Kitchen design with window +60 photo examples

White furniture in the kitchen

If the kitchen has at least one window, this is a great success. Thanks to the sun's rays, even a small room will seem spacious and full of air. Competently design the kitchen with a window is much easier: it becomes a bright accent in the interior, remaining a source of natural light. Knowledge and skillful application of design tricks will help to transform your kitchen into a real masterpiece, which admires the family and guests.

  • Lighting. The presence of natural light in any case allows you to save considerably on electricity and adds air. If you want to visually expand the space, choose options in light colors. The kitchen interior with two windows can be made in dark colors if it is on the sunny side. Thanks to the abundance of light, the room will not seem gloomy.
  • Window decoration. It should combine beauty and practicality. If the kitchen is small, it is more convenient to use neat blinds, roller blinds, Roman blinds. Disguise the radiator battery on the wall will help a beautiful tulle. From the excessive sun will save the curtains of dense tissue. The curtain option you choose should be in harmony with the interior.

Kitchen with white furniture Seat with cushions by the window  Roller blind on window  Decorative plates on the cupboard  Shelves on the wall by the window  Room with kitchen and dining areas

With a window in the middle

The central window attracts the eye, becoming a bright accent in the guise. It is only necessary to correctly design the space, because the window in the middle has its own specifics.

The combination of beauty with practicality will help placement along the wall with a window of furniture. This allows you to win a useful area, which is especially important for cramped cuisines. Here are a few options to use square meters under the window:

  • Expansion of the table top by the window sill. This technique significantly expands the working area. In addition, the hostess at the time of cooking sees before her not boring walls, but beautiful landscapes. You can use a folding table: folded it takes up a minimum of space, and in the unfolded - it serves as a cozy place for tea drinking.
  • Convenient locker. A useful piece of furniture does not take much space and will be at hand. Practical and beautiful!
  • Washing under the window. Exotic solution, which allows to mask the batteries. Of course, to implement the idea it is necessary to transfer communications and pipes, but the result looks impressive.
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Walls of planks in the kitchen Clock on the kitchen wall  Stretch ceiling in the kitchen  Wooden furniture in the kitchen  Unusual furniture by the window  Black floor and white furniture in the kitchen

With two windows

Kitchen with two windows - a rarity, but this layout is very fortunate. It gives several advantages:

  • abundance of light and air;
  • long window sill: it can become a modern bar counter or a comfortable workplace;
  • psychological comfort: during cooking or washing dishes the mistress can admire the surrounding species.

The drawback of such a layout is only one: the second window occupies a place on the wall where the lockers usually hang. But this defect is easy to fix: niches for storage perfectly fit under the window frames.

Chic kitchen

Considering the design of the kitchen with two windows, remember the advantages of this arrangement. If the windows are located on different walls, arrange under one of them a cooking zone, and under the other - a dining room. It helps to zonate space and looks harmonious and stylish.

IMPORTANT: poorly installed windows let the cold pass and create drafts. Be careful!

Boxes under the window Unusual chairs in the kitchen  Chess floor in the kitchen  Picture on the wall  Suspended chandelier above the table  Black and white furniture

Corner windows

Non-standard options with two corner window openings - not uncommon. Do not be upset if you got this kind of kitchen: the right finish will turn non-standard windows into the main highlight of the whole design.

Angled windows create the effect of a significant visual expansion of space. This is especially true for narrow and long kitchens: they look much more harmonious, and a special form takes on a kind of charm.

A corner by the window

The design of the kitchen with windows in the corners will become more harmonious if you place under them a large deep sink, emphasizing the radius of the room. If the space between the two windows is wide enough, it is prudent to place a locker, open shelves or a television set there.

Corner windows - an excellent place to arrange a comfortable workplace with excellent natural light. Here you can also equip a cozy dining area: your family and guests will be pleased to drink tea, enjoying the beautiful scenery.

Kitchen with wooden furniture Cabinets under the window  Table in the middle of the kitchen  Silver refrigerator in the kitchen  Red chairs and a white table  White kitchen interior

With balcony window

Kitchen area with access to the balcony - not a problem, but a great opportunity to embody a lot of stylish and useful design ideas:

  • balcony-refrigerator. In the cold season it is convenient to store and cool products, freeing up space in the refrigerator;
  • balcony-pantry. The insulated balcony, equipped with convenient shelving, will be an excellent storage for stocks and utensils. An excellent way to save space in the apartment;
  • unification of the balcony and kitchen. On the balcony it is convenient to install a refrigerator and other household appliances, or, on the contrary, to equip a cozy place for tea drinking. The extended kitchen becomes spacious and looks great;
  • rest zone. The beautifully designed balcony will be a wonderful corner for tea drinking in the summer. If it is insulated, here you can equip a cozy rest area or even a small cabinet;
  • winter Garden. The insulated and well-glazed balcony can easily be turned into a winter garden blooming all year round. If desired, you can equip a greenhouse here and grow vegetables, roots and greens for your table.
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White floor in the kitchen Luxury furniture in the kitchen  Purple kitchen interior  Spotlights in the ceiling  Orange walls and white furniture in the kitchen  Flowers on the wall above the table

Window decoration

The decoration of window openings is a necessary condition for creating an atmosphere of beauty and coziness. In addition, it has a practical value, allowing you to regulate the amount of sunlight and protecting against the immodest views of passers-by.

