Landscape design of a summer cottage 5 acres

Making a small backyard

In modern suburbs the most popular are dacha or household plots of small size - only four to seven hundred. They are easy to care for, there is enough space for a full rest on weekends or in summer after work. But it is sometimes difficult to correctly zoning landscape design 5 acres - this territory is not so great as to dig a full pool, to break a spacious garden and at the same time leave a place to sunbathe, fry shish kebabs, put onions, potatoes, flowers.

When planning, consider the shape of the plot:

  • rectangular - the most convenient, the house, a recreation area here are located in the depths of the garden, in the far corner are located a farmhouse, near the garden;
  • oval-elongated - the zoning here is more clear, for it decorative "hedges" are used, color zoning can be applied when bright-flowering plants of warm color are planted along the short sides, about long ones are small, with colors of cold color;
  • L-shaped - in the protruding "branch", behind the house, they have a rest area, outbuildings will be located in the far corner of the plot, the garden is closer to the house.

Homestead design Landscaping in a rustic style Registration of a garden plot of 5 hectare Lawn grass in landscape design  The design of a small summer residence Design of the suburban area

Basic principles of planning:

  • house - it is better to locate on the opposite edge relative to the entrance to the site, then everything will fit as nicely as possible;
  • the main route - from the gate to the door of the house, it becomes the very first;
  • trees - from excessively large should be discarded, a variety of conifers, apple trees and others give a lot of shade, occupying a useful area;
  • large buildings - they should plan the minimum: if the gazebo, then the corner, if the shed, then in the form of an annex to the house;
  • lighting - all highlights are highlighted: gazebo, entrance to the house, main path, decorative fountain or pond;
  • beds with vegetables - placed along the perimeter of the cottage or all in one place, without disturbing the appearance;
  • scenery - small figures of gnomes, forest dwellers, heroes of fairy tales will decorate space.
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Garage on a small plot

The house is put where possible at the highest point of the site, so that its spring waters are not flooded. It is desirable that the windows of the kitchen, bedroom, and children's room face south.


The first thing that should be done to the villager is to draw a diagram of the available land. The local landscape is divided into five zones:

  • recreation;
  • garden;
  • vegetable garden;
  • residential;
  • economic.

Depending on what is mostly planned at the dacha - gardening, gardening or just relaxing, for each zone a certain area is allocated. On the garden-garden usually allocate 55-75% of the territory, for a resting place - 15-20%, a house with farm buildings will take up to 10% of the plot.

Backlighting in landscape design

Complete information about the site is the basis for successful zoning. If the construction of an artesian well, a basin, a well is planned, the level of groundwater, the degree of incline, is important.

Finishing steps with natural stone

Functional recreation area

When a private area is intended primarily for recreation, this place is arranged taking into account the maximum comfort for tourists. There is a sauna with a small artificial pond, a garden of stones with a gazebo, a terrace with a barbecue. All elements are located next to or in three different places in the territory, alternating with lush flower beds, alpine slides. Homemade decor from improvised materials will give an opportunity to show creative abilities, decorating space. Swans from old tires, palm trees made of plastic bottles, carved "wooden grandfathers" will give a dacha of uniqueness, inimitable color, any means will be good.

He patted the daughters Recreation area at the cottage Garden house in the garden garden furniture Open hearth in recreation area Wicker furniture for recreation area

Ergonomic arrangement of outbuildings

The buildings are made as small as possible, preferably in the most remote corners of the garden. They are decorated with "creeping" plants, placing so that the buildings do not obscure the beds, do not make the courtyard close. They are also used as a protection against cold winds, so it is advisable to place them on the north or north-west side.

Trees near the house

The norms of distances from various objects to neighboring buildings, their fences, are regulated by a set of rules, rules that must be observed in order to avoid fines, forced demolition.

Economic building in the country House on a garden plot Commercial building in the suburban area Shed on the site A barn in the suburban area Housewarming in the country

The choice of trees for the garden, their location on the site

Trees are not chosen too large, not razlapistye, otherwise they will greatly obscure the site. They are grouped in the center or along the perimeter of the site. Using trees separate functional zones, combine with bushes. From the fruit are selected undersized apple, cherry, pear, from shrubs - currants, gooseberries. Decorative thai, pygmy fir, juniper, small fir-trees, suitable near benches, arbors in the recreation area.

