Rhododendron: correct fit and care

To beautiful rose rhododendron, planting and care should be observed exactly with the requirements that he needs. Such a flower has a fairly wide genus, which includes a deciduous, evergreen, semi-evergreen species, and even trees are found, not shrubs.

Flowering in early spring

An amazing picture of the flowering of rhododendron shrubs in the early spring.

Rhododendron was brought to us from the Northern Hemisphere. It is in the Himalayas, Southeast Asia, Japan (Japanese rhododendron) and North America that this plant grows perfectly, because all climatic conditions are acceptable for it. Now the rhododendron flower can be found even in the Leningrad region, since it is not as whimsical as it might seem at first glance. The main thing is to choose the right plant for yourself and to know how to take care of it.

In this article, read:

  • 1 Varieties of rhododendron
  • 2 Choose a place for planting
  • 3 How to plant a plant?
  • 4 Wintering plants
  • 5 Flowering of rhododendrons in the suburbs. Video
  • 6 Amazing Rhododendron Shrub

Varieties of rhododendron

This plant has more than 18 species, which managed to get accustomed to us. Some of them look neat bush, which will decorate any room, while others have more weight, therefore, their cultivation will require open space.

We will become acquainted with the variety of rhododendron, which can be represented by the following species:

  1. Rhododendron of Daur.

This type can reach a height of up to 2 m, has short leaves and flowering time May. Rhododendron Daursky has a soothing effect for the central nervous system and stimulates the heart activity, if brew infusion from it. Suitable for planting in a garden or conservatory.

The rosemary blossoms

Flowering rosemary in the Transbaikal taiga. For Transbaikalia, this amazingly beautiful bush is a symbol of the region.

  1. Rododendron people.

This type has a strawberry flavor, which is even preserved after the leaves are cut and dried. That's why Adams rhododendron is actively used in the form of herbal soothing teas, and young shoots are considered an excellent remedy in the fight against cholera, diphtheria and streptococci.

Flowering rhododendron

The beginning of the flowering of the Adams rhododendron.

  1. Rhododendron of the Caucasus.

This kind of plant is not just an ornamental decoration of the garden, but also a source of useful substances. Rhododendron Caucasian perfectly saves from rheumatism of various forms, in addition, has a curative effect on the respiratory system for colds.

Rhododendron of the Caucasus

Rhododendron Caucasian on the slopes of the mountains.

  1. Rhododendron deciduous.

This plant is an excellent solution for decorating the garden, since it has a lush bloom. Planting and care in the open ground behind the flower is not difficult.

Shrub Rhododendron

Rhododendron Japanese shrub with delicate cream flowers. The shrub reaches a height of 0.5 to 1 meter.

  1. Rhododendron room.

This flower should be planted in pots of wide diameter, since it has a fairly wide root system. In the summer, and in the warm autumn, this plant should be cleaned in the shade, but do not forget to regularly spray its leaves and fertilize the soil.

And this is not the whole list of these plants that can be planted in our latitudes, even in the Moscow suburbs, planting and leaving will not require a scrupulous approach. Whether it's the Adams' rhododendron, or another, any budding horticulturist cope with such a task. The only thing that is worth mentioning is about the different flowering times. Therefore, to make the garden look chic at any time of the year, whether in autumn or in summer, it is worth to get more deeply acquainted with the time of flowering of rhododendron for better care.

Gentle inflorescences

Indoor rhododendron.

Choose a place for planting

Let us dwell in detail on plants that grow in gardens, for example, rhododendron Daurian or Caucasian. Such a flower requires not only an acidic soil, but also a place, which will receive a minimum of direct sunlight. In addition, the rhododendron flower is afraid of strong drafts, so it's also worth taking care of this moment. In nature, it grows in the shade of large trees, so if there are pine or thick fir trees on the site, then it's best to plant a Japanese rhododendron or another variety of it. Also one of the important points is the absence of water stagnation.

Planting the plant on your site, it is worth asking how much it needs the sun. If it is an evergreen blooming type, then it should be placed in the shade as much as possible. Otherwise, it simply will not bloom.

The most optimal option for a shrub will be growing it near a natural or artificial pond.

In this case, the air will always have the optimum moisture content.

In fact, any flower, whether it is an Adams rhododendron, or a deciduous type, requires certain rules. But as is clear from all of the above, there is no particular difficulty in their implementation.

How to plant a plant?

For those who decided to bring a new highlight to their garden, for example, the Daursky rhododendron, it is worthwhile to know how the growing of this bush is properly done. There are special features and rules of care. But let's start with the correct landing:

  1. Rhododendron Japanese is best planted in the spring.

This will allow the shrubbery to quickly get used to the new conditions, and its roots are well connected to the new soil. But if the plant is selected with a closed system type, then the landing time can be selected and later.

  1. In nature, this flower grows in soil, which is rich in humus, friable, acidic, and even the rhododendron of the Caucasus finds just such conditions.

Accordingly, before placing the seedling in the ground, prepare a substrate in which leafy land, litter of coniferous plants, peat and, of course, fertilizers should be present.

  1. The root system of these plants is sensitive enough, therefore, as soon as the bush is planted, mulch material is sprinkled around it.

For such purposes, the best option is the bark of pine and coniferous litter. The layer should be equal to 5 cm, but not less.

To grow rhododendron was successful, you need to know and rules of care for such a plant. And there are not many of them, and they are not so complicated:

  1. In the summer time, it is required to give a constant time of soil moisture. But it's important not to overdo it, as the plant will rot from the excess moisture.
  1. If this rhododendron is Caucasian, then the humidity of the air is very important for it. Therefore, it must be constantly sprayed, and not only leaves, but flowers, when they appear.
  1. For irrigation, river or rain water is used. If you use ordinary water from a tap or an artesian well, you should be prepared to ensure that the bush does not bloom. This is due to the fact that such a liquid contains too high a concentration of calcium and magnesium, which causes the soil to become saline.
  1. When the wilted inflorescence begins to appear on the plant, they must be broken in such a way that axillary buds are preserved. Only this way it will be possible to improve the flowering blossom next year.

All these moments allow creating incredible beauty in the garden. The only thing about which, perhaps, is worth speaking out is the region. For example, if the rhododendrons in the suburbs, planting, or rather, a place for planting should be selected from such a position that a minimum of sunlight falls on the flower. And if this is the region of St. Petersburg, then there should be no problems with humidity. Therefore, in order not to blunder, even at the time of purchase, it is worth choosing a bush not for ornamental flowering, but for its requirements for climatic conditions.

Wintering plants

Winters in our region are not always pleasant and soft, so your garden needs to ensure a proper wintering. But it all depends on what kind of plant grows on the site:

  1. If these are deciduous plants, then they do not require shelter. The maximum that is required here is to sprinkle the planting sites with dry leaves.
  1. For evergreen species, shelter will be needed, but not so much to protect them from frosts, as to prevent them from drying.
  1. If in the street the temperature, for example in the autumn, does not drop below the mark at 10 ° C, then the rhododendron is Japanese, or another, you can not hide, because to such frosts they are quite resistant. The best time for hiding is November.

As for the discovery of the plant, it is best to conduct it by the end of March or beginning of April, so that the roots can gradually adapt to the warming soil.

All these moments will help to decorate the garden with an unforgettable color, while if there is a desire to diversify the site, you can think about how the rhododendron is transplanted, because it multiplies by cuttings. So, after a certain time, whole living walls can be created from one bush.

Flowering rhododendrons in the suburbs. Video

Amazing Rhododendron Shrub