Ornamental infield: garden hydrangea (66 photos)

Hortensia garden has recently been gaining popularity with landscape decoration. A holiday plot or a homestead land is a place for rest and relaxation. However, for proper rest, it is necessary to create suitable conditions, since in an atmosphere of grayness and despondency it is unlikely to be able to relax. The factors necessary to create comfort and coziness on the backyard are numerous. Garden furniture, lighting devices, a variety of outbuildings - all this can improve the comfort of the site. However, in addition to creating material conditions, there is a need for spiritual, aesthetic recreation. In this we will help live flowers, namely garden hydrangea.

Гортензия в саду

Hydrangea garden with contrasting buds - favorite of modern gardeners.

A path from blooming hydrangeas in the courtyard

A path from a blooming hydrangea garden. Inflorescences of tender-violet, lilac and bright pink color harmoniously intertwine with each other.

Dissolving inflorescence hydrangeas

Blossoming buds hydrangea garden gently purple.

In this article, read:

  • 1 Features and choice of conditions for planting hydrangeas
  • 2 Reproduction methods of hydrangeas
  • 3 Basic rules for planting hydrangea in garden
  • 4 Conclusion on the topic
  • 5 Garden hydrangea - charm and magic on the garden. Video
  • 6 Garden hydrangeas in the suburban area

Features and choice of conditions for planting hydrangeas

Flowers are very popular among gardeners around the world. They are used as an element of decorating space, creating a variety of combinations of colors and flavors. A vivid example of such use is the use of such a colorful and bright plant as a hydrangea garden. She won great fame and, as a result, received the widest distribution. This effect was achieved thanks to its unsurpassed beauty and grace, which not only amazes with its refinement, but plays a dominant role in the formation of any country interior.

Garden snow-white hydrangea is a universal design solution for any landscape design.

Garden snow-white hydrangea is a universal design solution for any landscape design.

Garden Hydrangea

Garden hydrangea in an interesting combination of pink and yellow.

Round bush of hydrangea garden

Hortensia garden bushes in the suburban area. Gently pink, lilac and violet inflorescences will be an ornament of any front garden.

Garden Hydrangeaво дворе

Garden hydrangeas near a summerhouse. Lush buds make the flower especially attractive.

Increasingly, domestic landscape designers and landscapers use hydrangea garden to form various projects. Where did this beautiful plant come from? Its appearance in Europe dates back to the 19th century, when a hydrangea garden was included in the French expedition from the coast of India. Since then, it has been cultivated and adapted to a more severe climate of the temperate belt.

Currently, there are more than 15 types of hydrangeas, adapted for our climate. Nevertheless, despite all the efforts of biologists, these plants still belong to the heat-loving species. Heat is the main factor in the formation of flowers. In colder conditions, all the inflorescences are of small size and bizarre shapes. The more heat the plant receives, the better, brighter and more beautiful it blooms.

An example of hydrangea garden, which receives a sufficient amount of light. This is evidenced by bright shades of flowers.

An example of hydrangea garden, which receives a sufficient amount of light. This is evidenced by bright shades of flowers.

bushes of garden hydrangeas

Chic, spreading bushes of garden hydrangeas. Pale blue buds perfectly match with the violet inflorescences.

Garden Hydrangeaу дома.

Garden hydrangeas at the doorstep of the house.

The effect of frosts is disastrous for these flowers. Small frosts for several days, hydrangea bushes are able to survive without significant damage, but frosts stronger than -20 ° C will simply destroy the entire bush. Therefore, leaving plants outdoors in winter is highly discouraged. If there is no other option for wintering this beautiful plant, then for its successful organization requires the construction of a kind of greenhouse or mini-greenhouse. In their quality it is possible to use a polyethylene film or any other kind of a covering material. Nevertheless, with prolonged frosts, the temperature of the minimum for this plant will not save such a solution. Therefore, when planting a hydrangea into the ground, it is necessary to take into account the climatic conditions of the terrain and, if necessary, to plan all the stages of the hydrangea wintering in advance.

Multicolored hydrangea flowers

Multicolored buds of hydrangea garden will become the "highlight" of any garden. An unpretentious plant for any design solutions.

Large bush of hydrangea

The old country house is decorated with a garden hydrangea.

Path in the Garden

Garden hydrangea planted along the path on the plot.

Methods of reproduction of hydrangeas

Planting hydrangeas is carried out in early spring or late autumn.

However, spring planting is still preferable, since it will help to develop in the plant higher quality of frost resistance and transfer of colds. This under certain conditions can keep the whole bush from freezing and keep all its branches intact. Reproduction hydrangeas can occur in a variety of ways, consider the main ones:

  • cuttings;
  • division of the bush;
  • burial.

