Laconic wooden vertical stand for a bicycle

Home stand for bicycle

Stylish and practical rack for a bicycle

The new Artifox Bike Rack is not just an ordinary bike stand, it's a real work of art and an example of original design. Cyclists around the world will persuade their wives to give them a little space in the apartment where they can put their two-wheeled friend on public display, and they, in turn, probably agree with their arguments!

Rack for a bicycle in the interior

Even if there is not much free space, you can now not leave your bike sleeping in the garage. This stand looks great on its own and perfectly copes with its tasks. It consists of a single piece of light maple, aluminum fittings and a matte steel frame.

The installation process is very simple, the unique system allows the stand to adjust the perpendicularity of the floor by itself, and the place of the last attachment is covered by a stylish magnet.

The approximate dimensions of the stand are 162x8x10 cm and it is suitable for all bicycles whose tire diameter does not exceed 10 cm.