Secrets of decorating a new apartment to feel at home

You just moved into a new apartment and around only the bare walls, the room lacks coziness and home heat. If you do not know where to start or think that your new small room will not be able to match the old spacious apartment, we will try to help you with these issues. After all, you have to feel at home wherever you live!

Secrets of decorating a new apartment to feel at home

A small apartment needs fewer things, not less mood.

Many residents think that after moving to a new apartment, it will seem strange and empty. However, if you think carefully, you can transport your favorite and important things to your new home, for example, your favorite painting or sculpture, and decorate it in the center of the room, so that it creates an atmosphere of coziness and warmth. The center of the room, of course, symbolic, it is not necessary to erect a thing in the cult! Adding to the interior of old and favorite things will fill the void around, which was created by a new unfamiliar apartment.

Interior photo

A simple organization is the key to success.

Small apartments, as you know, are very dependent on functionality. If the apartment is small and in addition it is still difficult to do something everyday in it quickly, then it is deprived of the chance of being able to be a cozy home. Kitchen and bathroom are two rooms in which the organization plays the most important role. If you have high walls, then consider the possibility of hanging several shelves on them, as well as small shelving. You can also show a not-so-creative approach to business and make a small hidden storage, for example, in a closet. Which will not be visible to the eye, but to fulfill their direct duties. This will free the place visually and not pile up the interior of the room.

Tips for decorating a new apartment

The natural light will create coziness and warmth.

To feel at home more is necessary to feel safe, comfortable and find a new place so that there is a desire to raise children here and live by yourself. To make the room more spacious, bright and fresh, open the windows and when decorating, use light colors and colors - this will visually expand the room. Try not to curtain your windows, they are a conductor of warmth and coziness in your new home.

Interior of a new apartment

Bring color to your new apartment.

Looking at the empty walls of the room becomes faceless and the simplest and cheapest option for solving this problem is adding pictures to them or other bright decor elements. You can also paint the walls in some bright color or pattern. If you do not have the opportunity to paint the walls, then you can simply use the adhesive pattern paper. Also, a good option for decorating the "bare" walls is to decorate them with the help of fabrics, create unusual compositions of plexus of different fabrics in color and texture in a single pattern. But it is worth remembering that you should choose a few basic colors, for example 2-3, and follow this color scheme throughout the interior of your apartment.

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Your new apartment is a great place to start a new chapter in your life and it should not be unbearable. Follow these simple tips to remind the apartment of coziness and warmth, you will find how easy it can be done with simple things. And after all you will be happy to call her your new "home".