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The kitchen can be called the heart of the room. Kitchens from the IKEA furniture catalog are distinguished by warmth and comfort.


The Swiss company, which produces not only furniture, but also a large number of goods for the office, is distinguished by attention to detail and ergonomics of its products.

Table of contents of the article:

  • Features of corporate identity
  • Layout options
  • Corner kitchen
  • Linear kitchens
  • Parallel Layout
  • Island planning
  • Color diversity
  • Internal Organization
  • Photo of IKEA kitchen in the interior

Features of corporate identity

Ikea company represents four main directions in kitchen design:

  • modern minimalism;
  • classical Scandinavian;
  • rustic country;
  • youth.


Each of the styles has its own bright differences and, at the same time, they are all united by one common idea. All Ikea kitchens are characterized by strong and high-quality facades, developed by special technology, the construction after the assembly is very durable.


Most buyers pay attention to a special system of drawers. They are light, noiseless. Kitchen modules are supplemented by practical plastic legs that not only withstand heavy weight, but also do not scratch the floor.


An important detail: the manufacturers of kitchens Ikea adhere to a certain size during the manufacture of furniture. So, if you want, you can always replace only worn out components or simply update the facades and give your kitchen a new life.


Layout options

The area of ​​the existing kitchen often limits the desired layout. However, thanks to the minimalism and compactness of furniture IKEA, even in a tiny room can accommodate a lot.


Corner kitchen

Corner kitchens Ikea - the best option for small rooms. This layout allows you to fit almost everything, while maintaining a sufficient area of ​​the working surfaces.


Linear kitchens

One of the most popular ways of placing furniture is linear. With it, a lot of free space is saved, and a large number of working areas are detected. Even a few people will be able to work freely with this planning. Photos of the kitchen Ikea more clearly demonstrate the benefits of such a kitchen.


Parallel Layout

If there is no shortage of space, the best option for organizing the kitchen space is a parallel layout. Work areas are located one opposite the other, between them is usually a kitchen table.

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Island planning

In this case, it is assumed that the space is zoned by isolating individual islands. Due to the compactness and mobility, branded furniture can be assembled in any configurations.

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Color diversity

Kitchens Ikea in the interior are presented as pastel and bright colors. It is possible to combine several colors and create your own unique interior. So the trend of the outgoing year 2016 was a snow-and-white kitchen. This color gives the room lightness, airiness, makes it cozy and at the same time stylish.


Bright facades in kitchen interiors are typical for the youth style. In this case, you need to know the measure and not overdo it. One bright color or shade should prevail in the room. All other space should be sustained in a harmonious or contrast color.


Ikea 2017 kitchens are very natural. Wooden furniture has always been a classic. Soft natural colors come back again. They will not be boring. The original design "a la natyurel" will long please their owners.


When choosing kitchen furniture, special attention should be given to the fittings. In the kitchens of Ikea, such small details become the highlight, emphasizing the overall style of the room.


Various options for opening lockers and doors, the richness of the color solutions of the front panels, the variations of the hanging cabinets - all this makes it possible for each buyer to create his own unique, unique cuisine.

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Internal Organization

The internal organization of the kitchen space deserves special attention. Photos of Ikea kitchens often show external beauty. However, the boxes and shelves are thought out and perfected to perfection.

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There is a place for seasoning, conveniently at different levels there are shelves for dishes.

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Everything is so logical that new furniture immediately becomes native.


In addition to the furniture itself, the company offers a large number of various accessories that will complement the interior. Immediately you can look for new dishes. Everything is very simple, convenient and safe.


Photo of IKEA kitchen in the interior


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