The paris apartment of the unpretentious student - the

Folding sofa for a small apartment

This small fifteen-meter flat in Paris is occupied by one student. All the details here serve for its comfortable existence. In our reality, too, there are similar examples of design of such small-sized premises. Although there is no desired diversity in the development of the interior, but there are a couple of good proposals.

Color spectrum

The palette is matched with a modest taste of style. Primarily used is a white color that helps visually increase the space and fill the room with light and freshness.

The second shade was chosen blue, as it will help to concentrate and improve processes in the head. He also promotes tranquility. Everything was thought out as the best for a young guy.

Place for sleep and rest

A wide bed with a special mattress matched according to the advice of orthopedists, unfortunately, remains in dreams for now. But do not be discouraged. The sofa in the corner, no matter how spacious it was, will still occupy a lot of space, which is so catastrophically small. We will be smarter and stop on a small folding version, which will be an ideal solution.

Folding sofa for a small apartment Decor parts

What to do with the kitchen

An ordinary student can only dream about a full-fledged kitchen, so it's no surprise that there is not even a refrigerator here. Well, in general, the most important thing here is even a compact panel for cooking with a hood. By the way, you can use the table top for study, cooking and dinners at the same time - very practical.

Work Corner

We remove all the dishes, wipe the garbage from the table and boldly turn on the working laptop. Everything, nothing else to do!

Keeper of things

The most practical option - to make cabinets as one with a wall. Designers use this method in spacious rooms, and for fifteen meters the wardrobe, the more it should be masked.

Blue wall in a white apartment


Say thank you to the developers of the project. Such a small bathroom was maximally lightened and made multifunctional and light. With the help of a brick slab it was possible to stretch the walls. And this is important, because any won millimeter is a bonus to us.

Small bathroom with shower Small washbasin in the bathroom

Appearance of the room before the repair work begins

Apartment before conversion Apartment before conversion Apartment plan