There is a huge number of options for decorating the kitchen window. The choice depends on the overall style of the interior, the tastes of the owners and, of course, the size of the window opening.

Checkered Curtains

A small window looks better in a laconic frame: blinds or Roman curtains, not cluttering up spaces. A large window provides much more possibilities for implementing ideas:

  • classic curtains, curtains, tulle;
  • elegant French curtains, arched curtains;
  • practical blinds, roller blinds and roman blinds;
  • curtains with a bright print and much more.

Lovers of exotics can use stained glass: it creates an unusual and stylish atmosphere. In addition, beautifully placed on the window cute trinkets, flowerpots and other lovely things your heart will create beauty and coziness.

Flowers on the window Curtains in Austrian style  Roman blinds installed in the opening of the window  Curtains in classic style  Brown floor and white furniture  Table and chairs by the window


Saving space is a task that many kitchen owners have to deal with. One way to rationalize space is to combine the countertop with the sill - if they are on the same level. This solution becomes a highlight of the design and enhances comfort.

A single table top is a great idea for a U-shaped kitchen set, located along three walls. For finishing you should choose wear-resistant materials that are not afraid of moisture, for example acrylic. Thanks to the abundance of natural light, the sill top becomes a convenient workplace.

Flower on the window

Sill-top может выступать в роли стола, зоны готовки или барной стойки. Для небольшой кухоньки рациональна столешница-подоконник, перетекающая в барную стойку: она смотрится стильно и заменяет полноценный стол. Размещение под барной стойкой удобных полок или посудомоечной машины позволит максимально использовать пространство.

IMPORTANT: Before combining, make accurate measurements so that the finished product does not interfere with opening the window, or install a sliding window.

Lockers under the window Cabinet with dishes at the window  Mosaic on the wall  Table top under the stone  White and black furniture  Flower by the window

Window wash

Such a sink looks original and helps to save up to several meters of space. This idea has both pluses and minuses.

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The advantages of washing the window are:

  • rational use of space under the window, which usually remains unused;
  • energy saving: natural lighting allows you to do without additional illumination of the wash throughout the day;
  • natural ventilation, which allows you to quickly get rid of moisture;
  • psychological comfort: washing the dishes by the window is much more pleasant than admiring the blank wall.

Cabinet with illumination

The disadvantages of this idea are:

  • radiator transfer. Possible solution - installation of a warm floor;
  • extension of the water supply. Requires special knowledge and financial investments;
  • Deformation of the countertop: only moisture resistant materials should be used;
  • deformation of the window frame: only plastic windows will withstand the humidity;
  • splashes on the glass. One solution is to install a sink below the level of the window;
  • problems with ventilation. The output is a low or removable tap, which does not interfere with opening the window.

Vase with flowers by the window Built-in fixtures in the ceiling  Indoor plants on the window  View from the window at the sea  Blinds on the kitchen window  Tile on the kitchen wall

How to organize the window space?

Turn the window sill into a full table or a stylish bar is not always obtained. And not always this move meets the overall design and tastes of the hosts. Does this mean that there are no other ways of organizing space? Of course no!

Here are just a few examples of what you can arrange under your own kitchen window:

  • Smart lockers. Harmoniously designed in the tone of the interior, they will brighten up and decorate the room. They can store a variety of utensils, household appliances and many useful things in the economy.
  • «The Green Corner». What can be more refined and elegant than the flowers on the window? The design of a spacious kitchen with two windows will be more attractive if you turn the window sills into a small greenhouse. Living plants heal the air and look great.
  • Luxurious view. Leave the window free, decorating the elegant curtains. The room immediately becomes spacious, filled with light and air. This option is especially good for large windows. At the window opening, install the dining table. Now during tea drinking you can admire the life of a big city or beautiful views of nature.

Sofa at the window Cabinets with dishes and table  Built-in fixtures in the ceiling  White furniture in the kitchen  Table and chairs by the window  Corner with table in the kitchen

As you can see, it is possible to decorate a beautiful and cozy kitchen in a square of any size and geometry. The main thing is to use the resources and opportunities at your disposal wisely. And, of course, do not forget: the kitchen is an important place in the house, where practicality and comfort are combined with comfort and beauty. If you can not invite a designer, study the photos on the Internet. A little effort - and even a small cramped kitchenette will turn into a real masterpiece of design art. Try it!