Design of a large kitchen - 50 photo of interiors

Bright large kitchen with island

The main purpose of using the kitchen is cooking food. The process implies the satisfaction of gastronomic needs, makes it possible to realize creativity through the preparation of food. To quickly prepare food, having done it with all the amenities, you need to rationally equip the kitchen. The design of the large kitchen allows you to use modern household appliances, built into furniture. Integration of a coffee machine, a combine, a dishwasher, other equipment allows you to use the kitchen with a decent level of comfort. Also all the accompanying furniture, which is assembled from individual blocks, must be used in a suspended state. Then it will seem more, and the space will allow to turn around there to family members. Use angle models to make bulky items fit.

Preference should be given to parts that allow you to have a free approach from all sides.

Large kitchen in white for a large family

Here are some tips:

  • Line up all the equipment depending on whether you are right-handed or left-handed. If the leading hand is right, then items from the refrigerator to the table should be located from left to right. If the left-hander, respectively, vice versa.
  • To adjust the comfort, and also to avoid injury to the back or knees, make the surface of the working area of ​​the table 14 cm below the level of the arm bent at the elbow at an angle of ninety degrees.
  • Make yourself comfortable in the kitchen with the following elements: a chair with the possibility of adjustment, a board with a sliding element, a table top with the possibility of folding.
  • Adjust the location of the lockers to the height of the person who will use them most of the time.

Large kitchen without hanging cabinets with an island

  • Ensure sealing of the work surface. Take care of solidity.
  • To protect the air from odor mixing, install the hood over the stove, the necessary ventilation and, if desired, additional elements that allow the air to freely "walk".
  • Think about the location of the table. Since it takes up a lot of space, think about its location in another room. If you want to put it directly in the kitchen, then put at least one and a half meters from the cabinets to allow free movement.
  • Divide the room into two parts - the working and dining areas.
  • If you want to install a bar counter, then tailor it to a standing person. It is used during breakfast. You can also install the model with the possibility of height adjustment, to ensure the proper level of comfort to guests.
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White kitchen with a folding wooden table

What materials should I use?

The list of materials for the production and finishing of the kitchen set is quite wide. The facade can be made of wooden materials or metal. The worktop is made of aluminum, dsp, marble, granite, laminate, ceramics, and other materials.

Kitchen with large panoramic window and island If you are going to use metal objects, then remember that they are at least strong, but they have a big risk of being scratched. The use of laminate will weaken the impact of the wallet, will not give a sense of natural material. A natural stone will give an atmosphere of reliability, high aesthetics, but there will be unpleasant traces from a variety of liquids. When using artificial stone, the risk of damage is reduced, and in the presence of some defects, they can be easily eliminated.

Large kitchen in the tree The 21st century is characterized by a rejection of materials such as plastic and laminate. More and more, wood, tile or metal is used. With the help of these materials, it looks more like an elite restaurant, which has a more pleasant atmosphere for eating.

Bright kitchen with white facades

Trending aspects of design

The characteristic elements of design should fully reflect the character. For this, new trends are emerging, giving the kitchen culture a certain level of functionalism. One of the trending aspects is the installation of round furniture.

Kitchen in eco-style with a wooden apronIt also fits well with the installation without hanging cabinets, as well as cabinets with lightweight drawers and door closers.

Kitchen with white facades and a white bar above the work surface There is the possibility of opening facades with one touch of the hand, legs (even such are), and closing is done automatically by pressing. On such facades you will not find a classic handle there is an ordinary slot. Quite often facades have contrasting surfaces - this gives a unique style.

An example of a combination of a working surface with a dining table in an eco-style kitchen Lower blocks should be put on high legs - this can give some ease. Cap the cap trying to drown deeper. Also a good solution is to hang large blocks to give extra spatial comfort to the legs.

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kitchen with bio-fireplace and mansard windows One of the latest trends is the unification of the living room and kitchen. This is used even in the classic interior of a large kitchen. This is justified, unless you are worried about the mixing of odors in the living room and have good air circulation. To warn the appearance of odors in the living room, install a transparent, gypsum board or wooden partition. The actual area will remain the same, but the division will help to solve the problems with the flavors of cooking.

Large kitchen in high-tech style with a bar and chairs

To give the design a large kitchen of classical style, it is worth making a bias towards the country.

Kitchen with a large cooking surface in the style of the countryThe design is supported by stained glass, panels and other elements. In order to make room in the big kitchen, to make it even more free, use transformable furniture. Among them: various tables with a reclining top, an increase in the working area near the window, the arrangement of the window opening with shelves. Functionalities will be added by various storage systems of production under the ceiling, table or organized niche.

Kitchen with a brick apron without pendant cabinets above the work surface Take care of the presence of a sufficient number of seats, because in recent years, it is the central place for family and friendly communication. Now you can cook there, warm up food, just drink tea with friends or just communicate.

Large kitchen in a classic style There is also a trend of a straight solid line. The burners are placed in a line, the sink becomes horizontal, and the cooking surfaces and other utensils are under the hinged covers. The TV is also built into one of the cabinets, and the tap hides in the wall. The basic principle working in the field of design is that the less the kitchen looks like the ordinary, the more stylish it is.

Corner kitchen with window with table and benches in eco-style


First of all, it is worth remembering that our brain automatically rejects dirty and acid colors. That's why you should not make a choice of colors in favor of gray-brown, bright green or pink. All this will create the sensation of some kind of poisonous atmosphere.

White kitchen with island and lots of storage cupboards Better we perceive natural colors. They create a more pleasant atmosphere and contribute to better appetite. Wood warm tones are very suitable. Also the brain perfectly perceives simple colors - coffee with milk, beige color, cream, etc. White color is also good, but any defects on it will be instantly displayed.

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Kitchen combined with balcony It is also worth taking care of the good lighting above the working area and food place. The absence of natural light makes us sluggish, and its overabundance makes us tired quickly. Soft, diffused light - this is what you need to design the design of a large kitchen.

Corner kitchen in combination of wooden and white facades with an island

Kitchen of "Feng Shui"

Fashionable current "Feng Shui" suggests that the interior influences the material condition of the family living in this house. To observe this or not is only your choice. A few tips:

  • choose not cutting eyes of tone (yellow, orange color);
  • Avoid dark blue and similar saturated tones;
  • combine wood with metal;
  • provide good insolation;
  • keep the work tables in order;
  • get rid of open shelves and sharp objects;
  • isolate the place where you eat from the living room;
  • Do not combine the process of eating with something else (watching TV, talking, etc.);
  • Avoid corner furniture and heavy curtains.

Light kitchen with hood above the island

These councils are not the last resort, but many of them are quite logical, tested for years and are quite useful in practical application.