counter. A shell is built in the island, an electric stove.

Design of modern kitchen combined with living room A practical, functional cooking area contains everything you need: a spacious table for cutting, slicing, other food processing, a stove, an oven, a dishwasher, a refrigerator with one or more chambers, cabinets, tables, drawers for storing food, dishes, cutlery , kitchen utensils. In addition, the mistresses practice using: a coffee machine, a multivark, a microwave, a waffle iron, and much more.

Brown-white kitchen with window and bright chairs In the wide spaces of the house, cottage, the highlight of the interior is the bar stand with high bar stools, a showcase for alcoholic beverages.


Forget the old phrase from the grandmother's kitchen dialect: "Do not slam the door," fastening the doors today is magic. After a light touch, the doors of the hanging cabinets will move as if by magic: on the right, on the left, on the top. Drawers have a smooth pleasant movement. The doors of the built-in dishwasher, the oven gently move from top to bottom. Tables may no longer have standard doors opening to the right, to the left. Fittings with well thought out convenient shapes, aesthetic appearance.

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White kitchen in combination with wood and a hood from the ceiling with lining

Technical equipment

Functionality, practicality of the kitchen is supported by built-in high-tech household appliances. The manufacturer's brand is chosen individually at will. The technique has several categories of sizes: for decorating the kitchen 16 m2 in a modern style, at home, cottage, any apartment. The technical equipment will include: an electric plate with a ceramic surface or gas for cooking on fire. The oven has long become a mandatory equipment for the kitchen environment of today's housewives. The refrigerator is built in only at small sizes.

Narrow kitchen in a modern style with a black barThe refrigerator of two or more cameras is selected considering the combination with the overall design, color, texture. The dishwasher is selected according to the loading volume. The technique has timers for the duration of baking, cooking, dishwashing. At detailed designing, places of accommodation of small subjects of home appliances are thought out: an electric teapot, the coffee machine, a microwave oven, a combine.

Not a large kitchen with a dining table in whiteThe subject of maintaining a pleasant smell in the room is air extraction. Adjustable light fixtures will create the necessary atmosphere of coziness or intimacy of friendly encounters, the comfort of culinary activities. Innovative technical equipment is a fashion trend in the design of new kitchen sets.

Gray glossy facade in the kitchen

General form

Modern interior design of the kitchen requires a concise combination of all the components: furniture, window decorations, flooring, ceiling and walls, lighting devices, additional components - paintings, art objects, drawings on tiles, tablecloths and utensils.

A combination of wood and white in a corner kitchen with a bar and chairsПокрытие пола в месте приготовления еды лучше выбрать из легко моющегося материала: кафельной, паркетной плитки, линолеума. Украшение окон шторами, жалюзи придают помещению комфорт и изысканность. Convenience, функциональность, практичность, изысканный уникальный вид — всё это признаки современного кулинарного пространства.