Design of beauty salon: design and styles

Beauty salon design

The first primitive beauty salons appeared more than a millennium ago in one of the Spanish cities. They were opened by a representative of bohemia, who, in combination, was a singer and actor. In the dark times of the Middle Ages, when religious fanatics raged, there could be no talk of such institutions. Therefore, women put themselves in order only at home in their own boudoir. The first "tycoon" in the beauty industry was the Canadian Marta Harper. She opened her first salon in the US, and the institution gained incredible popularity. Martha herself became the trademark of the brand, because she had a stunningly beautiful and long (below the heel) hair. During the entire period of business, the woman promoted only natural means of care. Already after a decade, its monopoly has grown to 500 salons, open in different countries. In our time, no one is surprised with fashionable words: peeling, shugaring, lifting. Places where masters transform the appearance of customers have become the lot of not only the female half. Fashion persistently imposes on men the rules of "metrosexuality", and daily rituals for caring for the body, skin and hair have become common even among the stronger sex. The design of the beauty salon largely depends on its area, the range of services and the potential contingent of visitors. The unique atmosphere has become an integral part of the advertising campaign of any institution. One signboard with a catchy name or a couple of banners around the city is not enough to entice and retain regular customers, as the market for such services is a tough competition. About how to design your own beauty salon and talk further.

  Wall-papers on a wall  Posters in the interior  Shelves on the wall  Built-in ceiling lights

Before you start the creative part of the work, you will have to make a series of boring, but necessary actions:

  • Carry out room measurements and photo-fixing of rooms. The latter will simplify the task of filling, because having photos at hand, it's easier to figure out the options;
  • If the redevelopment is planned, then it is necessary to coordinate it in the architectural bureau and visit a number of instances to obtain an official permit;
  • Then, the selection of materials and the calculation of their sizes;
  • Only after this is determined with style, furniture, decorative elements.

Pots with decorative palms on the floor  Sink at the wall  Lilac color in the interior  Armchairs opposite the mirrors  Patterns on the wall

Also, the size of the room and the expected contingent of regular visitors play an important role. For small cabinets of economy class (less than 25 sq. M.), Which can be located even in an apartment, design is usually thought out independently, and repairs are done by oneself. Scoop ideas can be from the decoration of branded institutions, or find examples of design in fashionable design magazines. In such close spaces, the situation should not pretend to be a luxury, since such a decision will not be elegant, but inappropriate. Owners of luxury beauty salons for creating a stylish interior, as a rule, turn to design studios and shift this task to the shoulders of professionals. Then the coordination of the finished project and its implementation will follow. All the work will be done by designers with experience, but for such work it is necessary to pay generously. So here the question is only in the budget.

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Partition between working and waiting area Room tree near the wall  Red accents in black and white interior  Flowers on the ceiling  Red poppies in white interior  Glass wall

Details of the layout

A special place in any beauty salon is the reception (reception), where the reception desk is located with a cheerfully smiling girl. This is the very "face" that first meets the guests. Even in a small studio there should be a hall where customers can undress, pay, register for a visit or take a business card. To the decoration of the salon reception are suitable with special attention. Then in the planning you need to build on the range of services that will be provided in this room. The minimum set of standard saloon includes:

  • Workplace of the master on manicure;
  • Barbershop;
  • Separate cabinet for pedicure.

The layout of the beauty salon  Niches in the wall  Tree on the Mirror  A floor of two colors  Lamps on the mirrors

If the beauty studio has an expanded functionality, then to the standard "package" of services are added:

  • Solarium;
  • Cabinet of massage;
  • Two separate places for carrying out procedures for body and face care (lifting, eyelash extension, hirudotherapy, peeling);
  • Cosmetic cabinet;
  • Universal aesthetic cabinet;
  • Room for depilation and depilation.

