Design solution of the housing issue - the transformation of

Old garage House of an old garage

Have you ever thought about the fact that an ordinary garage or an unnecessary storage room can be turned into a small and cozy apartment house? If not, then the famous artist, designer and part-time experienced welder from Seattle - Michelle de la Vega will share with us his valuable experience.

You will not believe, but a small area of ​​only 22 square meters can be reconstructed into something amazing and charming.

Entrance hall in the house from the garage Interior of a small living room

Although the place was very small, but Michel managed to install a fireplace in the room, so that the house could be used in the autumn and winter. The bed is installed under the attic ceiling on the beams, which saves space considerably. There is everything for a comfortable stay: a lounge for relaxation, a kitchen combined with a dining room, a working area and even a separate bathroom with a toilet and a shower.

A small fireplace in the middle of the room Functional kitchen interior Small washbasin in the bathroom

The interior is designed in the style of rural minimalism, with a predominance of white background and wooden finishes. The decor is represented by chocolate tones and bright orange color elements. The idea of ​​the maximum functionality of the minimum space - completely successful, because the author used every centimeter of useful space.