5 spectacularly converted garages - from modest outbuildings

Poolside terrace near the garage

We offer to see and analyze the selection of photos of garages that have been converted into charming living rooms.

Any housewife wants to effectively use the area of ​​her house. Each corner should perform a useful function, whether decorative or practical. This also applies to the hangar. For many, he is idle, cluttered with unnecessary objects.

In this case, it is worth seriously considering its reconstruction. Perhaps you will like the idea of ​​converting a garage into a living room. This will require a little imagination, patience, material investment. As a result, you will get an additional space with a space fit for living.

Let's consider some examples.

1. Studio

Interior of the garage before repairs

Until the repair

Kitchen with access to the pool

After repair

This room on a background of harsh everyday life will become a magnificent oasis, where you can relax with your soul and body. All necessary amenities: kitchen, bathroom and bed, as well as a beautiful view of the pool allow you to fully enjoy life.

If you already have adult children who want to try themselves in an independent life, they will like this house very much.

Initially, this box was not popular in the family and was used in rare cases to collect various trash. But after the redevelopment, the room began to play with new colors.

The color scheme of the interior is bright. This allowed to visually expand the area of ​​the room. Much attention was paid to the light, as the goal was to bring it as close as possible to the natural.

2. Cozy living room

Interior of the garage before repairs

Until the repair

Stylish studio in the garage

After repair. Прихожая

Bright living room in the garage

After repair. Гостиная

In this example, the garage, too, was nothing special. In the dark and unorganized space there were no windows. It is difficult to recognize this room in the photo. The interior impresses with its laconism and luxury. Designer furniture fits well into the situation.

A new window widened the space, and the partition separated the entrance hall from the living room. A well-organized storage system. Even in such a small volume everything will fit. A great place to receive guests.

3. The mini-house

Garage before renovation

The original view of the mini-house

Stylish habitation in the garage

After repair. Снаружи

Stylish studio in the garage

After repair. Внутри. Спальный лофт

For creative, ambitious and free people the following variant of reconstruction is suitable. Despite the small area of ​​25 square meters, you can fit everything you need for a full stay.

Doors of the French type. When you open them, you get a large, spacious opening, which gives a quick influx of fresh air and provides ventilation. Immediately from the entrance to the mini-house, a kitchen and a sleeping area begin.

Loft for relaxation is located just above the front door. The feeling of sleep on the street is given by several windows installed parallel to the place where the mattress is located. The kitchen is very modest in size.

Sink, dishwasher and a pair of shelves for daily use. In addition to the main building was a small annex for the bathroom.

In such a house you can live at first. It allows you to save money, use the area rationally and do not clutter up your life with unnecessary items, but appreciate what is really needed.

4. Unusual living room

Interior of the garage before repairs

Until the repair

Stylish living room in the garage

After repair

The next drawing room is made in the style of a ranch. The choice of interior was influenced by high pointed ceilings. Colors of the room Beige, slightly diluted with turquoise.

The emphasis is on roughly processed furniture made of wood, the sofas are decorated with beautiful ornaments in the tone of the carpet, and on the shelves you can see rare antique decor elements.

In a word, this is a place where cosiness and some natural naturalness reign. Your guests will feel at home.

5. Games room

Workplace in the garage after repair

Before and after the repair of the game room

One young family reconstructed the dark backyard of her house in a play center for children. For parents, this is a wonderful find, since the activity of kids is very high. And in such a zone you can organize a corner of creativity, sports, etc.

In this case, the main designers should be the children themselves. Multicolored prints of hands and feet, homemade pictures and hand-made articles, photos of achievements and family members should become the main elements of the decor.