Armchair by the sink  Lamps between mirrors  Stretch ceiling in the interior  Blinds on the window  The combination of dark floor and light walls

In addition, consulting and procedural rooms can be included in this structure. In the general hall, as a rule, only a hairdresser and a corner for the master of manicure are located. All other procedural units are segregated in separate rooms, as few visitors will like it when other customers will admire their bare legs or the process of combating acne on the body.

Mirrors on the table Loft style interior  Gold accents in the interior  Chair in the form of a car  White furniture in the interior  TV above the bedside table


Zoning обычно проводят в студиях красоты, где все умещается в одной большой комнате или в общих парикмахерско-маникюрных залах салонов. Не рекомендуют применять фактическое зонирование, так как пространство должно сохранять свою открытость. Границы лучше только слегка наметить декоративными перегородками, которые лишь немного выступают из стен, сочетанием разных цветов и текстур. В редких случаях используют «бумажные» ширмы (идеальны для японского стиля) или же разделители из матового стекла. Оригинальным решением станут текстильные или панельные шторы, которые при необходимости можно убирать вовсе.

Zoning салона красоты Brick wall in the interior  Red chairs at white tables  Pink sofa in the interior  Armchairs at the glass table  Floor coat hanger against the wall

What materials are better to use in finishing

In addition to fire safety, as a beauty salon - a public place where groups of people gather, there are no special requirements for materials for finishing. The floor covering is better to choose the raised durability and without joints as in them in the course of time the hair will begin to be hammered. For a common hairdresser room, the floor is ideal. In addition to strength, it still has a reflective effect, which visually increases the space. This technique is useful for small studios. To decorate the reception and the entrance area with a dressing room you can pick up a carpet. In the offices floors are covered with linoleum, parquet board and laminate. For decoration of walls choose plaster, stone, brick, polyurethane, cork, wood or its cheaper analogue - veneer. When buying a material, they focus not only on its appearance and characteristics, but also on the cost. Elite lounges with an unlimited budget can afford even rare woods, and in economical versions choose wallpaper.

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Wallpapers in the interior of the beauty salon

The room will be regularly wet cleaned, so the materials must be moisture resistant. If the wallpaper, then only washable, if the paint, then in no case is water-based.

Painting next to the mirror  Closet at the wall  Kisei in the interior  Screen next to the seats  The combination of a black ceiling and a white floor

Color design

To get a beautiful interior picture, you need to choose the right color scheme. The palette should be approximately 3/4 of the basic shade, which should be chosen as a pastel tone. In the beauty salon, clients should receive not only pleasant emotions from the transfiguration, but also moral comfort. No wonder because for many women, a hairdresser is an outlet that you can talk to. It is easiest to relieve the burden of emotional and everyday problems in a quiet environment, where a white, gray or fashionable tone of "coffee with milk" is used. The second color, which will dilute the soft core, will be a tint slightly contrasting with it, but close in spirit. For example, it can be turquoise, pink, lilac, blue, yellow, mint, olive, coral, peach, nut or green. For the role of the third color in the composition, choose the accent tone that will be present in the decor of the room: blue, violet, grassy green, juicy orange, burgundy or black. From the color scale will depend not only the mood of visitors, but also the performance indicators of staff. Therefore, do not overdo it with gloomy shades and turn the beauty salon into a pessimist gothic hideout.

Interior of the beauty salon in light colors Lilac armchairs in white interior  Mirrors on partitions  Lamps on the beam  Mirrors over tables  Marble floor in the interior

Distribution of light devices

Mirrors and copious lighting are the two main salon attributes. Do not rely only on natural light, as windows in most cases are generally moved to the background and a couple of curtains play the role of decorating the room. Lighting is developed on three levels:

Upper or overallSeveral powerful ceiling chandeliers are placed above the functional areas.
LocalLighting devices are installed for each master in the area of ​​their work areas.
DecorativeUsually in its role are point lights on the ceiling or floor, as well as individual light bulbs, which emphasize unusual forms of scenery.

