Kitchen design with bay window - photo examples of the

Kitchen interior with bay window

In the house of the series p44t / 25 or individual housing development, kitchen design is often built around the bay window. It will help to translate ideas of zoning and organization of space. The presented architectural element has the appearance of a protrusion on the facade of the structure. The design of the kitchen with a bay window will help to push the boundaries of the room, make it more illuminated, give it the most original look.

Examples of the layout

Isolation of the zone of the bay window by another color of the walls

It is recommended to consider: for all the advantages of a kitchen with a bay window, it is important to pay due attention to its arrangement in order to avoid clutter and the type of architectural nonsense.

Light tulle on the windows

The choice of glazing options are offered taking into account the architectural specificity of the building:

  • full - in the form of a glass "flashlight";
  • partial - up to the middle, with standard window parameters.

Canteen зона в эркере

The design of the 13-meter kitchen in p44t can be made in a variety of variations. Each of the presented solutions has a lot of original ideas and design incarnations. Which of them will be preferable - a matter of taste directly to the owner.

Dresser with dishes in the bay window

Interior solutions

Thinking over the design of the kitchen in p44t, it is worth considering the future purpose of the bay window:

The finish area is finished with wooden panels

Specified areaUsed as a chill-out (private place for rest, reading, hobby), mini-cabinet and even a greenhouse, thanks to the penetration of a lot of light. The eraser is delimited by means of a partition, curtains, a rack, a screen or a bar counter. The role of the latter can be performed competently re-equipped window sill. A similar design of the kitchen in n. 44 is actual for one-room apartments, because as a result, another room is formed.
Continuation of the kitchenThe result depends on the area of ​​the ledge and the special preferences of the owners. The stylistic combination of the design of the bay window with the interior design of the kitchen as a whole is paramount.
CanteenAccommodation depends on the availability of a spacious area (13-16 sq m). It is important to install a hob and a sink at a great distance - so in the bay window there will be an unobstructed kitchen corner and a table of the appropriate shape.
Work zoneIt is actual with a not impressive bay window. It is possible to release any wall to create a full dining area.
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Kitchen design located in a spacious bay window

Dining Area: Specificity of Planning

Some confusion still arises in the process of planning and creating a kitchen project with a bay window. However, do not neglect such wide opportunities for creative realization - most owners of standard kitchens are not available at all. But if desired, the bay window is created by re-planning and merging the room with a balcony or a loggia.

Design of kitchen p44t with a bay window of 13 meters in modern style

In this part of the room there will be a dining area - the first thing that comes to mind when creating kitchen design projects. This is effective, functional and relatively affordable, since there is no need to transfer communications.

Roman curtains on the windows

Along the window is a sofa with storage compartments or a bench in the form of a ledge. Near the table is located, preferably round or oval, which helps to soften the borders that the dining area has. Well, if it will be sliding - so with a large number of guests it can be deployed along the kitchen. In the remaining space will organically enter the bar, a set and other elements of the working area.

Ceiling in several levels with illumination

Work zone

Creation of a working platform is actual at not especially attractive kind from a window or an arrangement of an apartment on a small distance from the earth. This choice will note that the design of the kitchen is similar to the style of a country estate.

Work zone кухни с мойкой в эркере

Among the variants of arrangement of the bay window:

  • the placement of the table top with the transition to the window sill - to increase the overall working platform. This arrangement contributes to better light and visibility, since there will be no lack of natural light;
  • embedding the sink - an extraordinary solution that allows you to brighten the routine washing of dishes with an excellent view from the window. Such a kitchen, whose bay window design is extremely unconventional, requires thinking through the supply of sewage and water in advance;
  • installation of upper modules on both sides of the bay window - for its visual deepening and vastness. Especially often there is such design of kitchen in p44t with windows of small dimensions.
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White and blue kitchen with island

In advance it is necessary to worry about the transfer of communications, resulting in floors will be higher, which will reduce the height of the ceilings. The set is ordered non-standard form for an individual project. The transfer of batteries and their closing by cabinets are excluded, therefore, in order to avoid disturbance of the air circulation, the sill-counter must be arranged with a grid and holes.

Kitchen light beige

It is advisable to take into account: it is better to avoid installing the hob in the bay window, as this entails difficulties in installing the hood and fogging the windows.

Example of lighting different zones in the kitchen

Nuances of the layout of the bay window

Not taking into account the size of the windows, they should not be blocked by furniture and excessively cluttered. The choice of curtains does not require strict solutions, but it is not recommended to overdo it with the amount of textiles. It is quite applicable curtains, blinds, roll and Roman curtains, which will not hide the space.

Kitchen connected to the living room

It is desirable that their color boundaries stay in the field of light pastel colors to preserve the atmosphere of a room rich in light. In this case, one can not neglect artificial lighting - his system should be carefully thought out.

A corner for rest in the bay window

A perfect option in choosing the cornice is a curved modern model that does not prevent the free movement of curtains for small or total shading. As for the design of the space delimited by partitions, it is created on the basis of similar styles, but in no case diametrically opposed to each other. The shape of the table is obliged to repeat the geometric outlines of the bay space (oval or rectangular). In the same manner, it is recommended to decorate the ceiling for visual zoning. The latter aspect presupposes visual separation through differing shades and types of decoration.

Accommodation of a sofa and a table in the bay window

Principles of lighting and color choices

The design of the kitchen-living room with a bay window is created as harmonious as possible, so that individual areas do not get out of the picture, complementing it. When choosing the color design of the bay window, it is important not to neglect its central advantage - illumination. Competently to beat the designated moment will turn out at use of light tones, avoiding excessively dark and sated.

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Separation of the kitchen with a bar counter

Artificial lighting in the presence of a dining group is performed when using a suspended lamp. If we are talking about the design of the working area, then it will not be superfluous to have a symmetrical arrangement of brackets on the brackets. A recreational zone can decorate a floor lamp or a wall lamp that emits not too bright and intense light. This is important in view of the fact that the light will not cut the eyes and tire the holidaymakers.

Dining table with sofas in the bay window

It is recommended to consider: it is desirable to adjust the lighting so that it is possible separately in this zone to turn off the light at the right moment and light it.

Work zone кухни в эркере

Ways of heating

Often designers neglect this issue, boldly dismantling the radiator from the bay window for the sake of increasing its total area. Most often, such a risk is absolutely not justified, since the external wall is completely unheated. The main thing is to avoid the appearance of dampness and mold, which leads to excessive moisture. These factors will negatively affect the state of furniture. This, together with a large area of ​​glazing, makes it necessary to consider additional methods of heating. Among these - the installation of water or electric warm floors. By raising the warm air upwards, the bay window is heated to its full extent.

Narrow kitchen with large windows in the bay window

Among other things, the installation of such a system contributes to raising the level of the floor in the corresponding area, so that it can be selected in the form of a podium. A kitchen interior in private houses often allows the installation of floor convectors with a heat exchanger located along the outer wall. Through the special cracks in the floor, warm air will penetrate inside, maintaining proper temperature near the windows and in the room as a whole. In addition, it is necessary to take care of the quality of double-glazed windows and regular airing in order to avoid stagnation of air.

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