Kitchens with gas boiler: design - questions and solutions

Kitchen with gas boiler

In modern buildings, self-heating systems are increasingly used, which allow residents to not depend on the mood of public services. Apartments are equipped with units that create a comfortable family temperature for a particular family. The owners of these apartments are real lucky: when the dank autumn the whole city is tensely waiting for the cherished connection, they launch a gas boiler in one movement and, in the house, becomes warm and comfortable in the house. However, these daughters of fate in the repair awaits a difficult problem: how to think about the design of the kitchen with a gas boiler? The most interesting thing in creating such an interior is to decide how to beat this complex mechanism so that it, depending on individual preferences, either soloed or dissolved in the kitchen ensemble.

Technical specificationsCan
Ceiling height not less than 2.5 m
The volume of the room (air inside it) is at least 15 cubic meters.Combine the kitchen with the dining room (not from the living room!), Leaving an open aperture and thus increase the volume of air.
Ventilation, providing for 1 hour at least three times air exchange in the room
Window with a mandatory window and glass size (light opening) 0,03 sq.m. on 1 cubic meter. room volumeNow during construction, double-glazed windows without ventilating windows are used and gas services "close their eyes"
The door between the kitchen and living rooms with a distance from the door leaf to the floor surface is at least 2 cm.If you are categorically not comfortable with the classic door (the layout of the room does not allow you to take into account all the norms), use sliding doors, coupe doors (leaving the wall), harmonica doors

It is very important: you are well versed in the norms of SNiP "Gas supply" themselves. Of course, you trust your designer, he is a professional. But in practice it often happens that it is better to check everything yourself.

How to hide the cauldron in the kitchen

In a new building, a private house, an old apartment

When buying a new apartment with the AOGV system, you are already getting a room with a wall gas boiler, which is located where it was placed by gas workers. Its transfer is associated with great technical, paper, time and financial difficulties, so it is easier to leave it as it is, and the apparatus and pipes themselves hide in a furniture column that will stand in a row with all the lockers of the headset. In such an arrangement, it is necessary to leave the top of the column open, in the lower part, to provide a large opening (it can be camouflaged with a ventilation grille as an integrated refrigerator) to provide the necessary air exchange, and to calculate the internal dimensions of the pencil so that the required air gaps remain. Yes, and the room thermostat will have to be made remote so that it measures the real temperature of the apartment air.

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Without erecting a complex structure, and leaving the unit open, you can place it in a row of kitchen cabinets, picking up the color. Beige, matte gray, silver, yellow, bright red, coffee, blue, cowberry, coal black - modern instruments have the widest color range. Or ask the masters of graffiti - they will paint the front panel in all colors of the rainbow. And your "warm" friend will look great in the tone of the furniture or in contrast to it.

Boiler in a separate locker

If you are the owner of a private house, then, as you will have the necessary equipment and tie kitchen furniture to it, depends only on three factors:

  • your imagination;
  • dimensions of the room;
  • preferred style.

Do not forget to put incombustible floor covering in the area of ​​the gas boiler, even if you have oak parquet on the rest of the area.

In ancient (pre-revolutionary) houses and buildings of the times of the Stalin Empire, niches are found in almost every room for cooking. But if you do not have it, then you can design it yourself, and entrust the implementation to the masters. Having visually changed the space, transforming its volumes, you will make it more non-standard, and the interior will only benefit from this.

A gas boiler, hidden in a niche made of gypsum or light blocks, and covered with mesh doors that duplicate the kitchen facades, or imitate Italian shutters (if you prefer retro style) will be perceived by the eye as an interesting wall volume, the highlight of the layout. When inserting the device into a niche, it is necessary to provide a small gap between it and the inner surfaces of the box, which are finished with non-combustible materials or covered with a special paint. The distance from the walls to the unit must be at least 2-3 cm on each side.

Red kitchen with boiler

Gas boiler as an art object

The simplest way is to make a gas boiler the focus of your kitchen universe if the kitchen design is made in the following styles:

  • Retro;
  • Loft;
  • Country;
  • Modern;
  • Futuristic minimalism (then the numerous pipes that are intertwined at impossible angles are easy to decorate, and the whole construction will look like an installation from the Museum of Modern Art).
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The range of modern gas boilers is very wide: from replicas of old equipment with an outer shell of brushed copper, in which everything is done by the latest technology, huge floor systems, combining many functions and resembling English furnaces of the Victorian era, to models that look like a device, taken from a spaceship.

If your artistic taste is consistent with available cash, then such an aggregate can become the dominant, the center of attention of the kitchen-dining room. Ask yourself: are you ready for the constant admiration of all who see this miracle, and praise flattering your vanity? If so, the design of the kitchen, revolving around the gas boiler, is an option for you!

Gas boiler in a pendant locker

Gas boiler in a small kitchen

How many square meters should be the area of ​​the room, so that it allows for the location of gas equipment? Start from Khrushchev - they have at their disposal only 4-5 sq.m. The smaller the space, the more interesting the task that the designer will have to implement (or you - if you took this role on yourself).

To choose a worthy result of technical progress in terms of capacity and characteristics, professional consultants will help you, but it's up to you to decide what is the best: floor or wall. Now the most popular attachments, they are smaller in size, but not inferior to their mundane counterparts in performance. So, it would seem, the choice is obvious. But this is only if you start repairs from scratch. And if you make repairs in an old apartment and change an expensive item there is either no possibility or desire?

В кухне небольшого размера лучше использовать котел в верхней части помещения. Can не закрывать его съемным коробом или имитацией фрагмента кухонного гарнитура. Но даже, если вы запланировали напольный, то размещайте его у стены (углах), где расположена дверь. Согласно законам психологии восприятия человек меньше обращает внимания на предметы, находящиеся сбоку и позади него, когда он входит в помещение. Лучшим вариантом считается левое положение, т.к. большинство людей начинают обзор справа.

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Designing a small kitchen design with an outdoor gas boiler, you further narrow the scope of possible design findings. Use on the large planes (walls, ceiling, floor, curtains or blinds) shades of white, in this case it is optimal, choose open shelves, reduced dimensions of kitchen furniture and a snow-white boiler. The overall minimalism and monochrome will help to make the room air, giving more free living space.

Gas boiler in a small kitchen

Precautionary measures

That in the house, especially in the wooden house, everyone lived happily ever after and gathered the whole family in a warm and beautiful kitchen to drink tea with buns, when designing a kitchen interior that includes a gas boiler on the wall, pay attention to the following points:

  1. Be sure to consider the placement of gas detectors (gas leakage sensors). These devices are almost invisible, but they can save your life.
  2. Trust the connection of gas equipment only to authorized specialists.
  3. Provide a fresh air supply device so that fresh air enters the room in a constant manner.