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Traditionally, the windows in the kitchen are decorated with curtains, and this is due not only to protection from sunlight, but also with an interior that turns out to be quite cozy and comfortable.

Tulle to the kitchen

Particularly popular is the tulle in the kitchen of 2017 - a very light and transparent material made of fibers of absolutely natural origin.

The cardinal changes in the room itself are primarily related to the size and color scale.


Table of contents of the article:

  • Benefits of tulle curtains
  • We plan the design of the kitchen with the help of tulle
  • 70 photos of new products of tulle for the kitchen

Benefits of tulle curtains

Despite the lack of full protection from the influence of sunlight, this material is very popular. This is due, in the first place, with convenience and practicality:

  • shape and size can vary depending on the desire, thus it is quite suitable for self-creation of curtains and curtains;
  • It makes it possible to hide the existing style from other eyes on the side of the street;
  • when using sufficiently dark shades, it is possible to reduce the luminous brightness, while light tones, on the contrary, can emphasize simplicity and sophistication;
  • can easily be combined and combined with other tissue variants;
  • an acceptable price with a concomitant refinement of textiles.


Because of its ease, tulle in the kitchen requires special care and a very careful attitude.


We plan the design of the kitchen with the help of tulle

Before you start the design of the window area, think through all the details of the curtains. First of all, pay special attention to the material itself, as it has a variety of models, depending on the fineness and structure.


An important condition is the overall combination with the design of the room. So, for example, if there is enough light in the kitchen, modern tulle in the kitchen should be light, as transparent and barely noticeable. This is especially evident in the photo of the tulle in the kitchen. Wall panels for the kitchen - photo review of the best options in the interior of the kitchen


When determining the necessary material, you should pay attention to the quality of the existing ornament. It is important that in time all these elements do not lose their color and shape.


There are several most popular options:

  • veil - rather tender, not having a clearly expressed transparency;
  • Nisey - interweaving of special threads into one whole;
  • organza - differs considerable density and relative transparency;


In addition, it can also vary by component.


After the cleaning of the curtain is not recommended to iron, as high temperatures affect the reduction in the quality of the material. It is better to hang them for independent and natural drying.


Particular attention should be paid to the fastenings. The best solution will be braid, curtain tape, eyelets, hinges, as well as lambrequins.


There are no special restrictions when designing, therefore, it can be a factory version with a wide variety of elements and details.

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There are a number of details that significantly affect the species characteristics:

  • synthetics should not be near an open fire to avoid reflow;
  • creating a site for work near the window - convenience due to secondary light, in this case, a special preference is given to those that can absorb dirt and easily wash off any contaminants;
  • The length should be optimal or fixed with picks.


To maintain the perfect appearance of a beautiful tulle in the kitchen, it is recommended to purchase a tight curtain to close it as needed.


Due to its ease, this material can be used both as a cut-down and a long version, and the space itself will in any case be maximized.

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Especially popular are fabrics with a special tint, and quite dark versions are used mainly in the part close to the floor.


Another good option would be the use of tulle with a pattern or ornament. Very often a fairly strict design is used.


More "home" option includes flowers, butterflies and natural themes.

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When using a single-colored material, it is better to decorate it with some minor details.


Very often people combine this type of tissue with other varieties. The most common is a chamfered shape or a short tulle to the kitchen, with a change in length and shape carried out with the help of picks.

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70 photos of new products of tulle for the kitchen





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design curtain-for-kitchen



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Tulle to the kitchen