Gardenia jasmine: specificity of care at home

The flower is whimsical, but very beautiful - jasmine gardenia, nursing at home is not easy, it is worth all the labor invested in cultivation. This beautiful plant will delight the eyes of the owner every day and will be an occasion to boast before the guests.

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Characteristics of the plant

This flower is exotic in its origin. It is this species of gardenia that occurs in the subtropics of China. It grows in picturesque places at an altitude of 200 and 500 meters above sea level. All other species of gardenia come from Asia and Africa, from those countries where the climate is either tropical or subtropical. Gardenia jasmine loves the warmth, the sun.

Surprisingly beautiful shrub bittersweet jasmine - an evergreen, branched bush which is a height of 1-2 meters.

Surprisingly beautiful tropical jasmine gardenia bush - an evergreen, branched bush which reaches a height of 1-2 meters.

Velvety flowers of gardenia jasmine have a rich, languid aroma. On the popular resort island of Bali, this plant is often found along the coast and on the slopes of the mountains.

Velvety flowers of gardenia jasmine have a rich, languid aroma. On the popular resort island of Bali, this plant is often found along the coast and on the slopes of the mountains.

The height of the plant can reach 2 m. It grows in the form of a shrub or a small tree and is an evergreen plant. The shoots of gardenia jasmine are glabrous, flexible, strong, and sometimes pubescent. Leaflets in her pointed, ellipse-shaped, glossy, leathery, somewhat reminiscent of coffee leaves. Gardenia jasmine has beautiful flowers, they come in white, cream and other shades. They smell great, the pleasant aroma quickly spreads indoors and outdoors. Gardenia jasmine blooms from May to August and from October to December. If the jasmine gardenia reaches 3 years, then it blooms much more often and abundantly.

How to land at home?

The flower gardenia planted without any difficulties. You can buy sprouts in any modern botanical shop or on the market. The flower gardenia has become very popular, so finding it really will not be difficult. Gardenia from the seeds will give the first shoots after 3 weeks. If a sprout was purchased, then a peat and sand substrate will be needed to plant it, which must be filled with a box or a deep pot. It is necessary to wait for the time during which the plant will take root. The waiting will last 1 month. At the end of the time it is necessary to prepare pots 7 cm in length and a mixture of sand, peat, humus and turf, taking the components of the substrate in an equal proportion. Keep these pots with flowers should be at a temperature of not less than 18 ° C. So, how to care for gardenia? Need regular spraying and copious watering.

Glossy leaves of gardenia are dense with a touch of wax. The arrangement of leaves is opposite, sometimes in whorls to 3.

Glossy leaves of gardenia are dense with a touch of wax. The arrangement of leaves is opposite, sometimes in whorls to 3.

When it becomes apparent that the roots of the plant weave the ground, it is necessary to replant in pots (10-13 cm). Weak shoots need to be cut off, good ones should be plucked (this is necessary for further normal branching of the plant), it is necessary to plant gardenia in new pots very tightly.

It is important to know that the transplantation of gardenia jasmine is carried out mainly in the spring. The transplanted plant should be fed every 2 weeks with humus (liquefies), which must be alternated with mineral fertilizers (20 g per 10 liters of water). After a year or one and a half, you can expect the appearance of the first buds. In order to avoid such unpleasant moments during planting and transplanting, such as yellowing of leaves, falling of buds and others, it is necessary to water the plant abundantly on time, sprinkle the leaves with fresh cool water, a weak solution of ferrous sulphate (they can be watered and sprayed with a flower, the leaves can turn yellow due to increased dryness of air).

Terms and conditions for wardrobe

Care at home for a whimsical flower provides a stable maintenance of high humidity.

It is recommended to spray the plant systematically with water, only not to fall on buds and already opened flowers. In addition, you can put a pot on a pallet with water and gravel, the flower will only say one more thank you.

Home care for gardenia involves frequent and abundant watering of the plant. In summer it is best to water it with soft, purified water. Lime in the liquid should not be. As for the winter period, the water intended for irrigation must be preheated to be moderately warm. It should be noted that water in winter should be in small quantities, but so that the liquid is enough to moisten. Visually, this can be determined by the water saturation of the soil, moisture should not extend beyond the boundaries of the earth.

The mixture of the substrate must necessarily be slightly acidic, its constituents are peat, sand, humus and turf (in equal parts). It is in such soil gardenia zhasminous feels most comfortable and grows simply gorgeous for the joy of the owners.

Cuttings of gardenia jasmine.

Cuttings of gardenia jasmine.

When a gardenia flower is grown, home care also has such an important component as the constant saturation of the soil with useful minerals and other top dressing. Fertilizers must not contain lime. Especially in summer, the plant needs additional fertilizing: every 10 days it will be appropriate to feed gardenia with liquid fertilizers, mineral complexes.

Gardenia blooms very well, produces a fragrant scent. Although it is pleasant, it is very strong, which can cause a headache. Therefore, it is not recommended to put a pot of flower in the bedroom.

Thus, caring for gardenia at home is a painstaking job. But the result is worth it.

Diseases of gardenia jasmine

Sometimes it happens that for some reason gardenia does not bloom in the home. This may depend on many factors, including the failure to comply with the rules for plant care. Also, the answer to the question of why gardenia does not flower is that a poor plant suffers from pests. Gardenia at home as well as the one that grows in the wild can be affected by a spider mites, aphids, scabbards.

From the latter, you can save yourself with a soap solution, which you need to process the plant. For the destruction of aphids, ordinary water also approaches: by a moderate stream, it is necessary to wash pests off the plant, repeat the procedure 5 times. If such manipulations did not work, then growing gardenia at home, just like in the previous case, is treated with a soap solution. If the plant is infected with a spider's red tick, then measures should be taken more decisively. First of all, you need to increase the humidity. Then treat the plant with insecticidal soap (you can take and the drug Decis). There are cases when the affected area of ​​this mite is so large that it is simply impossible to save the flower. In this situation, there is nothing left to do but to destroy the entire plant.

Gardenia jasmine-like care at home. Video

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