Lighting Beauty Salon  Sofa opposite work area  Light interior with orange chairs  Design with bright accents  Pot with flower on the chest of drawers

A new and fashionable design solution is the "ribbon" of bulbs, which is hung around the perimeter of the mirror. Decorate with a glowing "snake" you can also place the separation zones, if it is there it will look appropriate. Instruments should gently illuminate every square meter of the room gently and neatly, but in no case raise the "temperature" in the cabin. Some bulbs like heating the air, that's what they need to give up. Also, you can not use devices that distort color perception, because the masters work with nail polishes, hair dyes and cosmetics for the face, that is, with those means where the main thing is shades.

Mirror on the floor Wall from the slats in the interior  Vase on the table  Tile under the stone on the wall  Pot with flower on the floor  Wallpaper with patterns on the walls

Arrangement of working area

Of course, each master arranges his workplace for himself, but there must be uniform rules. Most of the inventory and those tools that are used less often than others should be hidden in closed shelves. If we are talking about a hairdresser, then in front of the client there are only a set of scissors, hairpins and combs. Cosmetology funds are located on a separate open shelf, which is located in the access zone for the working master. Also, there are special holders for electrical appliances, which are attached directly to the wall. Thus, hair dryers, straighteners and curlers are always at hand, but do not create chaos in the work area. In the utility room, there must always be a brush on the long handle and a scoop, since after each client the playground must be swept out so that the next visitor is not greeted by stranger's hair. Each workplace is equipped with a large mirror, so that the beauty, which the professional will bring, could be assessed immediately on the spot. A special bath for washing the head and an armchair are located separately. It is advisable to provide them with a curtain, because not every visitor wants the others to observe this in many ways an intimate process. In the massage rooms of the master on a special rack are placed the means and oils that are used in the work. Cosmetologists also need lockers and shelves. To order in the workplace, the most important thing is to provide the employee with places for storage.

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Working area in the beauty salon Ceiling on the ceiling  Semi-laminate  Armchairs by the septum  Brown strip in a light interior  Chandeliers and ceiling lights

Style Selection

When choosing a style, you need to rely on the future contingent of visitors. If the main audience will be successful ladies at the age, then of course they will be impressed by the chic and heavy luxury of elite styles: rococo, art nouveau, baroque, empire or classical direction. The abundance of gold, exquisite details, mirror framing from the baguette, stained glass, stucco molding and expensive textiles will help to find the perfect balance between convenience and beauty. For young and more "advanced" visitors, minimalism, loft, high-tech, Japanese style will do. These directions in their principles are in step with the times and on the fly catch any fashion trends. The abundance of steel surfaces, unusual shapes and broken lines, a combination of gray, white with contrasting shades, original furniture and decor will do their job and lure fans of unconventional design solutions. As a compromise, you can use the universal Provence, art deco, chalet or ethnic. These styles are located in the middle between practical and luxurious directions, so they are suitable for salons-universals with a diverse staff.

Beauty salon in classical style Tree on the wall  Interior in Art Nouveau style  Mirrors in black rims on the wall  Stand behind the partition  Interior with walls of different colors


To make the guests feel special care and respect for themselves, each workplace is decorated with a vase with fresh flowers. This move will revitalize the interior of the room and give pleasant emotions to every visitor. Even a single rose will cause a smile. Also, one should not forget about houseplants, pots with which are also installed in well-lit places. In spacious salons, a mini-buffet is set up, where everyone can be pampered with a cup of coffee while waiting. It is also necessary to put a coffee table with thematic literature to take bored people and help you decide on a manicurist or a doubtful hairstyle. We should not forget about the rest room for the staff. It is located at the furthest end of the salon, so that the smell of lunch does not spread to all working classrooms. A beauty salon is an expensive undertaking that will have to be untwisted for a long time. Beautiful design will be a bait for visitors and help a beginning businessman in the development of his offspring.

A bedside table against the wall  Stained glass with glass shelves  Lockers on the wall  Lamps between mirrors  Certificates within