How beautifully to divide the room: curtains, screens and

Decorative partitions made of wood

Decorative partitions perfectly decorate the modern interior

Decorative partitions have been used for centuries in living quarters, dividing them into separate areas. They are not dense and, rather, pursue the design goal.

If you want not only to create private space, but also to visually change the interior design of the house, then there is a huge number of ideas for dividing rooms that will help you achieve the desired effect without using full-size walls.

For this you can use a variety of materials: from the use of furniture with columns, bookshelves, curtains and fabrics to lighting systems.

Decorative partitions in the form of columns

Use of curtains and fabric

Many homeowners suggest that the curtains are only for hanging on windows and doors, but it is not. In fact, they are the most simple and cost-effective way of dividing your living room or bedroom.

In addition to creating barriers that are necessary to create individual spaces, they also form the correct light interior design and allow light to penetrate from other parts of the room. For the most creative result, you can add decorations.

Decorative curtain wall Decorative partition shelving Decorative partition in the dining room


There is another wonderful way. Shelves for books not only allow you to share space, but also serve as an additional storage space.

Open people are better at this task, because they give you the opportunity to demonstrate some of your interesting exhibits and books. Even if you decide that you no longer want to share space, you can use them in another room.

Visitors to Small Interiors will agree that with these ideas, decorating the house and dividing it into separate parts will take less time and money than anticipated. This is especially useful for people living in a one-room apartment, where the kitchen, bedroom and living room are located in the same room.

Glass decorative partition in the interior Decorative partitions made of pipes Wooden decorative partition in the bedroom Decorative partition using wood

As in small rooms, visual separation in large and open rooms does not hurt in large houses.