Reproduction by cuttings is the pruning and planting of a stem of a healthy plant in the ground. The sapling must contain a new kidney, which will become the basis for the future full-fledged plant. For hydrangeas, planting this method is the most acceptable option, since it will allow the plant to go through all stages from the origin of life to the formation of a complete specimen.

Hortenseiya u дороги

The garden hortensia is seated along the road.

Snow-white hydrangea flowers

Snow-white buds hydrangea garden classical form.

Sprawling bush of hydrangea

Buds of hydrangea of ​​a garden conical form. Flowers of white color will complement any landscape.

Division of the bush is also a fairly common method of reproduction of this plant. The name of the method implies the very principle of action. The finished one-piece bush is divided in half, and the part separated from it is planted separately. After a while the bush will get accustomed, that will create a new fully developed plant, which can independently function further. This method gives excellent results, since in a short period of time it is able to create an absolutely new plant.

The essence of the method of burial also follows from the name. For its implementation, there is a need to prick a healthy branch of the finished bush with earth, moisten with water and leave for a long period in this position. During this time, the branch will take root. After that, it is cut off and planted on its own in the prepared place.

Well-tended buds of hydrangeas in the garden

Correctly groomed buds hydrangea garden.

Lush flowers hydrangea garden

Lush inflorescences and bright colors are the main reasons for the popularity of the flower.

The basic rules of planting hydrangea garden

So, the reproduction of this plant is quite common among gardeners in ways. The more important issue is the hydrangea transplantation to a new location. There are several factors and features that need to be considered before the landing procedure:

  1. Like any heat-loving plant hydrangea is very sensitive to the presence of sunlight. Ultraviolet is extremely important for the normal functioning of any plant. However, it should not be planted in the open sun. The ideal combination is a moderate ratio of light and shadow, i.e. in the morning and in the evening the plant needs to get sunbathing, and in the daytime, in the very heat, be reliably protected from the heat. Under these conditions, the best option would be to transplant the hydrangeas into the shadow of some spreading tree or from the north side of the building.
  2. To plant a new plant, a pit of up to 30 cm in depth and about 50 cm in width will be needed, just such parameters will create ideal conditions for the functioning and further growth of the bush. In addition, it is almost impossible to dispense with fertilizers when hydrangeas are transplanted. The best option would be the use of peat or compost, which contain almost the entire set of nutrients necessary for the development and formation of a healthy plant.
  3. Planting should begin with laying a layer of fertilizer on the bottom of the pit. After this, in a water-soaked pit, it is necessary to plant a bush, fill it with earth and tamper. These manipulations are aimed at a more dense fit and penetration of the rhizome into the ground, which will ensure a more reliable and rapid survival of the seedling.
  4. Care hydrangea is mainly in abundant watering the bush, because in addition to heat, this plant also extremely fond of water. In drought conditions, watering should be done daily. Water is necessary for the formation of all processes and inflorescences of the future decorative solution. It transfers all trace elements along the stems of the plant and gives it a more vivid coloring and coloring. The necessary action is watering the hydrangeas before the onset of cold weather. This step will give the flower the opportunity to be saturated with moisture before the onset of the hibernation period, and also with water to clog all of its pores and channels, which due to this will be reliably protected during the frost and winter cold.
Bright pink flowers hydrangeas

Bright pink flowers hydrangeas - decorative decoration of any modern villa.

Hydrangea garden at home

Hortensia garden planted around the perimeter of the house. Even the most unattractive cottage will be special.

Multicolored hydrangea inflorescence

The bright color of the buds means that the hydrangea receives a sufficient amount of sunlight.

White and pink hydrangea inflorescence

White-pink inflorescence hydrangeas look great in the composition with other flowers in the garden.

Conclusion on the topic

Hydrangea garden has one excellent property, which consists in the formation of bud color in accordance with the chemical composition of the soil. That is why the color scheme of the bush and the garden soils used by hydrangea are so diverse that they allow planting it in various places. This gives her inflorescences such an unusually bright palette, which is the primary factor when using the plant in decorating the terrain. The soil effect makes it possible to apply these wonderful flowers when creating the grandiose landscape projects.

Inflorescence of snow-white hydrangeas

Bud of snow-white hydrangea garden.

Hydrangea garden in the yard

Gently pink and gentle blue is the favorite of this summer season.

Garden hydrangea with buds of classical shape. An example of a well-groomed flower.

Garden hydrangea with buds of classical shape. An example of a well-groomed flower.

Hydrangea garden - charm and magic in the garden. Video

Garden hydrangeas in the country