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Garden figures in landscape design

When planting trees, consider:

  • what kind of soil they need;
  • climatic conditions of growth are important for the ripening of fruits;
  • regime of irrigation, depth of groundwater;
  • average life time;
  • minimum power area;
  • other care.

Trees in landscape design Placing trees on a small plot Landscaping of the garden plot of 5 hectare Artificial pond in the garden Stones in landscape design Plants and lawn grass in landscape design

The individual features of different breeds are also taken into account: bird cherry, poplar are able to destroy the foundation of the house, bathhouses, arbours, planting in the willow garden is simply considered a bad omen.

Compact garden, flowerbeds

The garden is located in the sunniest, sheltered from the wind - so the harvest will be abundant. Too extensive garden to do is not necessary - there will be no space for rest. The beds should not be flooded during heavy rains, in dry weather they need watering, which means a nearby source of water. It is quite acceptable to have one greenhouse, preferably glass or plastic, as the film will have to be updated annually, especially if there is often a strong wind in the region.

Decoration of the garden at the cottage Flowerbeds by the fence Zoning садового участка Flowerbeds at home Vegetable garden in the country Square flower beds

For the design of flower beds any design solutions are suitable. Photophilous plants should be planted on the very sun, shade-tolerant - anywhere, including on vertical structures behind household structures. Suspended pots or flower pots with flowers are attached to the fence, special appliances along the house.

Vertical beds for strawberries, some herbs, salads will also be an excellent solution in a small area.

Rural style of garden design

Style solutions for a small area

The design is chosen so that it was pleasant to look at. The most popular styles today are:

  • east - is maximally functional, is fully used literally every centimeter of the area. Distinctive characteristics are low trees, including plum, cherry, turning in the spring into "blooming sakura". A garden of stones with a "toy" pagoda, a fountain, a waterfall will also come in handy. The country house itself also sometimes stylized as a Chinese;
  • palace - more expensive, luxurious, pompous, with an abundance of decor. The house is decorated with columns, benches made of stone or dark wood with wrought-iron legs, stone vases, with flowers growing in them, the closely cropped rows of bushes repeat the shape of the benches. Reservoirs are made out by stone bridges or their imitation;
  • natural - flower beds of wild flowers, sandy paths, low bushes. There may be several forest trees, which are given a decorative form, simple wooden benches, a carved arbor. The pond is decorated with floating plants, a light bridge is thrown over the brook.
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Design of the suburban area Trees near the fence English style Decorative shrubs in landscape design Mexican style in the garden design The pond at the house

About paths, a fence, a lawn

On the lawn, it is good to sunbathe in the summer season, to arrange picnics. In the presence of children there is a play area - swings, stairs, slides, inflatable pool. The fence is chosen so high that it does not overshadow the dacha, neighboring areas. It is made of stone, wood, metal, mesh-netting. In the latter case, decorating the fence with creeping plants is especially important so that the site is not visible.

Variant of design of a garden path Garden Fence Garden path made of wood Vertical landscaping of the site garden path The design of a small summer residence

The main track is about a meter wide, the rest is a little narrower. It is important to choose the right material for them, so as not to perestate annually. Suitable large tiles, asphalt, concrete. Pebbles, sand, gravel have to periodically pour. A small slope along the edges of the tracks will not allow water to accumulate on them during the rain.

An unusual form of shop

Growing a good, dense lawn will take several years, because it's easier to use a purchased, roll. It is expensive, but it looks good, perfectly "holds" on any slope.

Lawn grass


Landscape design of the backyard, country cottages can be done with their own hands, with relatively small budgetary expenses, placing there everything you need - a house, a sauna, a chicken house or a rabbit, a vegetable garden in several beds, a greenhouse, a place for rest. If the finances allow, and independent zoning does not succeed, you can turn to professional landscape designers who will depict the future landscaped area in 3D format taking into account all the customer's wishes.